Embrace the Entire Human Experience

IMG_6573One of my favorite affirmations is “lean in – embrace.” In essence, this essentially means that regardless of where your path leads you, embrace it completely as part of your human experience…as part of the ever-evolving masterpiece that is your perfect life’s path.

It means that you lean in with full acceptance, instead of resisting;  you lean in to whatever feeling you are having, whatever circumstances arise, whatever thought you are having, whatever it is that is going on with you right now. It means that you lean in and embrace it all.

You are fully and totally connected to your innate power when you are in a state of acceptance versus a state of resistance. Even though this is the case, we very often find ourselves only embracing and accepting those elements of our lives (be it feelings, circumstances, events, thoughts) that we define as “good”, “welcome”, “easy”, “smooth”. We tend to resist, avoid, and try to ignore those elements of life that we define as “bad”, “unwelcome”, “hard”, “rocky”.

What must be realized is that everything in our lives serves a larger purpose, and hence deserves to be acknowledged, accepted, valued, and ultimately, celebrated. It is all part of our human experience, and all contributes to our rich, worthwhile, intended development.

Sometimes life can be extremely challenging. Embrace this and let it ride, because it won’t last forever, and it is all part of the journey. Sometimes things go so far from how we had planned that we are left feeling like our heads are spinning. Sometimes things are heartbreaking, tiresome, difficult, uncomfortable, and painful. Sometimes something takes way longer than we anticipated, or happens so quickly that we feel unprepared and confused. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that feel wrong, strange, bothersome. Sometimes things are messy and turned upside down. But this is all part of our intended path, and it all has its deserving and relevant place in the complete picture that makes up our personal masterpiece.

Sometimes we feel angry, sad, frustrated, confused, heartbroken, annoyed, plagued, or scared. These are all feelings that come with being a human being and the full spectrum of emotions is all part of the human experience. We are all emotional beings. Embrace and accept these feelings when they come up and let yourself feel that way – don’t push it away and don’t ignore it. Just let it be. By letting it be, you are acknowledging your feeling, and hence allowing it to pass pretty quickly after it arises. If you resist or try to ignore it, the feeling will simply grow and stick around, becoming trapped in your subconscious mind and body. Just let it be.

By embracing everything as part of your whole experience, you are again connected to your power and are able to see that everything is neutral until we define it. Everything doesn’t have to be dichotomized into “good” versus “bad” – it can all just be. An experience can just be an experience. You don’t have to judge everything – you can just let it be.

By letting everything just be, you are then completely changing the way you experience yourself, others, and life, because you are coming from a place of complete acceptance. From this place, you can begin to celebrate and rejoice over all of your path, not just those moments that you consider mind blowingly amazing.

It all starts to become amazing because you realize that it has always and will always serve a larger purpose. You realize that it is all a gift, and if you don’t know what that gift is yet, then begin to embrace more, and it will be shown to you. From this place, you feel such a deep, warm, true sense of gratitude and respect, because you are truly aware of and recognize how well-designed your path has always been, and will always be.

You see, living life optimistically, happily, and embracing positive thinking does not mean that you aren’t human anymore or that you ignore some parts of life. It means that you take it all as it comes and choose to see and understand that it is all beautiful and it is all part of the masterpiece that is your life. You get to choose how you look at things – it is all entirely up to you.

Review the past and completely redefine it all: you hold all of the power here. Shift the way you look at it all by acknowledging that each event and step was a meticulously designed element to grant you your biggest lessons, gifts, and impetus for personal evolution.

Feel good about your whole path, and then stretch your perspective further to feel love and gratitude for your whole path too. If certain things hadn’t have happened the way that they did, you wouldn’t have been led to the larger purpose and lesson that was born from said events. You wouldn’t have been led to the gift. If you feel like you still don’t know why something had to happen the way that it did, or you still feel stuck in condemning something in the past or resisting it because of the pain it caused – shifting your attitude and perspective toward acceptance will allow the larger purpose to come forth.

Embracing allows you to see much more clearly.

Then, redefine how you see your present and future. Realize that what is going on right now has to happen to lead you to your next step, and that everything in the future does too. Embrace whatever is going on in your world today as though you specifically wished this into your experience. Embrace it to the point that you feel as though you wouldn’t have your path any other way!

As your path unfolds into the future, meet everything with an open heart and an open mind and think to yourself “ok, I got this, lets see where this is leading me…”. Know deep in your soul that it is all contributing to the bigger picture and is all intended for wonderfully meaningful reasons.

Embracing everything does not mean that you are condoning negativity or allowing any kind of unacceptable/unhealthy behavior, circumstance, or happening. It means that you are harnessing your own power by choosing to accept intrinsically, for yourself, which in turn brings you peace, awareness, clarity, and perspective. It means that you are living proactively and you are practicing self-love and self-care.

And always remember: we are all in this together and we are all human beings having whole human experiences. “The grass is greener on the other side” is a complete illusion – because every single person walking this planet has a myriad of different life’s experiences that make up their whole path just like you do. Our lives may be different of course, but every single one of us feels a myriad of similar feelings, is a resident of planet Earth, has a story, has faced our own difficulties, and ultimately wants true joy, love, fulfillment, understanding, acknowledgment, meaning, and purpose. We are all in this together.

People can choose to resist instead of embrace out of a supposed desire to be happy. Sure, this may seem logical, yet it is highly counterproductive. Recognize that happiness is a state of being and it is born from within – it is not something that you must seek outside of you and it is not something that is circumstantial or must be dependent on anything to exist.

You can be inherently and truly happy while still going through a challenging situation, in fact, you can be inherently and truly happy despite of anything! Instead of feeling as though true fulfillment, peace, joy, excitement, and satisfaction are all something that you’ll feel “someday” when a certain set of circumstances have come to be, feel them today, right now. Cultivate deep joy within you because you are you, and you are incredible, I promise. Nothing can change the fact that you are the unique and wonderful you – nothing. Love this and love you. Allow this to become your chronic state of being and cultivate the joy that is born from this love within you.

Once you do this, you will realize that your state of being joyful, fulfilled, at peace, happy, and satisfied is not contingent on any external factor or circumstance – and that is when you really start to live. That is when  you are truly connected to your True Self. That is when you have woken up and you are standing in your power. And that is when everything in your life and your world will start to grow. More and more will be presented to you that continues to strengthen and add to your feelings of joy within.

Does this then mean that you won’t feel any of the other emotions like sadness, frustration, anger, or confusion? Nope! But it does mean that these emotions won’t have such a strong hold on you because you are accepting of them and your dominant, deep intrinsic state of being is joyful, at peace, and balanced.

From this place, you see all emotions as beautiful and you realize that it is just an emotion, it is just a thought, it is just a moment in time. You are able to see it all objectively, as you realize that this will all pass and that you are always walking your perfect path, and it all deserves to be embraced and celebrated. By embracing you are allowing joy and happiness into your being and into your life – by resisting you are shutting it out.

It is the embracing and accepting of all emotions, including sadness, frustration, etc. that allows one to be truly happy at their core. To be happy, you need not strive to feel elated every second of your life or push away other emotions…you must accept the multifaceted nature of life and the human experience. Once you do this and find peace in that…you are connected to your True Self, who’s natural state of being is happy.

Trust in your path and trust in yourself. You are exactly where you are supposed to be – know that it all holds a huge and amazing purpose for you.

You are a glorious, multifaceted, ever-evolving, worthy, gorgeous, loved, simply perfect human being whom is here to celebrate it all.

Embrace all of your lived experience, and enjoy all of your journey, not just some of it, as it is all part of why you are here – it is all part of your masterpiece.

Lean in – Embrace.

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