As an avid writer I have kept personal journals for most of my life. I have found that journaling serves as an exceptionally fulfilling and cathartic daily activity that I would advise anyone to add to their own daily routine. It is an intimate, judgment-free way of releasing pent-up thoughts and feelings, expressing desires, conceptualizing thought processes, and a simple way of documenting one’s journey and experiences overall.

When experiencing and healing from Copper Toxicity, one’s neurological function is greatly effected, meaning more effort will be necessary to maintain equanimity throughout healing. I have seen this as a gift in and of itself, in the sense that this challenge was a huge catalyst to my working tremendously hard at reaching peace within myself, however formidable my healing and detox became. 

I intend on using this space to share some of my weekly journal entries, as some of them may resonate with you. I have developed quiet a few helpful techniques on my spiritual and creative journey over the years and hope that these insights are of help to you as well. Included are unique and personally derived affirmations, daily recounts, inspiriting quotes, and anything else that I find relevant to share from my own personal journal entries. Thank you for reading!


I painted the image to the right long ago to exemplify the power of our heart and the magnificent light that shines within and behind all of us. Our chakra system is a very compelling entity to explore and I will elaborate on my own interpretations of this further soon, along with what I refer to as metaphysical pathology.

January 7, 2017

Happy 2017! It is going to be an incredible year in many many ways! This is a brilliant statement to begin this new and refreshing time:

“Today I’m going to fall in love with the way I belong to myself, regardless of any situation or circumstance or commitment or outside happening. I’m going to fall in love with the way I refuse to settle for less than vibrant aliveness, less than what feeds and fuels this energy wildly. Fully. Infinitely. Freely. Because I’ll allow nothing on the outside to detract from, limit, lessen, or shrink this. Or me.”

-Victoria Erickson

November 5, 2016

On our respecitve journeys of growth, evolution, and enlightenement, it is imperative that we continuously give focus and energy to nurturing ourselves in every way: physically, emotionally, intellecutally, and spiritually. That is, our lives are a journey of continual development, learning, and forward motion as opposed to a final destination of any kind. A helpful way to view this is to think of yourself as a plant. Without continual attention and nurturing, a plant will not continue to grow and flourish. It requires regular watering, light, and oxygen. You are exactly the same. You must be attended to in order to continue to live to your full potential, achieve and maintain a fulfilling path, and and remain emotionally free (or achieve emotional freedom to begin with). Once we work to remind ourselves of this imperative notion on a daily basis, caring for and nurturing ourselves becomes a solidified way of life, and you are able to truly live the abundant, rewarding, and deeply loving life that you’ve always deserved.

To your continual growth and ability to nurture yourself always,

Megan ❤


July 22, 2016

This brilliant excerpt was recently shared with me, and I absolutely love it! It speaks to the strong notion of the POWER OF CHOICE, which I’ve written about quite a bit throughout my blog. This is a key component to achieving and living with emotional freedom

“When people show you who they are, Maya Angelou famously advised, believe them. Just as importantly, however, when people try to tell you who you are, don’t believe them. You are the only custodian of your own integrity, and the assumptions made by those that misunderstand who you are and what you stand for reveal a great deal about them and absolutely nothing about you.” –Maria Popova

Trust yourself, and give yourself the gift of autonomy – for you are the ruler of your inner world and every moment of every day, you have the power and the right to live your truth, as defined by you.

January 20, 2016

I came across yet another amazing quote last night that I’m in love with!!

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” 

Indeed!! This is your path to lead, my friends, and always remember that you have the Power of Choice in any and every regard. Leave any and all comments, perspectives, etc. that are not conducive or supportive of love, healing, refreshment, openness, unwavering faith, true reverence, compassion, and understanding behind and embrace all of these notions warmly, always knowing that you are the leader of your life and your inner landscape.

Lot’s of times, people will throw out comments, pass judgements, or anything of this nature as a direct result of their own idiosyncratic inner turmoil or imbalance. Release these words “like water off a duck’s back” as the old saying goes, and fill your inner dialogue and theme of your days to only that which will bring you UP, and FILL YOU WITH LOVE AND GRATITUDE! 

Judgement and pessimism are hard to deal with, and I learned this tenfold throughout my journey of healing from Copper Toxicity, and other past challenges that have ultimately contributed to my wisdom and growth. People have a very hard time understanding or directing compassion toward something or someone if they are confused as to what is “going on with them”. Many people are also quick to throw stones as a direct result of their own insecurities. Disallow this from serving as any detriment to you, at all. Remove pain and hurt, and if anything, simply pity the soul that can not find compassion within themselves for another’s struggle or plight, even if they don’t truly understand. Always remember that everyone is on their own journey, and you never have to become the willing target of someone else’s ignorance or projection.

There is no time for anything other than support and love. Embrace any and all souls whom share this with you and simply do not give anything else your time or energy, as you are worthy of only the best, in every regard. 

That being said, I send you unwavering faith, sheer love and support, and absolute, POSITIVE energy of healing, light, and liberation from anything that you may be struggling with at present.

Brighter days are to come for you, I assure you of this!

All the VERY BEST in your journey and in health,

Megan ❤

January 18, 2016

Happy New Year! I truly hope that your year has been getting off to a wonderful start, as 2016 promises to be a true gem in many ways.

I came across a quote recently that really struck me in it’s relevance to working through and healing from illness, or any adverse circumstance in your life, really. It simply states:

“She needed a hero, so that is what she became.”

This brief statement holds so much veracity in so many ways, and really solidifies the point that the relationship that we have with ourselves is absolutely the most important. Of course, your loved ones are very important as well, however developing an unwavering trust, love, and support within yourself – for yourself – is so deeply important and will serve you in many many ways throughout your journey.

Throughout the darker periods of your healing, it is easy to succumb to the feelings of isolation, frustration, despair, hopelessness, and anything of that nature. However, in these periods, it is oh so important to remain conscious of the relationship that you have with yourself, and the inner dialogue that is continuously going through your mind and heart. During the most difficult periods of my healing, I began to journal and essentially write to myself, speaking to myself as though I was another person: directing my thoughts and feelings of encouragement, love, support, unwavering compassion, and trust toward myself. Some examples of what I would write were:

“You’ve got this!! The light is near my dear!”

“This too shall pass…I am so proud of you for all that you are doing…complete health is mine for the taking”

“There is not one thing that is going to stand in my way of attaining the vitality that I so deeply deserve, and as long as I keep my eye on the prize, total liberation is absolutely imminent”

“I love you, Megan! Thank you for being who you are”

The last phrase listed is possibly the most important, and I continued to write this over and over on everything I documented, be it my healing protocol journals, my personal journals, books I was readying, whatever. Over time, this sense of unwavering love, compassion, and strength/knowing in my eventual triumph sincerely solidified within me, as I had essentially become my own hero. This isn’t to say that the brilliant holistic practitioners whom I worked with didn’t serve as awesome support as well, but I was an equal player in my need for help and guidance – and always will be. 

I’ve inherently concluded that throughout life, we are always going to be met with challenges, that’s life. But our ability to soar through them with flying colors and end up on top gets easier and easier as we solidify these exceptionally important notions during each respective previous challenge. That is, if we become our own heroes than we’ll always have a solid support to call upon, as you’ll always have yourself, no matter what.

Another excellent philosophical point that I recently came across was from the late Dr. Paul Eck, a brilliant man whom basically paved the way for HTMA and mineral imbalance research and science. He explains our need to use the “challenge of life” to our advantage, and simply be intrigued by the process and the journey, as opposed to allowing such inevitable challenges to bring us down. I couldn’t agree more!

So, I suggest that you start to talk to yourself as though you were your closest loved one, with true and unwavering support and compassion, because each and every day, you wake up and you go to sleep with yourself, and solidifying this relationship to be one of your most trusted and loving with never steer you in the wrong direction.

We must become our own heroes first, and your body, mind, and spirit will soar to levels of vitality and effervescence that you may have never experienced before.

I have sheer and unwavering faith in you!!

All of the very best in your journey,

Megan ❤

December 8, 2015

BLOSSOMING!A very happy and healthy holiday season to all!! May you be well and take advantage of the warm and magical nature of this season. There is a brilliant year awaiting us, and it is time to actualize your True Potential, unwavering self-love and self-worth, and celebrate who you are now and always.

November 20, 2015

I am going to be an auntie again!! While I’ve known this for several weeks, I am so happy to now be able to share this exciting news!! My older sister, Claire and brother-in-law, Traxler will be welcoming their first child in May of next year!! I am so exceptionally happy for them and so very grateful for this incredible news. Claire has been on a tenacious healing journey of her own as a means of allowing her body to conceive naturally, which has taken a couple years to do. This news is exemplary as well of the power of natural health and it’s true efficacy in healing our bodies to reach their utmost potential. Congratulations Claire and Traxler!! I am so so happy for you both and can’t wait to welcome this new little bundle into our family!! Deep Gratitude ❤

This was taken just yesterday…Dakota (their german shepherd) is all smiles as well! 🙂

November 18, 2015

Today, I turn 30 years old! I am unbelievably excited to welcome this new decade with an open heart and soul, as I am deeply grateful for how far I have come and readily await the magic that this new period of my life will demonstrate in great abundance!



This is one of my gifts to myself to adorn my car with. I found this neat website where you can design your own front plates and stickers and such, how neat! 

November 13, 2015

A very important notion to remain cognizant of throughout the totality of your healing process is to remember to stop and appreciate the world around you, open your heart and your eyes to the magic that abounds on a daily basis, and never cease to allow yourself to enjoy each day, even if you find yourself still in the throws of illness as we speak. Sometimes when we are in the darker, more challenging period of our healing odyssey it is easy to forget that there is still a great deal of enjoyment that can be experienced on a moment to moment, daily basis. “It’s the little things,” I often say, which hold equal weight to the “bigger” more noticeable causes for celebration in our lives. A simple note that says, “I love you!” left for someone you care about…stepping outside and admiring the day, stretching your arms out and smiling toward the sky (even better in the rain if you ask me! :)…taking a short walk…finding an awesome movie to enjoy while you rest…a slight giggle at something you come across that you find to be funny…holding the door for someone…when a song that you love and had forgotten about comes on the radio. You see, it is all worth celebrating, and taking notice to these little things really does worlds for boosting our spirit and catalyzing a sense of wonder and joy within us.

I also suggest that you write this in permanent marker and hang it somewhere that you frequent within your home: I LOVE AND APPRECIATE MYSELF EXACTLY AS I AM TODAY.”

This is so very important, as while it is equally significant to focus on the acquisition of your goals, we must not IMG_9340lose sight of the fact that we are perfect in our own way, exactly as we are today. Writing this, saying it to yourself, and seeing it frequently will help to solidify this notion within you, and provide your body with a sense of relaxation so that it is better equipped to heal. See the “affirmations” section below to gain further insight into the power and effectiveness of practicing affirmations on a daily basis.

All is exactly as it should be on your path, to serve you the best and to lead you to the ultimate liberations and abounding happiness and fulfillment that you so readily deserve. If this does not seem apparent now, it will and I assure you of that.

November 6, 2015

Today’s journal entry will embody several helpful tools that I have developed as a means by which to work toward and ultimately attain emotional freedom (which is one of our main goals in finding true fulfillment and liberation within ourselves) We are all always growing and learning, and consistently working to attain our most treasured intrinsic goals, and these are the methods that have served me the best on this quest. I will list these in bullet form to make them easier to digest.

  • Always truly believe that you absolutely deserve all of the very best and to manifest and attain that which is most important to you as an individual.
  • Inherently, you do not have to pay a price to be happy or to “succeed”. While indeed, some of our most IMG_0805precious gifts in life are born through overcoming adversity and struggle, this is not imperative, as you do not have to struggle in order to feel as though you have “earned” your place in attaining that which you want in life.
  • Do not allow any outward experiences to influence you on how you think and feel about yourself: be apart from the circumstance, and do not allow said circumstances to effect you personally: NEVER SEE “FAILURES” AS FAILURES. This perspective and embodiment is not apathy, it is the exact opposite in fact. It is remaining strong and balanced within yourself to the point that you are neutral to the possible projections of others, you never allow an adverse circumstance to seep into the threads of your conscious and subconscious self-identity, and you view any and all situations, behaviors, etc. as opportunities for growth and learning…as that is truly what they are in their core.
  • Make being happy a habit: Consistently visualize yourself as happy, in whatever regard that means to you. Never cease to truly love yourself (this is not selfishness or arrogance, this is true and sincere self-appreciation, self-value, and self-reverence which is absolutely essential to achieving emotional freedom), and to appreciate the world around you, for you are in this life for a huge reason, and even if you haven’t discovered what it is yet, you are here to fulfill your true and cherished life’s purpose and calling. I spent many years feeling lost and unhappy that I had not yet discovered that which I had a true passion for. I indeed found joy and fulfillment in art and sociology, however I always knew that there was something more…something bigger for me to fulfill my True Potential as an individual. In retrospect, this period of feeling lost was equally as significant as me ultimately discovering my true passions, as I was experiencing elements that have sculpted who I am today, and have been tremendously helpful tools in my absorption of my many life’s lessons. If you currently find yourself in a similar position, feeling as though you haven’t yet found your true calling (however old you may be)…I suggest that you simply relax into your journey and have true and unwavering faith that you will ultimately reach your goals. Click here for an essay that I wrote regarding the unrealistic societal expectations that we often become conditioned to, which provides some guidance for you to liberate yourself from this confinement, and sculpt your own life’s path as you see fit – in a manner that will adhere to your True Self and authentic inner voice.
  • Garbage in, Garbage out!: We will all have negative thoughts, yet the key here is to recognize them when they come up, do not make them a habit or welcome them, and when they do come into your mind, simply say to yourself either silently or out loud: Garbage in, Garbage out! This simple exercise will help to eradicate your negative thoughts so that you are more consistently in the space where you have far more enriching, enlightening, loving, supportive, and magical thoughts than not. You may also wish to envision the sound of a sweeping motion…similar to that of a broom when it is grazing the floor. This will further solidify the eradication and give you a tangible association to “sweep” these negative thoughts away :). Also, as a parallel to living in the digital age (and similar to my suggestion of making your internet passwords abridged versions of your affirmations as mentioned below), you can envision your negative thoughts being deleted and emptied out just as your computer does with your deleted files. For mac users, you hear a dissolving sound when you ultimately “empty your trash” which is great to exemplify what I mean by the sweeping sound to dissolve your negative thoughts :). There are so many parallels in this life, and it’s fun to utilize them to our advantage, indeed.
  • Visualize that which you wish to manifest in your life and then let it go, trusting in the Universe and the process of bringing your desires to fruition through unwavering inner faith and full and total trust in the process: IMG_9504regardless of what spiritual or religious doctrine or paradigms that you follow, “faith” is a ubiquitous element in all of our respective journeys. It is essentially holding the firm and total intrinsic BELIEF that that which you wish for and desire can and will arise in your life ultimately. For the past several years, I have tenaciously studied the Law of Attraction (which has fortunately received a great deal of attention in a lot of ways), the Power of Deliberate Intent, and various other schools of thought and analysis regarding Universal energy and our own Personal Power and inner Divinity. I’ve come to realize that everything is energy, and everything holds a life force, so it is simply up to us to decide which kind of energy we wish to attribute to something and go from there. Yes, it is important to give much focus to that which you want, however dwelling on it too often can imply that you are not getting what you want and hence that energy will parallel your respective desire. A key that I’ve worked on is figuring out that which I desire, sending out a Universal prayer (again, in whichever spiritual or religious method you wish), and letting it go, to be taken care of by what I refer to as Source energy. As I fine tune this practice, I’ve been undeniably amazed at what I’ve been able to manifest in my life and look forward to experiencing this to a great degree throughout the entirety of my life!
  • Work to define what is most important to you: in who you are as a soul and magnificent Being, what qualities in others you find most loving, fulfilling, and mutually respectful, and what your ideal “life’s picture” would look like: this will all solidify your ATTRACTION MECHANISM to align all that you wish and what will most fulfill to come right into your orbit: As you go through your respective life’s experiences, these elements will become more solidified. And it is very helpful to write out all of these components so that you may conceptualize them more easily. Once you have developed a solid inventory and idea of what the components are, your attraction mechanism (your inner compass/the energy you are exuding daily) will shift to begin attracting that which you most desire. I have worked on this a lot and have seen the magical, unbelievable manifestations that we are all capable of manifesting for ourselves. For example, as these shifts are made, certain things will come to be in your world that you previously presumed you had no control over – people will come into your life that will provide you with new opportunities; physical possessions will show up that you have envisioned; you will think of someone and they will call you that instant; you will start seeing your “signs” everywhere; new ideas, people, places, and things will start illuminating themselves in your life that are absolutely and clearly conducive to that which you truly want and have always envisioned; old counterproductive habits, people, belief systems, etc. will simply dissipate seemingly overnight as you no longer have a taste for them and clearly see that it is time to move on. It really is a magical experience! 🙂
  • Stepping out of the metaphorical “pool”: This has been a very helpful analogy and visualization that I have come up with as a means of liberating yourself from old attachments and feelings that are essentially holding you back from truly achieving emotional freedom. The “pool” represents any and all “negative” feelings ofIMG_1508 worry, sadness, grief, anger, self-loathing, victim mentality, lack of self-love and self-value, etc. etc. You then visualize yourself in this pool, yet there is a beautiful staircase at the shallow end…you move your way toward it and then step up and out of the pool, feeling and seeing the water drip from your body and onto the pool’s edge. You then see a huge, luxurious, soft towel and use it to completely dry yourself off. It is then, in your visualization, that you truly feel the sensations and rapture of having all of the water off of your body and surrounding your Whole Being. You then walk away, light and free, embracing your new-found, refreshing and liberated Being and personal reality with a welcomed curiosity and intrigue as to what is next…knowing with profound self-assurance that you have left all that was holding you back behind :).

Overall, realize that your personal power is more incredible than you have ever possibly imagined, and once you begin to solidify these notions further and further into the fibers of your Being, they will become a way of life, and you will live with true freedom as you greet each successive day of this magical life’s journey.

Enjoy! ❤

October 12, 2015

Today’s journal entry is going to be short and sweet.

I just wanted to say thank you for being who you are! You are a true gift to this world and you are here to make manifest your true and brilliant potential as a unique and valuable soul. You are worthy, and always have been, of receiving true and lasting love, full and compassionate support, and to celebrate the wonderfulness that is YOU!

Always remember that you are truly deserving of all that you desire in this life, and comprehensive health, complete fulfillment, true happiness, and abundance are yours for the taking.

Celebrate who you are, today, and everyday, because you are exquisite indeed. 

September 23, 2015


Affirmations can serve as highly valuable tools throughout your daily life. These are short sayings that succinctly express a desired inner goal and are meant to be frequently repeated in order to engrain them into your subconscious mind – to the point that they become indelible notions that you perpetually live by – your inner truth. Some may prefer to acquire their affirmations from outside sources, however I have found it most effective to write my own, according to my unique, idiosyncratic desires and wishes. Once you have written a few powerful affirmations of your own, I have found it helpful to write them out (or type and print them) and post them throughout areas of your home that you frequent most (your bedroom, the bathroom mirror, on the kitchen cabinet, etc.). This way, you are perpetually seeing them and inadvertently weaving them throughout the threads of your inner landscape without having to exude much effort at all!

As an example, I have pictured my “daily mantra” that has been taped next to my bed for several years now. As you can tell from the tattered paper, it has gotten quiet a bit of use :). It states:

“I embrace this day. May it be happy, healthy, light, and saturated in the magic of life! May my heart feel warm and my mind invigorated. My universal connection is strong and secure. Thank you for this day! I am free!”

This particular affirmation is fairly long, yet has been highly effective none the less. When coming up with your own affirmations, I suggest that you sit quietly with yourself and ponder that which is most important to you…things or circumstances that you wish to manifest, feelings of peace and fulfillment that you wish to obtain, etc. etc. Let these notions come freely to you and begin to write them down until a few truly resonate. Once you have developed a couple that you feel are strong and depict your most treasured desires, say them out loud to get the ball rolling, and then post them where you see fit. This really is an easy, highly effective way of bringing about sweet, light-hearted spiritual enlightenment on a daily basis.

**Another fun tool I have developed regarding this practice is to set my internet passwords as abridged versions of my favorite affirmations! This is a great way to ensure that you will actually practice them, as we all find ourselves logging into and out of a copious array of online accounts on a daily basis. I won’t share mine for obvious reasons, but you get the gist :).

Here are a few examples that may help you to get started:IMG_4104

“Unconditional self-love is my birth right”

“I give my heart a voice today and always”

“I deserve to be heard, valued, and acknowledged by myself as well as from others”

“Simply objectively observe and remain intrinsically very much at peace” (see blog post for further explanation on the Objective Observer perspective and tool)

“Deep gratitude for who I was, who I am, and who I will be”

“My self-love and self-worth shines through in all that I think, say, feel, and do”

*The image above is posted right above my bed, and I read it every night before climbing in 🙂

Happy affirmation writing! It really does help ❤


September 16, 2015

IMG_9704Last year I came across a book called “Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia” by Rob Brezsny. What an excellent find this was! It is essentially a large collection of essays, anecdotes, and tools that Brezsny has developed as a means of lightening your temporal experiences and bringing you closer to your Spirit Self throughout daily life. It isn’t really the type of book that you read beginning to end, as Brezsny even recommends opening to any random page and beginning from there :). I have thoroughly enjoyed having this book around, and it’s great on days when you need just a little pick-me-up for your soul! This is a quote from the book that I find particularly profound, so much so that I have it printed and hanging at eye level in front of my desk:

“All of creation is conspiring to shower us with blessings. Life is crazily in love with us – brazenly and innocently in love with us. The Universe always gives us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. The winds and the tides are on our side, forever and ever, amen. The fire and the rain are scheming to steal our impossible pain. The sun and the moon and the stars remember our real names, and our ancestors pray for us while we’re dreaming. We have guardian angels, and thousands of teachers, provocateurs and designs to unleash us, helpers and saviors we can’t even imagine, brothers and sisters who want us to blossom. Thanks to them, from whom the blissful blessings flow, we are waking up.” -Rob Brezsny


I had also known that I had come across an excellent, serendipitous tool when I came to this excerpt in the book:

Copper, iodine, iron, sunshine…and sodium are all harmful to you in large amounts, but good for you in small quantities.” Ha! A huge grin came across my face when reading this!! Oh so true and oh so fitting!! 🙂

Love! ❤

Copyright © 2015-2017 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing

6 thoughts on “JOURNAL

  1. Hi Megan

    Rick gave me your details and I’d love to touch base. I’m struggling with chronic anxiety/stress, racing mind, depression, irrational fears/thoughts, thyroid, adrenal exhaustion – copper dysregulation.

    I’d love to touch base to get some assistance with all this.

    Are you able to email me your HTMA to see your progress.

    Unfortunately here in Adelaide there aren’t any drs that fully understand HTMA and so it’s been a living hell the last 3.5 years.

    I mentioned to Rick there should be a retreat for CT as it’s such a horrible thing to go through especially when there’s no family support and they don’t understand.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!



    1. Hello Giana!

      I too live in Adelaide and are experiencing the same living hell as it sounds you are. I am working with Dr Malter whom I assume you are referring to when you mention “rick”. I’ve been unwell for nearly four years now with the last five months causing me to have to leave my company- every day is a struggle! I’d love to get in contact with you if you would like so we can at least reassure each other as this can feel like such a lonely condition. Let me know and I will send you my email.


  2. Hi Gianna!
    Thank you for getting in touch again. May I please have your email address so I may contact you that way? Thanks in advance! You can simply email it to and we will correspond from there.
    I am very much looking forward to being of any aid that I can be in your journey, and very much empathize with your current struggle.
    Your retreat idea is a wonderful one!! I too believe that would be a very helpful development and tool, as there is so very much misunderstanding and misjudgment toward us as Copper Toxicity sufferers, it really does compound our struggle and can be alleviated with further education.
    Again, please email me your email address and we will go from there. Once I have it, I will respond quickly to your inquiries.
    Keep the faith, you will get through this!
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!!


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