Embrace the Entire Human Experience

One of my favorite affirmations is “lean in – embrace.” In essence, this essentially means that regardless of where your path leads you, embrace it completely as part of your human experience…as part of the ever-evolving masterpiece that is your perfect life’s path. It means that you lean in with full acceptance, instead of resisting: you … More Embrace the Entire Human Experience

Your Path is a Continuously Unfolding Masterpiece…

There is a gift in everything…everything, and it is our job to find it. Shifting your fundamental core beliefs to reflect this will illuminate your gifts much sooner. That is, viewing your life from the big-picture perspective, as a series of well-designed steps that are leading you to greatness, to your life’s purposes, to your … More Your Path is a Continuously Unfolding Masterpiece…


Today’s message is going to be short and sweet, as this is such a powerful message that truly speaks for itself: If it doesn’t nourish your soul, let it go. Your attention and energy are truly valuable, and they should not be given to anything that does not uplift, empower, support, and care for you … More NOURISH YOUR SOUL

5 Steps To Dismantle and Release Pain from the Past

Each and every one of us go through experiences in life that have generated feelings of pain, hurt, turmoil, sadness, anger,  frustration, loss or anything of the like. Experiencing such feelings is an inevitable part of life, however allowing them to impact you adversely or remain stored within your subconsious is optional.  In order to … More 5 Steps To Dismantle and Release Pain from the Past

Cleansing Affirmation

Hello there! I hope this day is greeting you warmly! I recently came across what I feel is an incredibly powerful and effective cleansing affirmation that is wonderfully useful to recite as a means of clearly our subconscious of past adverse attachments and continuing to develop a more solidified space of emotional freedom. Often times, … More Cleansing Affirmation

Stress Without Distress

As is becoming increasingly well-known, stress can catalyze ill health. There are many varying types of stress, which include physical forms (intrinsic stressors such as mineral imbalance, gut imbalance, endocrine imbalance, etc.), environmental forms (industrial toxins, allergens, etc.), and then of course, emotional stress. This would include any and everything that propels feelings of upset, … More Stress Without Distress

Happy February!

Happy first day of February! One thing that often comes to mind when this month emerges is Valentine’s Day. While I am not necessarily a fan of Hallmark holidays so much, I AM a fan of the celebration of love!! In that respect, I wish for you to celebrate this month of love in a … More Happy February!

Celebrate Who You Are, Who You Were, and Who You Will Be.

Good morning (or afternoon/evening)! I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season! I hope that your Thanksgiving was warm and relaxing and full of delicious goodies!  I love this time of year, and am happy to say that this holiday season I am feeling excited and effervescent about The Now and … More Celebrate Who You Are, Who You Were, and Who You Will Be.

I Recently Had the Honor and Privilege of Writing the Forward for the Expanded 3rd Edition of The Healing Workbook by Rick Fischer

The expanded 3rd Edition of The Healing Workbook: A 12-Week Step-by-Step Program To Heal Injury and Illness and Transform the Health of Body & Mind written by Certified Holistic Health Coach, trainer, author, and speaker, Rick D. Fischer of British Columbia, Canada and contributing gut health expert Aga Postawska is indubitably one of the best … More I Recently Had the Honor and Privilege of Writing the Forward for the Expanded 3rd Edition of The Healing Workbook by Rick Fischer

The Notable Significance of Expressive Writing

I awoke this morning to a daily newsletter that I receive which was focused on the extreme efficacy of expressive writing and it’s ability to heal one’s woes. The particular case they were focusing on was relieving back pain, which of course not many would think that picking up a journal and writing down your … More The Notable Significance of Expressive Writing

Accepting Your Gifts When They Are Given To You

Now this may sound pretty  obvious and overt to some, however it can actually be more challenging than one would initially think! In the Universal process of manifesting that which we want and desire, there are three primary steps: 1) Ask 2) Believe 3) Receive…and each of these steps hold an equal level of consciousness, … More Accepting Your Gifts When They Are Given To You

Maintaining Equanimity Throughout Your Healing

Equanimity can be defined as maintaining a considerable level of mental and emotional stability whilst under tension or strain; calmness; equilibrium. Similar to the word fortitude. While this can indeed prove to be a challenge, it is absolutely possible, and will catalyze and expedite both your physical and emotional/spiritual/intellectual healing tremendously. The key is to attempt to, … More Maintaining Equanimity Throughout Your Healing

Navigating Personal Research & Finding the Right Practitioner

When I first became aware that Copper Toxicity was one of the core underlying causes of the myriad of debilitating symptoms that I was experiencing (and had been to some degree for my whole life), I was elated to have discovered that which was causing my plight. However, I was soon met with a great … More Navigating Personal Research & Finding the Right Practitioner

New Additions!

Hello! I hope this message finds you doing very well! The energy of Now has been highly conducive to healing and catalyzing effective, sedulous transformations, so I hope that you are feeling this and taking full advantage! I just wanted to post a reminder that I’ve recently added 2 new pages including: Copper Toxicity Diet … More New Additions!

It Essentially Comes Down to Choices…

An exceptionally liberating and empowering notion to digest upon your life’s journey is that essentially, our happiness, fulfillment, and personal power are all dictated by our independent and intrinsic choices. While the obvious truth to this may be that yes, we choose where to live, what to eat for dinner, what to wear each day, etc…the … More It Essentially Comes Down to Choices…

My Wish For You

Good morning, or afternoon/evening, depending on what part of the world you currently find yourself on! 🙂 Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. My wish for you is that today, and everyday, you celebrate your own shining beauty and give yourself the gift of releasing any and all of your attachments to the … More My Wish For You

Words of the Day :)

So I am a self-proclaimed nerd and have always had a profound passion for language and dictation. While language is obviously one of our primary means of communication, I look at it as an art form…one that can be explored and developed in order to take on a beauty all it’s own. Some of the … More Words of the Day 🙂

Compilation of Quotes

We all come across various quotes throughout our days that can and do serve as nice little tokens to consider and implement within our own lives. I think quotes can be sweet reminders of tokens we may have forgotten, and help our guidance throughout our respective journeys. Similar to affirmations (see journal entry for September … More Compilation of Quotes


If I had to identify the single most important element in one’s journey of achieving and truly living a whole-hearted, comprehensively healthy, abundant life, it would hands-down be this: GRATITUDE! While this concept may seem very simple and obvious to some, it can also exist to be an illusive concept that can remain lost on many. It … More GRATITUDE.