Hello and welcome! I am Megan Westbrook, and my experiences with debilitating chronic illness and subsequent personal healing journey have served as the main catalysts for the realization of my most treasured passions: holistic FullSizeRenderhealth, natural/functional medicine, nutrition, and all that is the natural healing arts and sciences.

I am a lover of reading, writing, introspection, philosophy, social science, physical science, study, investigation, evolution, openness, art, music, travel, fresh/healing whole-foods, a nice rainy day, holistic health and the incredible principles for which it represents.

I am a seeker of all that awakens and connects us to the sensational nature of ourselves and our world. I am inspired and driven by love, compassion, learning, connection, and the miraculous and incredible ability we hold as awake souls to transcend any and all perceived barriers with conscious effort and dedication. I love people, and exploring the richly diverse beauty that each of us hold and can contribute to the human community. I am deeply committed to spending my life working to facilitate comprehensive healing for others, encouraging each individual to unearth and experience their own unique and powerful personal power to evolve to meet their most sought after goals and visions. I am endlessly and ineffably grateful to have found the most fulfilling, exciting, intriguing, and compelling personal path that I ever could have dreamed possible, and I look forward to continuing to apply my boundless passions in a variety of diverse, vital, and far-reaching ways.

Over the past 8 years I have tenaciously studied a copious array of natural healing methodologies, anatomy & physiology, nutrition science, mineral imbalance science, powerful emotional freedom modalities, and a wide variety of additional topics relating to natural health, the human body, and our psychological, emotional, and spiritual inner workings and well-being. I have simultaneously put every fiber of my being into my own comprehensive healing, and it is throughout this explorative odyssey that my profound, deep-rooted intrinsic passion has grown, and now developed into my true and cherished life’s calling. I have a BA in sociology from The University of North Carolina at Asheville and my professional goals include going to medical school to become a Naturopathic Doctor and subsequently open a private practice and health center. This practice will serve as a space for individuals to seek guidance regarding all areas of their health and wellness, as my focus will be geared equally toward mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical health alike. We are all complex, unique, multifaceted souls, and the nurturing of the Whole Person is absolutely called for when providing true healthcare at its core.

I have a wide variety of goals and visions for my career as an ND and holistic health advocate/mentor, which include a plethora of publications, development of research/training facilities, a specific supplement line, the development of intentional support communities/workshops/organizations, and several additional, progressive endeavors. Yet I presently wish to help others through the sharing of my own personal story, the many helpful and effective tools I have developed which feed and uplift our spiritual, emotional, and physical state of being, my continual research & analysis findings and deductions, and a variety of topics which relate to the human experience, personal growth, and overall wellness. I truly hope that this will bring support to those whom may be in a space of confusion regarding their own health status and struggles, and even if you presently find yourself in an optimal state of health, I hope that some of my insights are helpful for you in continuing to maintain a happy and fulfilled life and inner landscape.

At present, I am writing two books, stay tuned! 🙂

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for being who you are! You are a gift to this world, and are truly meant to live a life of abundance, soaring health, and great personal fulfillment. Joining together is paramount in our journey of self-realization and effective spiritual and emotional growth – we are all in this together.

Realize that every single person in the contemporary world has to work to reprogram themselves out of a chronic stress state. You were not given a manual at birth to know how to do this, you must learn: we all must learn. We all must work to shift our way of thinking as to free ourselves from the often cumbersome and limiting conditioning that we have been exposed to societally. This is an obligatory step to achieving wellness, and it is a step that each and every one of us must take. You did not consciously choose to become hard-wired to exist in a chronic stress state, the world around you conditioned you to be there. However: you CAN CHOOSE to take your power back and free yourself for good. You can choose to feel at peace, free, and centered right now and always with conscious effort and dedication.

We must encourage ourselves and each other to openly move a bit more out of our head and live from our heart and soul. This is our core, this is our fundamental foundation, this is where our true power resides.

An open, freeing, comfortable dialogue regarding our emotions, passions, feelings, and thoughts is called for as to unite us further as a human community and bring the people back to themselves. There is nothing to be afraid of in this arena.

While it may not seem true at the time, illness, adversity, struggle, obstacle, loss, and hardship of any kind can and does serve as an exceptional gift in your life…something that can bring about the most prolific, awakening, and virtuous spiritual and emotional transformation and growth that you have ever accomplished. Your life is unfolding to serve you, and unexpected, tragic, difficult, or presumably unwanted circumstances can provide the needed impetus for the most welcome and extraordinary developments and endowments along your path. Everything is an opportunity (Acceptance vs. Resistance). Everything is a gift.

Consciously and intentionally embarking on your own personal healing journey often takes a great deal of personal accountability, courage, and continued dedication, yet will undeniably bring you to a wonderful place of awareness, light-heartedness, and comprehensive physical/emotional/spiritual well-being. The beauty of the mind-body-spirit connection is that in order to heal one you must heal the other. Therefore, the tremendous gifts are born out of the obligatory necessity in examining oneself honestly, thoroughly, and lovingly and developing a complete lifestyle for oneself that is conducive to achieving and maintaining optimal health. This is why illness can serve such a brilliant purpose for so many – as it essentially forces one to reevaluate their lifestyle and inner world, resulting in exceptionally valuable improvements that will serve their well-being for the rest of their life.

IMG_1984The name “Flow Surge Healing” was born through my personal experiences with spiritual, True Self awakening. As I have studied many derivatives and schools of thought regarding energy, enlightenment, meditation, universal laws, etc., I coined the term “Flow Surge” to refer to that sweet point in your journey when all has come to a blissful peak: the pinnacle of true awareness – a place where your path to The Now makes perfect sense and you are truly and ultimately freed from the needless suffering catalyzed by the illusion of fear that you were once accustomed. All limiting misconceptions, societal conditioning, and false subconscious core beliefs developed from past pain dissipate, leaving the absolute and palpable energy of love, joy, acceptance, peace, autonomy, and warmth in their wake. “Flow Surge” is a space when all is in line with your unique and powerful personal energy and frequency, and you are living effortlessly in the Flow, seeing with great clarity, the abundant magic that is within and around you with ease, and enjoying every moment in peaceful awe. Your individual and abundant power to create is realized and implemented, producing lived experience “miracles” that fulfill your every hope, wish, dream, and desire. Unwavering and permeating self-love, worth, and respect become self-evident and fully ingrained, and exercising one’s Voice fully, openly, easily, and enjoyably becomes innately lived. One’s inherent personal power is completely taken back and harnessed. The notion and inherent truth that everything comes down to choice truly solidifies into one’s comprehension – shattering glass ceilings and granting complete and total freedom on every level. For me, this is the true definition of synchronicity and freedom, where my comprehensive being and connection to myself and the world around me exists in an inherent state of harmony, intrigue, and joyful fulfillment.

For my entire conscious existence I had been in search of inherent freedom, and I found that in myself. This is a space that I strive to occupy always, yet it is indeed an ongoing journey of learning, exploration, active personal evolution, conscious awareness, continual True Self-discovery, and embracing of our humanness.

Without a doubt, equal attention to the Whole Person must be given as to grant the most optimal healing, as we are each an interconnected, multifactorial masterpiece.

We are all on a journey of healing in some way, regardless of our circumstances, pasts, and stories. This is a commonality amongst all human beings.

Once this is recognized and we are able to face all truths within and around ourselves openly and honestly, it is key to embrace the healing and personal growth process as a warm, rewarding, freeing, and exhilarating quest that will enrich you as a human being and soul, and provide you with the abounding happiness and fulfillment that you were put on this earth to manifest. We must step away from all that holds us back from True Self exploration and discovery such as the illusions of our perceived fears and limiting attachments to past pain (5 Steps To Dismantle and Release Pain from the Past). We must boldly revisit our early lives as children, identifying false and limiting subconscious core beliefs developed during our most formative years that could be holding us back today. WeIMG_9511 must identify how we are sculpting our attraction mechanism as to bring into our life only those things, people, energies, and experiences that we truly, consciously wish for and deserve. We all must identify and eliminate all superfluous stressors, freely and unabashedly.

We must shed our masks, leave apprehension and judgment behind, and open ourselves to the dawn of an unarmed, new day. This new day entails living from our authentic True Self center (Unleash Your TRUE SELF!), and viewing ourselves and the world around us as the truly magical entities that they are. Once your intrinsic awareness is strengthened, and you are able to get to know yourself for who you truly are – vulnerably and courageously, solidifying a sincere trust, love, and respect for yourself, all facets of your life will grow in magnificence and you will be astounded at the rejuvenating, refreshing nature that comprises your inner and outer world. The incredible connectivity of all things will show itself to you clearly, as your consciousness will be renewed to a whole new reality…A reality that comprises organic truth, authentic love, trust, compassion, sincere and continual gratitude (GRATITUDE.) and a true desire and ability to discover and celebrate the unique and wonderful YOU throughout your rich and meaningful path. Now is the time to begin the journey.

Throughout this site, you will find resources and analysis including: a general “Copper Toxicity” page (where I outline all of the most significant elements regarding this malady that I have experienced, researched, and have gathered via the ample communications and observations I have made from many other people whom have suffered or are currently suffering from CT around the world), a “Copper Toxicity Eating Plan” page (where I outline a great deal of the necessary nutritional and healing protocol elements associated with an effective, bio-individual healing protocol), a “Journal” page (where I add journal entries including anything from helpful tools like affirmation writing to techniques that I have developed to achieve emotional freedom), my “Kaleidoscope IMG_6788Designs” page (which is the jewelry design business that I founded many years ago and am the sole proprietor of), a “Natural Personal Hygiene & Beauty” page (where I outline the many alterations I have made in this area to also be more conducive to overall health and healing), a “Recipes” page (where I include some original low-copper/gut friendly recipes that I have developed), a “Tools, Exercises, Affirmations and Quotes” page (where I include a plethora of some of my favorite and most powerful tools, shifts in perspective, exercises, affirmations, and quotes that aid in our path of personal growth, evolution, transformation and inspiration) and finally the “Home” page which houses my blog posts that vary and include inspirational quotes, additional healing tools, and personally written essays to assess many significant components of addressing your emotional/spiritual/intellectual well-being.

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My personal, bioindividual healing path has been exceptionally complex and protracted and has required a tremendous degree of tenacity and dedication. I have worked on and continuously experienced success in balancing and repairing my gut (an area of paramount importance when working to heal any imbalance), optimizing liver/gallbladder function, balancing my comprehensive endocrine (hormone) system (including my thyroid, adrenals, and sex hormones), correcting various additional mineral imbalances, balancing amino acid and neurotransmitter metabolism, and working to comprehensively balance my body’s biochemistry as to alleviate my life-long copper imbalance (click here for more info, as linked above ). I have also worked to ultimately heal a long-standing Epstein-Barr Virus infection, which was possible in large part due to my attainment of ideal copper levels.

Along my journey, I also had the mercury amalgam dental fillings that I had in place since childhood removed by a holistic dentist trained in the safe removal procedure.

Furthermore, I have directed focus to the extremely important realm of epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and methylation optimization and developed a custom-tailored healing regimen to address various clinically significant polymorphisms/SNPs that I exhibit such as the CBS, BHMT, MTHFR, MTRR, VDR, and several others. These abnormalities in gene expression are currently an active area of focus and research within the natural health arena, and a profoundly expansive area to explore in discovering root-cause focused healing protocols.

If we honor the truly fascinating, complex, and intentional design of the human body, supporting its self-healing systems and ceasing to congest it with toxic mediums and crippling, invasive procedures, in most cases, true healing can commence. Symptoms are a form of communication from the body – they are not a signal of its betrayal. If we get out of our own way emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually – and simultaneously reduce the toxic load of our bodies, embrace a conscious and nurturing lifestyle, identify our own unique causal chains and core underlying causes (both physically and psychologically/emotionally), and adopt an eating plan that is richly, bioindividually nutritious, health is ours for the taking.

I extend a sincere THANK YOU for visiting my blog and I am so very grateful to share this journey with you.

You are fully and infinitely loved, feel and know this always!

All the best to you and with love,

Megan ❤

*DISCLAIMER: I am not, and do not claim to be, a medical professional. None of the information included in this blog is intended to serve as medical advice. All content is for informational purposes only. Consult with your qualified healthcare professional for all medical advice and treatment protocols*

Copyright © 2015-2021 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing

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With my nephew, Jaxon ❤



3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. It was so good to read your blog. Have missed hearing from you and was just the other day wondering how you were doing. Keep in touch “honeysuckle” Love you! Susan


  2. Hi Susan!! It is so wonderful to hear from you and I thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog! I’ve really enjoyed working on it, and as you can probably tell, have been making some awesome discoveries in my life! I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being so wonderful. You made Grove Park a warm and enjoyable place to be! I try my best to visit Asheville as often as I can, and the next visit I would love to have lunch or coffee with you!! Take good care and I hope you are doing absolutely wonderful!!
    All my love!
    Megan 🙂


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