Here I include some shifts in perspective, tools, exercises, affirmations, and quotes that will help to conceptualize and actualize your most inspired, joyful, free, and loving life.

The most abundant joy, fulfillment, love, and celebration of life are all yours for the taking and you may begin to live from this space each and every day, right now. A great deal of your inherent power in living your joy is rooted in shifting your fundamental beliefs, perspectives, and thought processes. Essentially, it comes down to shifting the way that you think. Societal conditioning is a powerful influence, and it leaves many feeling lost, disillusioned, disconnected, (to themselves, others, and the world at large) unhappy, unfulfilled, and constantly searching for something outside of themselves to “make them happy”. This conditioning must all be UNlearned so that you may find your authentic truth, your bliss, your True Self, and your inherent and eternal love and power: YOUR truths vs. those of others and the society you live in. Living your joy also involves shifting false and limiting beliefs that were born from the past and releasing these hindering attachments for good.

Your natural, unconditioned Self is inherently full of joy, love, and well-being right now, and is always and forever FREE. Give yourself the gift of waking up to who you truly are.

Your incredible and dynamic True Self is simply waiting to be unveiled, as you hold all of the power, tools, and brilliance within you, right now, that you could ever need to actualize your most joyful life.

All of the following on this page also allows you to lead a stress free life. And since the entire medical community and the general population are becoming increasingly aware of the extremely detrimental effects of chronic stress on one’s overall health – this introspective work is of the utmost importance.

Always remember: Your entire being is an interconnected whole – meaning your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual health is dependent on the optimal functioning of your physical body and its balance. In the same manner, your physical body’s wellness is dependent on the optimal and balanced functioning of your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual landscape. All of the following tools will help to strengthen and balance your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual health, but never discount the significance of caring for your body as well. Many of the physiological imbalances that I mention through this blog such as Copper Toxicity and other mineral and micronutrient imbalances and their symptoms (thyroid imbalance, adrenal fatigue, liver/kidney dysfunction, gut imbalance/pathogen infections, sex hormone imbalance/estrogen dominance, nervous system/neurotransmitter imbalance, histamine imbalance, lowered immune function/viral, bacterial, fungal infection and many others), other heavy metal toxicities such as mercury toxicity, methylation impairment, genetic/epigenetic factors, and others ALL DRAMATICALLY IMPACT HOW ONE FEELS EMOTIONALLY, SPIRITUALLY, AND INTELLECTUALLY. Always remember, nutrition IS health.

So say for example, you have been investing a tremendous amount of effort into your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual health and nothing seems to be changing – this is a sure sign that your body is out of balance and is contributing to your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual imbalances – often manifesting as anxiety, depression, racing thoughts, negativity, fears/phobias, toxic thought processes, lethargy, lack of motivation, lack of self-worth, confusion, obsessive thinking or behaviors, feeling lost, and many others. None of the aforementioned psychological symptoms of imbalance are your TRUE SELF character traits – they are a result of an imbalance you are experiencing, and once you unearth your own unique causal chains and bio-individual imbalances, your body and your mind will move to meet your TRUE SELF, and all of the truly incredible awakening that comes with that unveiling with rain down onto your world :). You’ve got this!!

This page consists of the following:

  • Exercises, Tools, and Considerations 
  • Affirmations 
  • Quotes 

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Each separate topic is labeled with a *blue heading* – you can jump around as you read.

The following lengthly list of tokens, tools, considerations, and exercises will help you get the ball rolling on your journey. Remember – YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN. There is nothing to be afraid of when honestly exploring yourself – what lies within you is more magical than you have ever fathomed, it is just waiting to be unveiled.

All in all, these practices and shifts all lead you to discovering your True Self (Unleash Your TRUE SELF!), living the life you have always dreamed (or helping you to develop and define your most cherished dreams), achieving emotional freedom, achieving 100% unconditional self-love/acceptance, discovering and fully living true joy today and always, fulfilling your true potential, and celebrating your all-encompassing, inherent freedom in all ways.

Always remember: your life is a continuously evolving masterpiece…it is not a destination. The act of working on ourselves and enjoying doing so is all part of this awakened and ever-changing journey, as you will continue to reach new and more incredible levels of awareness, enlightenment, love, freedom, and joy as you move forth openly.

Lean in and embrace.

Give yourself the gift of really going there with yourself in full openness and honesty.

Get out of your own way and quiet the chatter of the ego.

Dig deep. Keep going until you truly feel as though you have reached the core of yourself, your belief system, and its origin.

Very rarely is anything what it appears to be on the surface – look deeper. Dig deeper. This gives you freedom. True joy. True, unconditional love. This brings you to your gifts. This brings you to your True Self.

Lean in and embrace.


As you read on, keep this truth of paramount importance in the forefront of your consciousness and let it completely saturate your heart:

You are dearly, fully, and infinitely loved: exactly as you are today. 

Your life is happening FOR you, and not to you: always, no exceptions.

Your comprehensive personal and emotional freedom and inner peace does not have to be dependent on anything outside of you: other people, circumstances, geographical location, anything.

This page will introduce you to how.  

  • First and foremost: EMRACE THE TRANSITION PERIOD and EMBRACE CHANGE: Everyone that awakens to living as their full True Self and all of the enlightened wonder that comes with that – did not get there overnight, and has not always lived this way. Each of our stories are different, but very rarely if ever does someone go through their entire life enlightened and emotionally free…we all have been on a path that led us here. That being said, as you begin to work on yourself – EMBRACE THE TRANSITION PERIOD. By this I mean the period of time from where you were to where you are going. The period where you are initially letting go of adverse habits, unhealthy relationships, toxic thought processes, old false/limiting core beliefs – any and everything that could be considered your “non-True Self” way of life. This will all be new to you, and henceforth could feel awkward, confusing, and strange at first. This is perfectly OK, and it is fleeting. You do not have to understand these tools, perspectives, affirmations, etc., or truly believe them to begin – you just have to make the initial effort. This begins the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind, and becoming more connected to your core: your heart and soul.

Allow for a grace period where you are absorbing the end of your old and the beginning of your new. You would maybe assume that jumping head first into the New would be the best option, but it isn’t. We absolutely must gift ourselves time to process the transition, acknowledge on a mind-heart-soul level that we are transcending, and peacefully, consciously, and thoughtfully move through this period with gentle awareness.

Personally, I experienced layers to my transition that were rather unexpected. As I detoxed excess copper, embarked on a full physical and emotional/spiritual balancing and healing overhaul and odyssey, revisited and healed a few influential childhood and early adulthood traumas, reshaped false/limiting beliefs to match my True Self, and woke up to myself and my gifts more and more, I learned that I had to give myself time to process that as a result of the aforementioned, for a number of years, I had been living as someone that I wasn’t. I had to process and give myself permission to accept that I was ready to allow my full True Self to emerge…to embrace all of my gifts…the love that permeated my world…my tremendous personal power and value that is innate within me (and everyone on this planet), which I had not been aware of nor utilized in the past.

(Note: Among the above mentioned influences, it must be stressed that the mineral/heavy metal, copper, when out of balance, has a TREMENDOUSLY REAL AND INTENSE impact on not only our physical health but our mental, psychological, and emotional health as well. This is not just some theory, this is clinical fact, and this message will be part of my platforms to raise awareness life-long. The awakening that I have experienced is in large part due to me balancing the severe copper imbalance that I was unknowingly suffering from for many many many years prior. This is of the utmost importance and is in dire need of being taken seriously, because Copper Toxicity is currently adversely impacting the lives of millions of people.)

During your transformational healing journey, there are moments where you may feel baffled that your old way of life was so drastically different than what you are awakening to acknowledge that you truly deserve. Once you learn about false/limiting beliefs and your attraction mechanism (all discussed below) you may feel sad and pained that your limiting beliefs about yourself and others had attracted very unwelcome circumstances in the past. “What was I thinking?!” is a common response :). You may feel grief, confusion, or angst over realizing that you must move on from certain unhealthy, toxic relationships. You may feel resentful that you were so asleep for so long and did not treat yourself with the love that you should have, that you allowed negativity into your life in various ways that catalyzed turmoil and darkness…that you sold yourself short far too many times. All of this is temporary and it represents your “old” in every way…because your “new” is reflective of emotional freedom and the awareness that all of the aforementioned, low frequency, negative emotions are essentially illusions anyway: that love is really all that is real. Your “new” entails actually living each day with an inherent inner peace and joy that is not manipulated or altered by anything – you are emotionally free, you have shed your conditioning.

The transition to an awakened life holds a clear irony, as you would think that these brilliant changes would be immediately welcomed and you’d jump right in, but in order to make the most of your transition you must take the time to process the old, this is so very important. That way, as you 100% move on to the new chapter or completely new book in your path, you are not holding onto lingering energies from the past. 5 Steps To Dismantle and Release Pain from the Past is an obligatory process to move through for absolutely everything in the past that you are trying to let go of. You were meant to go through all of the seemingly nonsensical experiences that led you to want to wake up. You were meant to experience a plethora of emotions and feel confused and lost for a bit. You were meant to have some presumed adversity and struggle because without it, you wouldn’t have had the impetus to come home to yourself. You wouldn’t have understood the dire need for love to infiltrate your whole Self and your whole world. You wouldn’t have had a comparison point. That’s just how human nature works and accepting that will save you a lot of undue grief.

Have full compassion for yourself always throughout this shift and speak to yourself kindly and reassuringly. You didn’t know what you know now in the past, that is why you had to move through that time to get to today: the day that begins your new transition into the True You. Forgive others and forgive yourself. Love others and love yourself. Accept others and accept yourself: in full. KEEP GOING on your journey of awakening, and gradually, you will start to see that your world is shifting. That the way you feel about yourself, your path, and the people in your life is shifting. Always remember that you owe it to yourself to explore who you are and what your full potential can look and feel like. Regardless of what you have been told, believe, or hear – you are absolutely 100% worth it and you have so much to give to this world, periodWhen your shifts happen is unique to your path, however do know that your work is not in vein, and all of this leads to incredibly transcendent, truly wonderful places – as you will arrive home to yourself, and be able to finally experience true love, joy, meaning and fulfillment in whatever way that feels the best for you. Everything starts with you and your inner world.

As you begin to tend to the relationship that you have with yourself and awaken to your infinite worth, your whole outer world is going to change. That is how it works. As you let the love and the light of this life into your heart, all of the darkness that was there before will dissipate. Bright, new, loving, awakened, supportive people, experiences, and feelings will fill your whole world. Commit to the change, because you deserve only love, only light, only the best, and to see how absolutely positivity amazing you are in every possible, unlimited way. Be gentle with yourself as you say good-bye to who you thought you were, to the people who need to exit your life, to your old disillusioned lifestyle, to anything that does not serve you any longer. Remember, when something exits your life, something else must come to replace that space. As you shed your old, you leave space for your new: for the light, love, fulfillment, and joy that you deserve. You’ve got this. I promise. 

Remain aware of keeping your focus on yourself: leave other people to themselves. Stop directing your attention outward and consciously bring your attention inward. Stop blaming and stop holding on. Start accepting and start letting go. Stop telling your old story and begin to tell your new story. Stop dwelling and start embracing and celebrating: everything, always. Stop looking in the rear view mirror and start looking forward. You are perfect, and always have been. Only look back to see how far you have come. Stop feeling down on yourself and start to give yourself compliments, love, and kindness. Start to love. Start to fall head over heels in love with yourself and your life: all of it. Start to welcome all love in every way, all day, everyday. Welcome love. You are infinitely loved and your life is about to show you that. Love is everything. Love. Is. Everything.

Personally, I whole-heartedly believe that we can all come FULL-CIRCLE: That we are all born in the flow – in full joy, love, and light-heartedness – our soul is naturally and abundantly whole, happy, understanding of how loved we are, accepting, open, and totally free in every way. Early in life, an event or series of events transpire that take us out of our flow – take us away from our True Self. Then as we move through this life, we are challenged to come back to this place as aware and awake adults: after having shed our temporal attachments, stepped out of the shadows and conditioning that have been cast on us by other people and society at large, shifted and released our subconscious false/limiting core beliefs to honor our infinite True Self power and passions,  and return to this inherently FREE and LOVING space more enriched, clear, awake, and educated on how to set our soul on fire and live our most magnificent life possible.

Give yourself permission to change: Understand that you may have to do some work once you have started your True Self-discovery process to deliberately give yourself permission to transition into your new way of life. Many people resist change, even GOOD change, so consciously repeat to yourself that you are allowing yourself to leave the old behind, where it belongs – and you are now stepping forward into your new and awake life. Your journey is an evolutionary process and it takes conscious commitment  and willingness to move from one space to the next. You are meant to evolve, so let yourself. A great deal of our need for “permission” comes from childhood, in the requisite to acquire permission to do almost anything, as well as societal conditioning, where a slew of rules and regulations follow us wherever we go. A lot of that is just a part of contemporary society, but it is important to give yourself the acknowledgement of your own free will as well: this is absolutely obligatory in fact. If not, you will remain in a stagnant space, without the recognition that you have all of the power in the world to change, as long as you press the “play” button for yourself.

A lifestyle that is characterized by self-care, self-love, healthful habits, and consciousness is NOT BORING. Some people resist making these changes because they feel the life on the other side is void of fun, excitement, and adventure. That could be a subconscious excuse as well. Taking care of yourself and living a life that is supportive of such is the most fulfilling, exciting, compelling, enthralling, loving, adventurous life you can live. I would go as far as to say everyone who lives as such would agree.

You were meant to go through every second that led you to right now because eventually you will wake up to the fact that it all contributed to the richly brilliant soul that you are today. That it is all beautiful…that every emotion is beautiful, and that your experience here in this life is nothing short of absolutely, positively magical in every way. You just have to wake up and allow yourself to see. Set your intention to see today: and eventually, you will.

  • Your life is happening FOR YOU and not to you – everything is an opportunity: As stated above and throughout this whole page, I aim to paint this picture for you, because this is of paramount importance for you to understand. Begin to intentionally stretch your belief system (discussed further below) to internalize this truth and watch as your inner and outer world begin to brighten in all ways. You hold all of the power: and this power lies in your inherent free will to shift your perspective to actually SEE the beauty that is your life. This beauty has always been there, it is just waiting for you to become open to seeing it. As you read on, keep the following in the back of your head, allowing these notions to stir around in your mind, eventually making their way to your subconscious, your heart, and your soul:

Everything in my life that has ever been is a gift that is leading me to my Highest Good: Everything.

I AM: Love itself, Beauty itself, Acceptance itself, Allowance of Well-Being itself, Truth itself, Light itself, Forgiveness itself.

I am perfect, and so is everyone else. This life is sweet and this world is my playground.

I am always protected, guided, and fully and infinitely loved.

I am worth the infinite universe, and I am here to actualize my highest potential and to experience my greatest gifts and blessings.

I live in awe, in love, and in full gratitude always.

Every single moment in my life is unfolding to serve me and everything is an opportunity: I see my life this way always and I am fully open.

  • The Power of Vulnerability: DELETE THE FALSE/LIMITING BELIEF THAT VULNERABILITY IS WEAKNESS: BEING VULNERABLE IS YOUR BIGGEST STRENGTH MY FRIEND! This work is dependent on your allowance to be vulnerable. To occupy a space that gives you the raw and organic flexibility to grow, change, transcend, evolve, blossom, and become all that you wish for. Go for it and take off your armor. It does not serve you at all. My above linked article explains this more in-depth.
  • Trust yourself and trust the flow of your life/path: All of us move through seasons and stages of our life as we grow and evolve over time. Trust this process. Your individual time table for the development of your life will unfold according to your unique story, so avoid comparing your journey to others or trying to force anything to be. Trust and follow your instincts…your gut…your inner compass. This guidance will become more clear to you as you continue to wake up and become more in touch with yourself. We are less aware during the beginning stages of our path and more aware as we move forward. This is for the simple fact that as we grow and evolve, we become more able to see and digest certain aspects of enlightenment than we were when we were younger. In fact, you may be presented with lessons or pieces of information too early, in which case they will just pass you by, because you are not ready to see them yet. What some digest and implement at age 30, others may at 60, or not at all – it is all completely unique to the individual. This is beautiful and this is A-OK. Allow your path to unfold organically, in peace. Start to open your eyes and your heart more and more each day. It will all make perfect sense in due time, if you simply allow yourself to see. Everything is a gift.
  • Remain aware and conscious of feeling and comprehending these shifts in first your mind, but most importantly in your HEART and SOULFirst, when we learn new perspectives and ways of doing things and seeing ourselves and the world, we are intellectually absorbing. This is important in the initial acquisition of knowledge, of course, however, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to remember to allow these shifts to flow down to your heart and soul...allowing them to reside, flourish, and take root there. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are all love. You are all light: live in your heart and soul. Your heart and soul are your center, your heart and soul are your core. Much of what makes today’s world a bit cumbersome is that most people are living in their head. Most people are disconnected from their own heart and soul. Your heart and your soul are the fundamental foundation for your True Self identity and the gas that fuels your inner compass and intuition. You can not trust yourself or allow yourself the ability to take off your armor and begin truly living if you stay in your head. So dive in and feel the electric warmth that saturates your heart and soul as you begin to wake up to the magic that is you and this world. You are perfect exactly as you are right now. You are all light. You are dearly, infinitely, and fully loved: you always have been and you always will be. This life is here for you to flourish, feel joy, feel all-encompassing love, to unveil your True Self and dance in that glory, to create, to contribute your unique and powerful personal energy…to feel, be, and live The Magic. This life is all yours, live it from your center and your core: your heart and soul.
  • Save yourself the futile attempt at “finding” true happiness and joy outside of yourself – everything you are looking for is within you right at this moment: This inherent truth is sort of like searching for your glasses while they are on your head…or looking for your phone while you are talking on it :). One of the main purposes of your life is to experience true joy as you create a life that matches your True Self identity – and this joy and True Self identity are found within you. It is a commonly held societal construct that these elements are outside of you, and you must acquire them to “make yourself” feel and be complete, happy, and fulfilled. Or that you must be approved by others in order to feel happy, and to feel as though you have succeeded and reached satisfaction. All of these assumptions held by the masses equate to happiness, joy, and fulfillment existing outside of oneself. This is just simply not the case, and I strongly urge you to discontinue the search anywhere other than within yourself. You are abundantly whole right this second and the tools and resources that you need to live your most brilliantly joyful life are all within you right now, waiting for you to tap into them. Everything outside of yourself – relationships, things, experiences – all of that supports your true joy and happiness, but it does not serve as the foundation for this authentic state of being. True happiness and joy are a choice, and they are a state of being that you are allowed to choose to occupy right now, absolutely regardless of where you find yourself in your life or where you want to be otherwise. Decide that you are going to feel happy today, and you are not going to postpone feeling this way until something happens or something changes in your life. Decide that you are going to feel happy right now – and intentionally open your mind, heart, and spirit to this feeling. Look for all of the things in your day that make you smile, little or big. Make time to do what you enjoy and what brings you the most meaning. Think of and feel happy about everything in your life that you have to be grateful for, there is plenty, believe me. The little things are the big things – it is all a gift. Think of everything about yourself that you admire and appreciate because you are incredible, and don’t let yourself tell yourself anything otherwise, ever, period. Cultivate this energy and this feeling within you…and your life will begin to brighten rather quickly. You will begin to attract any and everything that you desire as a direct result of your choosing to feel true joy and happiness right now. The tools on this page can help you get started on reworking your inner world as to cultivate organic joy from within and to live joyfully each and every day.

Waiting for X,Y,Z to happen is not going to make you happy and joyful. Choosing to be happy and joyful right now, today, exactly as you are and in the circumstances that exist right now: WILL! Look for all of your gifts, they are abundant, believe me. Celebrate your gifts. Start to move into a joyful mindset. Right now. Today. Exactly as you are.

Start to shift your perspective and point of reference from outside to inside. Begin to live from within: emitting your own frequency onto the world versus living from the outside in, where you are allowing the frequencies around you to determine your internal state-of-being. You are the leader of your show. You are the facilitator of your experience – in every way. Begin to cultivate love and trust within yourself – and begin to come from this internal space as you experience the world around you.

  • Cultivate happiness by doing what means the most to you: We are the most happy as people when we are engaged in things that bring us the most meaning. If you haven’t been able to pin point what brings you the most meaning yet, start by exploring yourself by asking the following questions:

→ What do I most value in life?

→ What are my skills and talents (you have many, step back and allow yourself to see them)

After you have some concrete answers, start to toss around ideas as to what you can do that will focus on what you most value in life, as well as allowing you to exercise your skills and talents. Write them all down and remain open to what comes to you.

  • In doing your inner work and in general: always exercise the OBJECTIVE OBSERVER perspective, always: This perspective is exactly as it sounds: to take your own predisposed perspectives and personal, subjective attachments out of the equation and view the circumstance solely through an objective lens. This will in turn free the space from any counterproductive judgement and allow you to assess the past or present circumstances effectively, clearly viewing the situation for what it is or was, in order to gather the inherent lesson for which it gave or is giving you. This doesn’t mean that we escape personal accountability throughout this practice, we are simply removing the attachments and feelings from the circumstance that can cloud our vision and comprehension of the facts of the matter. Think of it like viewing a movie of your own life, but someone else is playing your character. It takes some work, and some time to acquire this perspective, yet once you do, the underlying lessons of the circumstance will illuminate beautifully, and you will be able to attribute and embody this perspective in all future challenges as well. Once you live and see your world through this perspective, the illusion of heaviness and often intense burden of seemingly negative life circumstances will lift and you can be an active participant in learning the lesson that was brought about for you, and move on quickly and in a light-hearted manner.
    • Rule of Thumb: Be apart from the circumstance – do not attach. Let nothing: no person, place, or situation impact how you feel about yourself or alter your forever solid core essence of self-love and self-acceptance: exactly as you are today and always.
    • Objectively observe your thoughts too! I began doing this when I was healing from a physical imbalance that impacts our brain function. It is SUCH a valuable tool to learn and utilize life-long. Begin to take stock of your thoughts and just peacefully notice them. Do not attach yourself to every thought, just calmly and intriguingly observe them. Ask yourself: is this thought coming from my True Self? Is this thought uplifting and making me feel good? Is this thought shadow-driven? Is this thought based on my core beliefs or someone else’s? Is this thought self-loving? Am I becoming more enlightened and in touch with myself by thinking this way? Basically if any thoughts bring you away from yourself or make you feel poorly, change the thought, or give zero attention to the thought. You are in control of your thoughts. As mentioned above, some illnesses have an intense psychological impact, and can create thought processes that are toxic and not conducive to your well-being. Toxic thought processes can also develop out of false/limiting core beliefs (discussed below), our shadow self/Judge, and negative outside influence. Objectively observe these thoughts and declare that they hold zero power over you. Declare that you are the master thinker in your head. This may seem strange at first, but this action is a brilliant way to live your self-love, and live your autonomy.
    • Do not allow your mind to play tricks on you: Among the many above mentioned influences to negative thinking, there is also a societal conditioning that has hard-wired many to assume the worst in any and all circumstances. This is a fear-based mode of operation and is the last way to bring any sort of wellness into your life. Start to pay attention to this and stop yourself from jumping to conclusions, making negative assumptions, and allowing your mind to go straight to the worst possible scenario. Start to assume the best, jump to the best possible scenario, come from your heart and a place of love, and declare that you are the boss of your thoughts and that they are far more loving, joyful, open and accepting than anything else. Shift the tide.

By objectively observing you can allow yourself to look at any and everything through a lens of SHEER FASCINATION: you can see yourself, other people, the world around you, and all of your experiences as the truly fascinating energies that they are. Take the attachment away and allow yourself to be intrigued by it all – to laugh at it all – to peacefully observe your world. It really is such a fascinating life, allow yourself to be in this space.

  • Develop the habit of A) Understanding that there is a gift in everything…everything, and B) Keeping that in your consciousness as you encounter your life’s experiences, so that you may find and revel in the gift as soon as possible: This life can be peculiar, this life can be unpredictable, this life can be strange, confusing, and tough. However, this life is also sweet, blissful, abundant, joyful, and full of love and fulfillment. There is a gift in everything…no exceptions, it is always there. While it may not be how you’ve thought about it before, or how you naturally respond to presumably negative circumstances, go into all experiences knowing that there is a gift for you and it will show itself to your much sooner…

Your path is perfect for you and your purpose…part of your reason for being here is to find and enjoy your gifts. There are endless gifts for you if you allow yourself to see.

  • The main goal: achieving and living with EMOTIONAL FREEDOMYou may have heard mention of “emotional freedom” before, or not, but this is a huge notion that is one of the main goals of your awakening and True Self-discovery processes. We are all emotional beings, and this is an exquisitely glorious component of life and the human heart and spirit. The key is to completely set ourselves free from allowing any emotion, person, place, experience, or event to impact our inherent inner peace and wellness. If this is the first time you are hearing this you may be thinking, “how in the world is that even possible?” This is a natural response, because our societies are NOT formulated to instill the concept of emotional freedom in anyone. Before we learn this art, we are conditioned to equate how we feel with what is going on around us. This is a huge illusion and it does not serve anyone. I will go ahead and define what this means so you have a crystal clear idea.

Emotional Freedom: an autonomous space of being characterized by the fully independent control over one’s emotions and feelings regardless of outside influence of any kind. Emotional freedom equals the liberation from codependence, lack of need for outside validation or acceptance, and understanding of the inherent truth that everything that occurs around us is only defined by the fluid, unfixed, and subjective meaning that we attach to it. Therefore, we hold all of the power as to how we choose to delineate our world. Put simply – emotional freedom equals complete and total intrinsic peace that is not manipulated or altered by anyone but the individual. Being emotionally free means one is emancipated from all attachments to past or present occurrences, pains, traumas, perceived losses, or mishaps: of all illusions. One is therefore free of holding onto and housing any residue or ties from such occurrences, having completely processed all experiences, digested any lessons learned, and fully and totally moved on freely and unabashedly. Emotional freedom involves having a positive, secure, and in-tuned relationship with oneself and one’s emotions, where the individual comes from a place of acceptance as they embrace all that is the human condition and experience.

No one and nothing can “make you” feel or think anything: Many times before, you may have felt as though someone or something “made you feel” or think a certain way. That someone or something “made you” feel bad, sad, frustrated, angry, upset, etc etc. THIS IS A TOTAL AND COMPLETE ILLUSION. It is an illusion because you yourself are a self-governing, autonomous vessel – you hold complete and total power and control over what you feel and think. You are the master of everything that has to do with your inner world and state-of-being. You dictate your own vibration and frequency (your inner state-of-being: your focus, your beliefs, feelings, etc.), and no one or nothing has the power to alter this state-of-being unless you allow that to happen. See this. Understand this. Embrace this. Respect this. USE THIS!! Begin to shift your mindset to see and embrace your own power. Feel your power. Acknowledge your power! You do yourself a major injustice if you hand over your power to any person or circumstance and allow that outward entity to influence your inner state-of-being in any way other than how you would want them to (i.e. to facilitate joy, warmth, support, love). Stand in your power. Feel your power. Live your power, and in living your power – you are living emotionally free.

⇒There is a HUGE misconception that must be clarified here, and this may take some time to digest. Codependence is not love. Codependency is basically when one person’s emotional landscape depends on the climate of another’s. That the way they feel is dependent on how someone else that they are codependent toward feels – the opposite of emotional freedom. This honestly couldn’t be more destructive for one’s sense of self, inherent freedom, or quality of life. Codependence is not love, contrary to popular belief. Loving someone fully is completely possible, and more powerful, when we come from a cleansed, independently monitored energy field of our own. This is discussed further in the “do not merge” section below. If someone you love is sad, for example, it is far more supportive for you to come from a place of strength and inherent joy when demonstrating and giving your love to them. Taking on their feelings of sadness does not serve either of you. You are the master of your inner landscape, and the people that you love are the masters of theirs. Loving yourself means living emotionally free – especially in your relationships. Is this easy at first? No. Because all of us are conditioned to believe that codependence is love, when it couldn’t be farther from love. Let this concept marinade within you for a while, and start the process of living emotional free: independently and in all of your relationships.

Attaining and living with emotional freedom means that you do not feel compelled to “escape” anything, ever, for any reason, by any means. You are a self-governing vessel and you recognize and live your inherent power and freedom to delineate the nature of your feelings. Your default mode of operation is peace, love, acceptance, joy, gratitude, ease, solitude, FREEDOM AND LIGHT – regardless of anything outside of you, ever.

We are meant to live emotionally free.

We are meant to live free, in every way, always. We are meant to be in joy and to feel deliciously grateful and in love with ourselves, our life, our world, and all that is: meaning the last thing you are concerned with is “escaping”…you lean into your world in full and embrace it all with pleasure and great, enjoyable ease.

The more and more you wake up to and actually start to apply and live the ultimate truth of emotional freedom, the more and more your path to now will make perfect sense. You will see why and how you behaved in certain ways, as you were being governed by influences outside of your control. You were allowing the people, events, and world outside of you to manipulate your words, behaviors, opinions, beliefs, feelings, and sense-of-self. When you are living outside of emotional freedom, you often feel disillusioned, unfulfilled, sad, pained, upset, confused, lost, scared, angry, less-than…dark. You feel like you have to escape somehow, escape this existence that doesn’t feel good to you at all. You are on a search for what you feel you lack. This manifests in people’s lives in many different ways, as everyone is trying to fill a perceived void…everyone is simply trying to make themselves feel better. This can be done with substances like alcohol and drugs, unhealthy foods/sugar, excessive outside stimuli, unhealthy/toxic relationships, buying things, working all of the time, media, you name it. All of the above = the opposite of emotional freedom, to give you a comparison point. All of the above take you away from your True Self, your inherent gifts, and the brilliance of You and your world. All of the above may make you “feel better” for a few moments, but ultimately, they just kick the can down the road so to speak, and compound your disillusionment even more. Set the intention to wake up to this and entertain the idea of living emotionally free. You will figure out that organically experiencing joy, love, bliss, fulfillment, adventure, excitement, warmth, and light, without the above outside influences is much more enjoyable and fulfilling. Explore emotional freedom, my fellow beautiful soul…

I absolutely promise you that you won’t be disappointed that you did.

You are an autonomous, self-governing vessel. You hold all of the power, and you are in the driver’s seat. You are free the second you choose to be free.

  • Begin each and every day with a completely clean slate: This one is huge! All of us tend to hold onto our experiences and feelings from the recent and distant past, which a lot of the time can hold us back from experiencing the true joy in the moment that each and every day provides the opportunity for. It is up to you to decide that you are going to begin each day fresh! You hold all of the power, and it is time to take it back. You can utilize this power to decide that within your heart, mind, and soul, everyone and everything has been forgiven, released, and given your love and compassion. All that sticks with you from each passing day is love, joy, light, and peace, as you consciously step out of the conditioning and harbored feelings from the day before and begin anew each and every day. This is such a powerful practice that couldn’t serve you more. It is helpful to write an affirmation (for example: “I begin each and every day with a fresh and clean slate!”) that speaks to you and keep it next to your bed, so that each morning when you awake, you are reminded that today is a new day, and you are freshly cleansed and ready to celebrate and explore in joy.
  • Stop looking for things to worry about or feel bad about and realize that life is SUPPOSED TO BE EASY, JOYFUL, FREE, AND BLISSFUL! I realize this is far from the status quo belief system – as most people are programmed to exist in a chronic stress state. Many hold the false/limiting subconscious core belief that life is hard, life is supposed to be an uphill battle, things do not come easy, and life is___________(fill in dark, dismal, limiting belief here). So when you find yourself feeling peaceful, warm, and genuinely happy, you may strangely question this and search for something to feel bad about. This sounds crazy, but its true! You have to consciously wake up to this unjust and untrue conditioning and realize that life is supposed to be enjoyable, even when experiencing challenges. So stop worrying about everything. Stop scanning your brain for things in the past, present, and/or future to pick apart, loath over, or feel poorly about. Stop looking for the darkness. Darkness is simply an absence of light so COMPLETELY SHIFT THE LENS BY WHICH YOU VIEW YOURSELF AND THE WORLD AROUND YOU. Start to look for all of the celebratory, blissful, fun, exciting, light-filled things in your life, they are there. Start to love. Start to appreciate. Right now. Today. Exactly as everything, and yourself are right this second. Start to wake each morning and think in the framework of: What awesomeness awaits me today?! Versus: What do I have to do today before I get back in bed to do it all over again the next day…If you find your mind wondering to the past, think of circumstances that were endearing and fun. Appreciate it all. Everything is a gift if you allow yourself to see. The incredible thing about waking up in your life is that once you actually do (wake up, that is) everything changes! You start to notice the colors, tastes, smells, sounds, feelings, all in a completely different way – a loving, light-filled, deliciously fulfilling way! You are still in your body and living your life, in this same world, but everything is different. This truth in and of itself ignites magic within and around you, as you realize your own personal power to transcend…grow…evolve…change…create…however you wish. Find and harp on your joy. Revel in it…stay in it…live from this space at all times, regardless of any outside anything. Believe in it. Be it. Be Your Joy. You are meant to live and feel free, empowered, fully happy, in love, and at peace…and you are meant to spend all of your time doing things that support these innate feelings. Life is supposed to be awesome and magical and you are supposed to be feeling good the majority of the time. Let things come to you with ease. Adopt the belief that your life is brilliant and you are all love. Take your power back and live your joy: it is your birthright.
  • Consciously wake up and realize this: just because you do not understand something, anything, does not make it “wrong”: Close-mindedness, dismissiveness, alienation, marginalization, aggregation, labeling, shunning, or sanctimonious expression are all bred out of lack of knowledge. They are not bred out of a morally superior principle or enlightened awareness. Enlightened, educated awareness equates to acceptance and celebration of all with the inherent understanding that it is sheerly impossible to see the world through another’s eyes, so how would it be possible to characterize or define someone else’s life or character? If someone is living their life in a way that differs from your belief system or your core values, let them. This does not threaten your standing nor does it warrant your condemnation. Live and let live. Educate yourself. Take a step back. You will never understand every facet of someone else’s life so stop trying to define other people. Turn your focus to yourself: your own personal development, nurturing, living of your self-love and worth, your loves, values, beliefs. This principle goes for everything in life: values, beliefs, tastes, opinions, medical paradigms, all sociological elements, cultures, environmental concerns, lifestyle preferences, style, definitions of “success”, “beauty”, “perfect”, “happy”…everything. This goes for huge elements such as medical advancements too. I understand that there is seemingly an endless array of contradictions and conjectures out there today regarding what you “should” and “shouldn’t” eat and all kinds of differing points of view regarding healthcare in general. It really is like a minefield. So I understand why so many dismiss everything as nonsense, throwing slander at new principles and ranting on about how it is all baseless. That gets you nowhere though, by the way. Slander is a low frequency, useless act that only keeps you in a stagnant, idle, unaware and unenlightened state. If you learned that throwing out negative words toward something you see as nonsense or that you don’t understand, unlearn that behavior: it is useless and uncalled for. It does nothing for you or anyone else. The advancement of all facets of our world, including medicine, have been ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT on adopting new ideas and pioneering new paths. Period. If we didn’t accept new ideas, we would get nowhere, period. So wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Celebrate diversity and celebrate the new and brilliant ideas that are emerging each and every day. If not, slandering anything only brings you down, remember that. Think before you speak (and in today’s world, before you type!). If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Live and let live: please. Celebrate the new. Celebrate diversity. The only constant is change, and the development and betterment of our world absolutely, positively depends on keeping an open, non-dismissive mind.

  • Declare who is boss in your life: YOU! It is all about balance, so by this I mean that you are the proactive leader of your life, not that you boss everyone around :). You hold infinite inherent power and it is time to take it back. Declare that you are the only one that characterizes anything that has to do with you – you write your story, and you get to choose. You get to choose how you are going to think, feel, and behave. Declare that you will never shrink in the face of any adversity…that you will not dim your infinite inner light because another is attempting to cast their shadow…that you are an assertive, powerful, incredible soul whom was put on this earth to live your dreams, and then live them! Be a proactive leader in your relationships by setting boundaries, exercising your Voice, keeping your standards high, and consistently checking in with yourself to make sure all of them are mutually respectful, honest, loving, and supportive. Be a proactive leader when it comes to everything having to do with your health: you are your own best advocate and you know your body best – disallow any practitioner to guide you in any direction that you do not feel is best. This is very important today especially, so always make sure you are in the best of hands and that you are always making health conscious choices. Be a proactive leader in your work…do what you love…life is short, you do not have to suffer along just to survive, there is plenty to go around for everyone, so choose to do what you love. All things are possible. Abolish the illusion of fear from your life – there is nothing to fear, this world is yours to dance in and to fulfill your most cherished of dreams and visions. Dance on, you are incredible, I promise. Embrace and lean in to all challenges, because everything is a gift, and it is all serving you if you let it. You run the show and this is YOUR LIFE TO CREATE. Truly live your precious life, every moment of it. Declare that you are the boss for all things YOU, because indeed, you are.

Today, declare that you take your power back!

  • Embrace the grieving process when you lose a loved one with an open heart, be tender with yourself, give yourself time to heal, and make your own rules: Even though death is a part of life, losing loved ones is a tremendously difficult feat to overcome for anyone. I experienced unexpected, tragic loss of my closest friend  during my early adulthood, which allowed me to experience this process first hand. Give yourself time to grieve, and please realize that there is no one way to do that “correctly”. Keep your heart open and move at your own pace, based on your unique circumstances, feelings, and intuition. While it can be very difficult if not impossible to realize at the onset, you will evolve from this experience beautifully and you will make it through. Understand that your loved one will always be with you. Cherish the times that you had together and keep them in your heart always. If you remain open, you will see that there is an orchestrated nature to your path, and although unfathomably difficult at times, you will see the bigger picture as time goes on. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, cry cry cry, and honor the relationship that you shared. People may tell you there is a time table to this, or give you rules to follow…make your own. It is your heart you are healing, and you know it best. Journaling is so very helpful during your grieving process too, as to provide a vessel to the sometimes capricious nature of your emotional evolution. You are likely to feel deep sadness, anger, confusion, general pain, you name it. There are the so called “5 stages of grief” which include “denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.” I’m not too sure I agree, having gone through a long stage of grief myself, but everyone is different. All in all, let your feelings flood over you and through you. Try your best not to hold on to detrimental feelings: focus on love. Write letters to them and tell them how you are doing, ask them your questions, anything that you wish to say to them. You are indestructible and you are strong. You are so loved as well. Treat yourself with the utmost kindness always, and especially during your grieving process. You will reach the point where you are able to accept that your loved one is no longer in physical form, but is indeed with you in your heart, always. However long it takes you to get to the point of acceptance is completely unique to you. Listen to your heart and you will be led through. I send love to you, if you find yourself grieving at present. You are a warrior, I promise. Smile through your tears as you remember your amazing times together and fill your heart and soul with the love that is ever present for you.
  • Stop immediately accepting everything you are told, read, or hear about and exercise freedom of thought…find your inner leader: Wake up to the fact that “reality” is completely subjective, and that there are many many many many many etc. etc. etc. different ways of looking at things. Think outside of the box. Realize that there are no limitations: that if you can imagine it, than it can be accomplished. Period. Exercise common sense. Do some research. Following the leader all of the time doesn’t allow you to find your inner power to live your best life. Define your own standards. Define your own joy. Define everything in your life according to your personal discretion and personal choices and tastes. You do not have to follow the leader if it doesn’t feel right to you. Again, following common sense here is key – i.e. considering your well-being, the well-being of all others, and overall safety. But realize that what you read, hear, and are told is simply the reality and perspective of the person saying it, and it isn’t objective truth or fact. Look further than the surface. Find what speaks to you and run with that: in everything.
  • Our challenges and presumed “curses” are our biggest blessings, they always serve as the detours that lead us to our highest potential and our deepest fulfillment, love, and joy – EMBRACE EVERYTHING, RESIST NOTHINGWe all have to accept this truth in this life. It is how it works my friends. Tough times are leading you to greater places, in every way. If we can begin to see it this way from the very beginning, from a place of acceptance and openness, than our lives will unfold far more smoothly. Resisting our life’s challenges does nothing for us. Embracing them allows for the true meaning and purpose to shine through much sooner. Is this easy? Nope! But it gets easier the more you see your life this way. You will be able to look back on the past as a series of causes and effects that led you to right now: all of which have contributed to the intentional and brilliant development of your soul and your perfect life’s path. You have to accept that it often will not appear to be this way at the beginning. But the gifts and endowments will show themselves, they always do. You just have to hold on, maintain your equanimity, and trust in the process. Tough times do not last forever…they will pass and the light will shine through for you. Put your focus on yourself and your development. Forgive everyone. Love everyone. Above all, forgive and love yourself. You are doing great. You are what you want to be. Everything you wish for is already yours, so allow it all to flow into your life with no resistance.

Everything in your life in the past, present, and future is a gift. Work to stretch your mind and belief system to see this. Watch what happens within and around you when you do.

  • Understand that your subconscious mind is nothing to be afraid of: A tremendous amount of the introspective work outlined here involves the cleaning out and reprogramming of one’s subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the part of your psyche that houses everything that isn’t right in front of you right now – your past experiences, memories, core beliefs – everything that is not in your conscious awareness. This part of your mind dictates your life in every way, so maintaining, cleaning, and nurturing it is of the utmost importance. Think of it like your garage. There are things stored there that are collecting dust and do not serve a purpose any longer. They take up space unnecessarily. So you go through a bout of spring cleaning every so often and throw away everything that you do not need anymore, to make room for the present necessities and tools in your life. This makes your garage feel much better, as it is cleansed and reflective of the Now. Because our subconscious mind is what I refer to as the “ultimate storage center”, some can look at this as a big bad monster that houses a whole bunch of dark and scary things that are better left untouched. In truth, the only scary thing about the subconscious mind is leaving it uncleaned. Leaving old memories, traumas, false/limiting core beliefs, and elements from the past in tact in the subconscious allows them to fester and grow. Taking the time out of direct self-care and self-love to face all of these entities, partaking in the 5 Steps To Dismantle and Release Pain from the Past and practices such as the Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping, sets your subconscious free, so that its influence is in congruence to your True Self: who you truly are today. The brilliant statement by Carl Jung, “until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate,” is SPOT ON. You want your life to be driven by you and your beliefs and values, as they are today, based on your True Self. If you don’t clean out your subconscious, your present life will be controlled by the past and its inhabitants, which does not serve you: it limits you. You will blame others in the present for your pains in the past…you will embody what originally hurt you…you will sabotage positive circumstances out of a limiting belief that resulted from a past trauma…you will create the same limiting situation over and over in congruence to your old/false subconscious beliefs…you will try to compensate for the deficits you feel regarding self-love and worth by behaving in ways that are not truly you…you will hold yourself back from really getting to know your True Self and fulfilling your full potential and ultimate inner joy by seeing yourself and the world around you based on past disappointments, influences, and experiences. Today, begin your spring cleaning. It is time. You are ready.
  • Raise your frequency and vibration by encouraging yourself to FALL IN LOVE WITH EVERYONE AND EVERYTHINGEverything on this page helps to get you into this space, and I highly encourage you to entertain this idea. Understand that you do not have to do, think, or be anything unless you choose to. How you think is up to you. Many societies basically condition the people to be pessimistic, to close themselves off, to think and assume the worst, to project anger and hatred and rage. To believe that life has to be a struggle and that suffering is something you have to accept and live. People are often living in a fog of confusion and self-loathing that keeps them detached from themselves, their gifts, and the brilliant and celebratory world around them. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP! You can shift your thinking to fall in love with everyone and everything. Try it. Don’t throw your light and love away to simply exist: truly live love and light by falling in love with it all. Love the people who attempted to cast their shadow on you in the past (for they were your greatest teachers and have instilled the most valuable lessons and wisdom in you! Feel only sheer gratitude for them in having fulfilled this role in your path. Forgive them and hope for their wellness and freedom from their inner pain and struggle – the root of all behavior or word less than love. Love the fact that you now refuse to give anyone other than yourself your inherent, 100% deserving, and autonomous power, and that YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR INNER WORLD, always, period. You run this show.). Fall head over heels in love with yourself and those around you: the deserving people who nurture your heart and soul (see below for more on fostering unconditional self-love and self-acceptance: HUGE for your awakening and self-discovery journey!). Fall in love with your mind, every millimeter of your body, your heart, and your soul. Fall in love with the fact that you are a unique and powerful creature who was put here to actualize your greatest joy, create whatever sets your soul on fire, celebrate yourself and this world, and to experience the greatest gift that is love. Fall in love with every single second of your path – in the past, now, and in the future. Fall in love with what you think are your mistakes – because in their essence, they are your biggest gifts. Fall in love with all that makes up this incredibly beautiful world: nature, animals, the breeze, the sun, the stars, the ocean. See all of it for what it is: a huge miraculous gift. No exceptions. “But some things are very hard to look at that way and feel love for…” Indeed! But don’t let that stop you. Stretch your belief system and open your heart. You are all love. You are all light. Begin exercising this truth. Anything less than love, in essence, is an illusion. So stop living an illusion and embrace the most real and tangible truth of all: love. Every single facet of your life will shift for the better if you choose to do this. Absolutely regardless of what you have told yourself or what others have told you, what you have witnessed, internalized, or believed up until right now as you are reading this…

You deserve all love. You deserve all light – because that is exactly what you are


  • BE KIND TO EVERYONE (and everything)!!!!! Be kind to yourself and be kind to all others, even to people who behave in unkind ways. This does not mean allowing anyone to treat you poorly, it just means do not fight fire with fire. Your karma is your karma, everyone else’s is there’s. Do not let that concern you. Feel pity and compassion for people who treat you poorly but give zero energy to the negativity, it has nothing to do with you and it isn’t yours to carry. Everyone has fought a battle in some way, shape, or form: and many are still fighting that battle, day in and day out, all of the time. Everyone is on a journey of healing whether they are aware of that or not. Everyone has their struggles. It is very difficult for you to know the true nature of anyone’s journey other than your own – so be kind to everyone. All other people that you come in contact with throughout your day. Please. This act has a powerful energy to it: a powerful energy that is direly needed in this world today. Be kind to everything as well. Respect the world around you – it is here to serve you and deserves your respect and gratitude. Respect your belongings, your home, public spaces, everything. Respect animals, trees, and nature. Give your love outwardly and inwardly and your world will flood with more and more to love. I promise. Just be kind. No excuses.

There is no excuse for mean natured expression. Be kind to everyone. Including yourself. BE. KIND. TO. EVERYONE.

  • Internalize this belief: NOTHING FROM YOUR PAST MAKES YOU ANY LESSER OF A PERSON or TAKES ANYTHING AWAY FROM YOUFrom the time you were born to right this second and through the rest of your entire life: you are whole and complete, and nothing – nothing – can disturb that. No words, actions, or circumstances can take anything away from you. Nothing that you have done, said, felt, or experienced can take anything away from you. Nothing that anyone else has done, said, or acted on toward you can take anything away from you. No situation or circumstance can take anything away from you. Nothing. And “that thing” in the back of your mind that you are thinking about right now, that maybe THAT thing is the exception here: NOPE! Not that thing either!! You are always whole, complete, completely full of love, brightness, brilliance, and True Self magnificence – realize this and do not allow yourself to pretend to be crippled by anything: you are whole, complete, 100% capable of literally anything you could ever imagine doing, wanting, or having. Period.
    • Understand that consciously or subconsciously punishing yourself or continuing to relive anything in your past does nothing for you. Every single moment of your life is there to serve you and contribute to your evolution as a whole person. At every moment and stage in your life, you are doing what you can, with what you have, where you are, at the awareness level that you hold at that point in time. This is going to change over time as you evolve and grow. Therefore, spending any time in retrospection condemning yourself for having not done something that lines up with your moral code and values today, or something that you didn’t feel was your best, or something that someone else projected onto you, anything…stop. Stop now and shift your perspective to today. Today you are choosing to take your power back. Today you are choosing to realize that you are whole all on your own. Today you are choosing to leave any and everything that does not nurture and shed love onto the unique and wonderful You alone and let it go. Today you are whole, full, all light, and you always will be: absolutely regardless of any person, place, circumstance, thought…regardless of anything, you are whole and the best You you can be in that moment. You are learning as you go and your magnificence is always in tact, you just continue to get all the more wise.
    • Look at any and everything in the past for what it is: a big tool boxAs you move throughout your life, you can reach in and utilize the arsenal of tools and guidance that you have gathered via your life’s experiences, which will aid in making your present and future more bountiful, wise, fulfilling, successful (however you wish to define this), joyful, loving, and strong. Be thankful for every step, as each step has provided the needed push to propel you to grow and evolve, ultimately unveiling your True Self.
    • Embrace the “well that didn’t work, let’s try this” mentality: Instead of beating yourself up or feeling less than because of a “mistake” (which is really a blessing, gift, and success at its core) or unwelcome occurrence, embrace the objective, logical perspective of simply figuring out what works best for you and fosters the most joy, love, and fulfillment. When something makes you feel poorly, brings you away from your True Self, or catalyzes negative behaviors and emotions, don’t wallow in it and allow it to seep into your sense of Self, look at it and say: WELL THAT DIDN’T WORK – LET’S TRY SOMETHING NEW! End of story. Moving on 🙂
    • Dissolve all illusions and only feel GRATITUDE for any “mistakes” or detours in the past: In truth, anything less than love is an illusion. Shame and regret, for example, are illusions. They need not be attached to experiences in the past that didn’t go as you had hoped. You have a choice, you always have a choice…you have the power, you always have the power. So today, you can dissolve those illusions that do nothing for you and welcome a full feeling of gratitude and thankfulness for everything in your life, including your “mistakes”. Feel gratitude for the wisdom that you now hold as a direct result of all of your experiences, for the impetus toward further personal evolution that those experiences provided, for the gifts that you do or will eventually see were brought about as a result of these “mistakes” or missteps. By doing this, you are shedding your conditioning and finally seeing through the lens of your True Self, whom sees the big picture and recognizes that your life is always unfolding to serve you. So feel gratitude and only hold on to what is real: love and gratitude.
  • Understand the human learning process and never regret a single thing in your life, ever, at all: This vital point relates to the above discussion. Never regret a thing. This was actually instilled in me by a dear friend very early in life, well before I began to truly wake up. What a brilliant piece of advice this is! Regret is absolutely positively useless and serves no one any good, at all. Understand that the way we learn as human beings is to experience things. Simple as that. Telling someone something is one thing, but usually we have to experience life for ourselves for our lessons to truly sink in and stick. Often times, and especially during our early adulthood – we have to experience the antithesis of our True and Higher Self to bring us to the place where we embrace and live fully as our True and Higher Self! By this I mean that we must experience how it feels to not value ourselves to truly value ourselves. We must experience not setting boundaries in relationships to set firm boundaries in relationships. We have to experience what it feels like to keep our Voice quiet at the cost of our own happiness and well-being to understand that exercising our Voice is vital and easy to do eventually. We have to experience being “young and foolish” to grow wiser as we age. We have to experience a lack of emotional freedom (i.e. emotional sensitivity, anguish, suffering, depression, regret, etc.) to EMBRACE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM HEAD ON! Sometimes we “learn lessons the hard way,” but eventually that fades as we grow wiser and wiser. That is why it all happens this way to begin with: to contribute to our brilliant and purposeful evolution. The quote below which reads “I am strong because I have been weak, I am fearless because I have been afraid, I am wise because I have been foolish,” outlines this beautifully. And sometimes, we have to put ourselves in less than optimal positions a few times before the lessons sink in, and that is fine too. It is all part of the learning process. The most wise, evolved, in touch with themselves, and at peace people did not get there by walking the straight and narrow the whole way through, I assure you. You are human, and this comes with the territory. We are all human.

Being human is beautiful – in all of its dynamic characteristics and nature. There is beauty in everything – everyone – every emotion – every experience. There is beauty in everything. Sometimes it’s messy, but that’s ok, it is all part of the beauty. 

Make peace with the past and only feel deep thanks: it has all served you and it is all a gift. You get to choose how you wish to view the masterpiece that is your life’s path. Feel gratitude for any and every moment that led you to today.

Make peace with it all, you deserve to be at peace.

This is one big school and you are learning as you go. Be at peace with this and live from a space of acceptance, which brings me to my next point…

  • Acceptance vs. Resistance is a VERY IMPORTANT notion to digest: I encourage you to read the linked article. Understand that you are able to live your inherent personal power and live fully and totally free and at peace when you are in a space of acceptance and not in a space of resistance. Many remain in a state of subconscious resistance most of the time, and this is a highly disadvantageous place to be. What you resist persists. Remember that and work to train yourself to exist in a constant state of acceptance. This is a truly powerful and transformative step that will bestow you with immediate positive changes in your life.
  • Moving on in appreciation, love, and gratitude visualization exercise: This visualization exercise is helpful as you are learning to accept and appreciate your past for what is it: a huge series of gifts that have instilled wisdom, evolution, and growth in you. A rich journey that brought you to today and sculpted the brilliant person that you are. Imagine a big, old, magical looking book. You have spent a lot of time reading this book, it has thousands of pages. The plot has been full of twists, turns, characters, story lines, tragedies, celebrations, and everything in between. This book is your path up to right now. You see and feel yourself with each hand on either side of the book cover, and you peacefully close the book, hearing the sound of the huge collection of pages coming together. A wave of glistening, glittering stardust erupts as the book closes, flooding your face with a crisp, refreshing, new air that feels welcome…joyful…free.
  • It is your birthright to have, do, be, and experience whatever it is that you wish: Consciously and subconsciously adopt this core belief. See below for more on the HUGELY IMPORTANT topic of shifting our core beliefs. Contrary to mass societal conditioning, you do not have to struggle in life to get what you want. You don’t. This is one way of doing things, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is your right to have, do, be, and experience anything that you could possibly wish: as long as you are not hurting yourself or someone else, there are not limitations to what this means. If you want monetary abundance, it can be yours (believe in the good that money can do and believe that it flows to you like the air you breath, believe that money is easy to acquire, and believe that you are a wealthy person, doing good for yourself and the world with your wealth). If you want to travel the world, this can be yours (visualize your trips and the places you will go, how you will feel, the photos you’ll take, the fun and enjoyment you will have, believe in this vision with all of you). If you want to ditch whatever career you are involved in right now because it doesn’t fulfill you and embark on a new journey that lights your soul on fire: IT IS YOURS (see yourself doing exactly what you wish every single day, feel the feelings of satiation, joy, and enthrallment as you embark on the path that ignites passion and love in your soul)! The one stipulation is that you choose to believe that this is the case, and then it will be. Do not limit yourself and do not complicate things by overthinking or letting in doubt. Stop resisting love, joy, and bliss – there is plenty to go around for everyone and YOUR NATURAL STATE OF BEING IS JOY AND LOVE! This life is supposed to be awesome and enjoyable, in whatever way that looks and feels best for you. End the struggle today and start to believe in your wildest dreams. They will come true if you believe. Please allow yourself to believe. Ask yourself this question: what does my absolute perfect life look and feel like? Now you have your vision. Understand that this vision is what starts the process of bringing this to be. Everything that has ever been done, created, manifested, you name it – began with an idea that was followed by a belief. That is the process in a nutshell. There is no difference between anyone’s capacity to achieve and acquire whatever they wish. No one is more important than you and no one is more deserving than you. Stretch your belief system to understand that it does not matter where you came from, where you live right now, your current circumstances, your past, your old story…none of that matters: you are still a decision and a belief away from living the life of your dreams. WE ARE ALL EQUALLY CAPABLE, WE ARE ALL EQUALLY WORTHY, WE CAN ALL HAVE EXACTLY WHAT WE WISH FOR: ALL OF US. Sure, people will tell you otherwise but who cares, leave them to limit their own life, they don’t have the power to limit yours. You have all of the power in your life. So take your bridal off. Let your True Self come out of the shadows, and invest your time in defining your bliss and following your joy. Believe in this like you believe the sun will come up tomorrow: know that it is a given, and expect it to be. I promise you that when you believe, it will come true.
  • Enjoy yourself and your life, have fun, create, explore, and play: Think of this in terms of the way children embrace each day with a playful spirit, joyful and excited to explore. They are not concerned about temporal attachments…they are not conditioned yet! Bring yourself back to this space, for it is your authentic being. Don’t worry about anything and center your focus on the simple pleasure of this moment. Take off all of your armor. Take walks in nature and look up at the trees…stand in awe at how beautiful it all is. Run, get dirty, break a sweat. Play! We are here in part to be joyful, so in whatever way feels best to you, be joyful! Dance in the mirror, laugh with your loved ones, twirl around in the grass…relish in the sensation of the breeze on your cheeks. You do not have to wait, you do not have to buy anything, you do not have to prepare to have fun, just have fun and play, right now, today. Some of this may sound silly, but its part of the essence of our souls. Enjoy, play, dance, have fun! Openly and vulnerably explore yourself, your world, and others. Stand in awe…in love. Enjoy.
  • Disengage with the fear-based societal norm: Understand that many of today’s contemporary societies are fear-based, consumer driven societies. This set-up does nothing for the individual in terms of personal growth and living your joy. It keeps you in a stagnant, asleep state. Exercise common sense awareness when it comes to your personal safety, but realize that you are the leader in your life and you do not have to literally and figuratively buy into all of the hype. If you aren’t scared, you can’t be controlled. Think about that for a second. Wake up and take charge of your world. In many cases, fear is an illusion, and you can choose to step away from this illusion. Living under this illusion, and constantly worrying about the “what ifs” absolutely limits you and decreases your quality of life in every single way.
  • L-A-U-G-H and find the humor in life, in yourself, and the world you live in: It can be easy to slip into a mode where we are taking ourselves and our world way too seriously. Lighten up and laugh laugh laugh. There are so many ironies and humorous qualities to this life that are meant to be celebrated and acknowledged with our sense of humor. Laughter is truly healing for your body, your mind, your spirit, and your heart. Whatever you find funny, seek out more of that! Spend time with people who make you laugh and share your sense of humor. Remind yourself to lighten up and enjoy yourself. Fill your mind with funny thoughts and grin to yourself as you do. 🙂

Do not take yourself or anyone else too seriously. Life is funny and it is meant to be funny :).

  • Give yourself a break and give yourself credit!: Realize that everyone, in whatever way, has times in their life where they can look back and think, “what on earth was I thinking?!” Give yourself a break when it comes to the missteps you have made in your life. Stop beating yourself up. You were not given a manual at birth to instruct you on how to live your life, that is why you are here…to learn and grow as you walk your perfect life’s path. This life can be a really tough terrain to navigate, and you have always been doing your best! Your best gets better over time: as a direct result of your past experiences which grant you further wisdom and personal evolution. All of our stories are different of course, yet it is safe to say that you have been through a lot, so give yourself the credit that is due. Sadly, most find themselves harping on the perceived negatives of the past rather than the celebratory positives. Understand that it is ALL CELEBRATORY: through all of it, you  are still here, you are still showing up, you are still moving forward. You have been through heartache, physical and emotional pain, a lot of us have lived and struggled with debilitating chronic illness (which directly impacts psychological and emotional health), we have lost people we love, done and said things that weren’t truly us, felt lost and alone, been afraid and walked in darkness…some of us have been abused or neglected, survived traumas, and all of us have had undue negativity and darkness shed upon us unjustly. You are one tough cookie to have been through all of this so EXERCISE SOME COMPASSION FOR YOURSELF (always)! As we move through the experiences that teach us our most valuable lessons, we will often behave, feel, and/or speak in ways that aren’t our True Self. We will often make so called “mistakes” as we grow and evolve. This is all part of the process and these “mistakes” are equally as beautiful and celebratory as our “successes”, as they are pivotal to making you the unique and wonderful You. One of the hard parts of personal evolution is COMPLETELY letting go of the past, which can be a tough thing to do if one holds onto feelings of pain, regret, embarrassment, sadness, self-loathing or any other negative illusion. The “mistakes” you have made in your life serve as the foundation to build upon who you are today and the bright future you are working toward, so allow them to serve you and nothing else. It is a disservice to yourself and a disservice to your brilliant path to perceive your detours in any other way but as blessings. Everything is an opportunity and everything is a gift. Here is the thing: you didn’t know then what you know now…you weren’t as evolved then as you are now…you weren’t your True Self in the past as much as you are today, BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHY YOU WENT THROUGH YOUR TRIALS and MADE MISTAKES! That is how we learn. That is how we grow. That is how we evolve. This is a part of life: we write our stories as we go and we learn our most valuable lessons often from the most painful and confusing of circumstances. So pat yourself on the back and feel proud that you are a work in progress and that your experiences – all of them – have helped to sculpt you into the unique and spectacular soul that you are. Accept all of it. It is all ok. It all led you to right now. “Grow through what you go through” is a great way of looking at it. As I state incessantly in my writing, never cease to have full and unwavering compassion for yourself always, especially when actively partaking in your inner work. You’ve got this, be proud of yourself for being who you are, you are wonderful exactly as you are today and nothing can touch that, my friend.

None of us have it all figured out and all of us make mistakes – we are all in this together. Have compassion for yourself and have compassion for others as well. Accept all of your path, including the past. Acceptance is a powerful way to set yourself free and to live from your inherent place of personal power. You are being led to brilliant places ahead, let yourself enjoy your journey. 

  • A New Chapter (or New Book) in your life = a completely new way of doing things – walk your walk, now is the time: You can not truly change if you are still holding on to old patterns or subconsciously taking part in old, stale thought processes. All facets of your infrastructure must shift with you for the changes you are aiming for to take hold. As I discuss below, a huge part of this is shifting our beliefs, and this will happen in layers. For example, part of walking the walk is the cessation of self-loathing and self-criticism. For a lot of people, this MO is so ingrained that it will take strong focus to reformulate this pattern. In order to move completely into the New Chapter or New Book of your life, you will have to shift limiting and non-True Self patterns. So the New You will be self-loving, kind, supportive, and gentle with yourself. You will see the big picture always and you will be your biggest cheer leader. When things don’t go as you would have liked, you accept them immediately, remain open to your intended lesson, and dance forth feeling gratitude and love for all that is the incredible You and your incredible and ever-evolving perfect life’s path. As you are experiencing your shift, this will take conscious effort, but the more time that goes by, and the more you drop your resistance and embrace, this new way of life will be your default mode of operation. This is also known as your True Self…whom you truly are in your core.
  • Write a list of all of everything about yourself that you love – no matter how seemingly big or small. Keep this list out and add to it as you think of things. You can also write a love letter to yourself – a narrative explaining to yourself all of the elements of yourself that you love, why you appreciate yourself, etc.
    • FOSTERING UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE: The most important relationship that you will ever have in your life is the one that you have with yourself: every single experience and outward relationship of any kind is an extension of the relationship that you have with yourself and the beliefs you hold about yourself! Your goal is to reach the point where you are utterly, completely, unconditionally, and 100% saturated in love for yourself. You love your past, your present, and your future and all that makes up the incredible YOU! You love all of your story in every way. This love is obligatory to you awakening to explore your True Self and all of your exceptional gifts. What comes with this love is a clear and self-evident sense of self-worth and respect that is part of your very core and is braided within all that you think, say, and do. Your beliefs about yourself then reflect this love, and hence your life in general reflects this love, as our beliefs sculpt every single aspect of ourselves and lives. This love allows you to see that regardless of what led you to today, you deserve all love, light, success, fortune, happiness, joy, and fulfillment. This love allows you to understand that everything that has led you to today has made you a better and more wise person and nothing can touch the fact that you always deserve the best. This love sets the tone and serves as the base for all of your relationships in life, and allows you to experience the most fruitful and glowing love with another, as you see that you are already whole, complete, joyful, and full of love as your independent, individual soul and self. We only attract people into our lives that will treat us as we treat ourselves, therefore unwavering self-love is obligatory to building healthy, fulfilling, nurturing, and respectful relationships. This love is UNCONDITIONAL, which means that you love and completely accept your WHOLE SELF: who you were, who you are, and who you are evolving to become as well as everything that has gone into sculpting you into the magnificent person that you are today. You do not stop at “oh, I’d love myself fully if it wasn’t for x,y,z”…you accept ALL OF YOU to match this energy: “I love and accept myself completely as I am today, and for all that has led me here. I love my detours, my successes, and everything in between. I love….” then keep going with the above mentioned self-love list. This word, “unconditional” can be misinterpreted sometimes, and this word most definitely does not mean that you do not hold standards for yourself: it means that you love all of you regardless of circumstance or experience. Unconditional self-love brings you to the place where you may successfully give unconditional love to another in that you are capable, wise, and evolved enough to love someone fully and totally, in complete acceptance of who they are. Again, this DOES NOT mean that you love someone regardless of how they treat you, allowing them to bulldoze your boundaries out of the fact that you unconditionally love them – this means that you hold the capacity, based on your own unconditional self-love, to accept this person 100%, stand with them in love and support through any and all of life’s seasons, and that you love who they were, who they are, and who they will be.
    • Your feelings toward yourself will directly impact your feelings toward those around you: If you find yourself feeling agitated, unaccepting, or resistant toward those around you and/or your loved ones, check in with yourself to see how you are feeling toward yourself. At first this will take some silencing of the ego, and a bit of focus to draw your attention inward. Do you feel as though you love yourself at this moment? Do you accept yourself? Do you feel comfortable about who you are? Are you judging yourself for any reason right now? If you are in any way feeling a lack of love, unaccepting, overly critical or judgmental, or uncomfortable with yourself, these feelings will bleed out into your feelings toward those around you. Once you reach the place where you feel completely and totally at peace with, in love with, accepting of, comfortable with, and understanding of yourself, then nothing on the outside will be able to agitate or upset you – because your foundation set, you are solid within yourself and that is all that matters. What others say or do will be put into perspective and none of it will seep into your own energy field. None of it will impact you. You will feel accepting and understanding toward those around you, because you are accepting and understanding of yourself. Of course, we are all human, and this is one big masterpiece of a journey, so you are always evolving. These shifts don’t happen overnight, but gradually, they happen, and your inner world begins to transform. And hence, your outer world begins to transform too! You are absolutely perfect exactly as you are today – in every way, and so is everyone else, just as they are.

Allow love to set the tone and sculpt all of your beliefs about yourself. You will bring forth what you believe. Love yourself fiercely, unconditionally, and always. This is the most powerful force there is and has the brilliant capacity to enlighten you to all that you deserve and have always deserved in this life: the very very best in every single way.

All of your outward relationships reflect the relationship you have with yourself. Your self-love, acceptance, worth, and respect will attract and build the most brilliant of relationships with others…what we believe we attract. Your self-love, acceptance, worth, and respect disallows you to settle for anything less than the best in your life and will serve as your backbone to teaching others how to treat you, your attraction mechanism to bring forth the most loving people, and the fundamental base for every single aspect of you and how you create your world.

“You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” 

Commit to yourself and commit to this all-encompassing love, it will always guide you in the right direction!

  • Love, celebrate, embrace, nurture, and value every millimeter of the miracle that is your body: Your body is one of the most fascinating, brilliant miracles that has ever existed in this universe. Every second of every day, your body is working to maintain complex, intricate, and deliberate balance for you. Your body was designed so intentionally and thoughtfully, and will always work in your favor if it is given the proper support and attention. Always remember this when making your daily choices, and choose to nurture your body with whole foods, plenty of water, lots of sunshine, fresh air, and thoughts of love, acceptance, and admiration. Sadly, many outward, superficial “standards” have been derived by many contemporary societies to define what it means to be beautiful. Understand that the way you are the most beautiful is to simply exist as yourself: you are perfect in every way, and that includes physically. Each detail of your body is amazing, so treat it as such. You define your own standards, no one else does. Look in the mirror and say “I love you so much! Look at how incredibly beautiful you are!!” every morning. Really. It does not matter what size clothing you wear, the color of your hair, how tall you are, or what the magazines, television, or media tell you. None of that matters. What matters is that you celebrate the unique beauty that is you, right now, because it is yours, and you are awesome just as you are. What matters is that you realize how brilliant you are, and that includes the body that is your vessel. What matters is that you treat yourself and your body with kindness, by making conscious choices and by feeling wonderful about every bit of you because you are the definition of beauty, simply by being the unique and wonderful You.

The most authentic definition of beauty = To live as, love, and celebrate the True You! That’s it. See yourself as exquisitely beautiful: physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually – because you are. Forget what others have chosen to define beauty as and embrace yourself with your whole heart and soul. That is beauty my friend: YOU are beauty personified, in every way.

  • Patience is a virtue: As you start to get the hang of the groove and flow of your True Self, your life will start to develop in a brilliantly smooth and enjoyable way. Peaceful movement will become the norm. In order to keep it this way, it is important to remember that patience is a virtue, and the timing of certain desires and goals will have to be taken into account. Great things take time, so allow your life to unfold naturally. Remain conscious of keeping yourself in a state of peace, with the full and unwavering knowing that whatever it is that you desire is right around the corner. Respect this process, because as you keep waking up, you will see that your whole path is a brilliantly orchestrated series of causes and effects that come together to serve you the very most. This is oh so true when it comes to natural healing as well. There is no such thing as a “fix me” pill, nor would this be in your best interests. Comprehensively healing our bodies is a gradual process, and it has to be in order to honor the magnificent and complex nature of our physiology. Slow down. Relax. Everything you could ever wish for and want is on its way to you as long as you let go of the need for “right here right now” and enjoy your journey in full joy, today. Every step is perfect. Fall in love with that.
  • Embrace and celebrate difference: please remain conscious of this. We are all in this together, but we are all different souls as well. We all have different stories, tastes, perspectives, cultures, heritages, opinions, loves, dislikes, preferences, lifestyles, vocabularies, visions, definitions, you name it – we are all different in many ways! A true sign of ignorance is dismissing something – anything – simply because it differs from one’s own perspective. The most unfathomable notion is that we are all supposed to be, do, think, and live the same. Come on. The reason this world is so brilliantly vibrantly wonderful is because of DIFFERENCE! So celebrate it. You may have to UNlearn some ignorant societal teachings, but by all means please do. Expecting someone to live exactly as you do and discounting them if they don’t couldn’t be any less loving, awake, considerate, enlightened, and wise. Remember that. If someone dismisses, criticizes, alienates, or treats your poorly because you are “different”, pity that person and move on immediately enjoying yourself and your day. This treatment is a stark sign of imbalance and insecurity in that person and has absolutely, positively, NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Celebrate your difference, because your difference is so incredibly beautiful. Elements that are seen in our society as setting us apart such as race, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, body type, socioeconomic status, past accomplishments, you name it: all of that is just part of the human community, and if anything, it brings us together. Difference gives us a diversity to build upon, sort of like a gloriously colorful and intricate quilt. Homogeny doesn’t exist, unless of course we are talking about love: then, we can all come from the same place in LOVE! Other than that, we all differ in some way, shape, or form – please choose to embrace this. Choose to see anything that sets you apart from the status quo as a true gift, because that is exactly what it is. Choose to believe in all that is the wonderful You so much that you couldn’t care less what anyone else, or society at large thinks. Choose to embrace your own differences and those of others. Choose love, acceptance, joy, and kindness: all of the time, every single day, to everyone walking this planet, including yourself. Choose to see the societal dismissal and silencing of difference for what it is: a problem that needs to be amended, not a rule that you need to follow. Choose love and acceptance.
  • Always keep an open heart and an open mind: this relates to the above point of embracing difference of course. Remain conscious of keeping an open heart and mind always. This can be difficult, because we all like to remain in our cozy spot because it seemingly feels more safe. This is not safe, it is highly disadvantageous for our own personal development and the development of the human community. Keeping an open mind and embracing new ideas of all kinds is obligatory to move forward and to become the best people and world that we can be. All of the most powerful beneficial changes in this world were dependent on opening the mind to embrace new ideas – simple as that. Forget dogma and wake up to the dawn of a new day. We are ALWAYS LEARNING about everything: medicine, business, the natural environment, ourselves, each other…all that is our world. Keep an open heart as well. Closing your heart off does nothing but hinder you. You are all love, you are all light: absolutely regardless of what anyone says, thinks, or does, and absolutely regardless of the past: you are all love and all light. Period. Free your heart and let all of the infinite love that is here for you in, all the way in. Let this love saturate your every cell, your whole heart, your whole soul, and your whole mind. Come from a place of love ALL OF THE TIME, no matter what. Think of the brilliant world that is before us if we all choose to live in such a way. Be part of this…

Choose love and openness, always

  • People will only be as kind to you as they are to themselves: choose to spend your time with other self-loving people: People treat others in a way that is in direct reflection of how they feel about themselves. Given this, it is wise for you to carefully choose whom you spend your precious time with, making sure that those around you are self-loving, awake souls as well. Who we spend our time with is important, and you must be judicious about your choices. While I inherently believe that most people’s True Self can be characterized by pure love and awareness (as outlined in Unleash Your TRUE SELF!), many many people are not living as their True Self. Some people will subconsciously try to tap into your energy field and hold onto it, depleting your energy for their own personal gain. This can happen consciously or subconsciously. Some people will throw stones, negativity, ridicule, and criticism toward you because this is how they treat themselves. Some people will lie, manipulate, exhibit hypocritical behavior and word, judge, alienate, you name it. Do realize that this behavior is simply a reflection of that person’s own limiting beliefs about themselves, it has nothing to do with you. We cannot project or reflect outwardly what we do not already hold within us. Wake up to who you choose to be around. This impacts you more than you may realize. Other people can drain your vitality and wellness very quickly if you are not protecting your own energy field, and you don’t deserve that. Take care of yourself by taking care of who you choose to spend your time with: this is imperative. If you feel good around someone, keep them around. If the people you are with make you feel inspired to be the best you can be, fuel your thirst for life and adventure, uplift and support you, BY ALL MEANS KEEP THEM AROUND! But if you find yourself feeling down, out, confused, ostracized, judged, criticized, blamed, depleted, tired, weak, or anything of the like M-O-V-E O-N. Choose to spend your time with others that are filled with love and others whom are living as their True Self. Another hugely important notion is that WHEN SOMEONE SHOWS YOU HOW ASLEEP, TOXIC, IMBALANCED, ENERGY DRAINING OR SELF-LOATHING THEY ARE AT THAT TIME IN THEIR LIFE: BELIEVE THEM THE FIRST TIME! Do not go back for more. Take that as your queue and bow out peacefully. I intentionally say at that time in their life, because everyone has the capacity and the ability to change, it is just up to them as to wake up and make that decision for themselves. All of us are living outside of our True Self for a period of time before we wake up, so do not judge a single soul. Avoid falling into the temporal, hypocritical trap of categorizing people as “better or worse” than you or anyone else. People are people – and everyone is experiencing a different stage and season in their life. I hope we as a people can let all of that go – so we can peacefully live and let live. Again, trying to throw stones or bring someone else down just shows you that you are not living as your True Self either, so work to free yourself and to shed the conditioning now. Creating a resistance or an energy “against” anything or anyone does a disservice to you and only you. Simply walk away in peace, and consciously take care of who you are spending your time with, allowing self-love to be your primary motivation and consciousness. Life is short, there is no time for nonsense that can be avoided (which goes both ways! From you or from others).

Fill your world with love in all ways, always.

  • Let yourself grow, and let it stick: As you begin to awaken on your rich journey of True Self-discovery, consciously allow yourself to grow and change. Let your new perspectives and ways of living stick. Forget the past and embrace today. New chapters equal new ways of doing things. Give yourself the gift of beginning a new day, truly beginning a new day, each and every day. You can do, be, think, and have ANYTHING AT ALL THAT YOU WISH! Nothing is impossible and you are deserving and worthy of all of your greatest thoughts, visions, dreams, and hopes. Let yourself see this. Let your growth happen. If you need to change your physical environment, move on from certain people in your life, ditch self-destructive habits, or any other action that will propel you forward, by all means DO IT. Do not, and I repeat, do not allow the limiting and shadow-driven comments or opinions of others whom are not supportive of you impact you in any way. Sometimes, as we let our light shine, this intimidates others and makes them feel threatened. This will then catalyze rude commentary, negative energy, or unsupportive behavior. When people that are in an insecure space see others grow and evolve in honor of their own self-love, this highlights their “lack” and makes them feel worse about themselves. This is of course a total illusion, because we are all as capable as we allow ourselves to be and everyone – everyone – has the power to live their self-love and change their life for the better if they truly want to. Give this unsupportive energy no attention, at all. Let the growth overflow into all avenues of you and your world: you were meant to carry on and to change and evolve, let yourself grow. You deserve the best and only the best, always. Let it all stick. Leave others to themselves. You are what you want to be.
  • Recognize, Realize, and Act on your own unlimited and infinite personal power: You are wwaaaaaaaaayyyyyy more powerful and have way more control over the creation of your life than you have ever fathomed. All you have to do is recognize this and begin to come from that place each and every day. Every one of us is completely and totally capable and equipped. You do not have to simply exist – you do not have to let those around you or the world around you sculpt your world and its development. You can MAKE THE CONSCIOUS CHOICE AND DECISION, today, to take the reigns and do this: you can tap into your own infinite personal power and begin to utilize this profound and unlimited potential that has always been within you. Start to make your own rules: rules that reflect your values, inner passions, and soul’s identity. Get up each morning and show up for your life, for yourself. You do not have to sculpt your world according to the days of the week, societal expectations and constructs, the desires and wishes of others, or anything else that has nothing to do with you and who you are. Tap into this power and watch what happens – embrace this power as the incredible gift that it is.
  • Understand and make peace with the fact that the people whom are meant to be in your life will be and those whom are not meant to be in your life won’t be: Remember – your life is an ever-evolving masterpiece. You grow and change throughout each stage and season of your path, and this means that the people around you will change as well. As we evolve and change, so too do our relationships. As awake souls, WE ARE MEANT TO GROW, EVOLVE, AND CHANGE!!! THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE – imbalance, toxicity, and darkness sprouts from the idle occupation of an old way of life and sense of self. Some relationships are not meant to withstand the long haul, they are meant to teach each person lessons during that stage. Allow yourself to grow and change and be aware that some people will not be supportive of this. This is an excellent indicator that that person is no longer meant to be in your life. Walk away with peace in your heart. Trust the flow of your life and trust that those whom are most suited to be in your life at that time, will be there. As you evolve, your standards, understandings, awareness, boundaries, values, self-love, worth, respect and all that comprises your True Self change and evolve with you, and this will be reflective in whom you feel nurtures your soul and suits the character that you find mutually welcome and fulfilling in your relationships. Spend your time with people who set your soul on fire, whom love and support your beauty, whom inspire you to do and be better and to reach for your highest dreams. Say good-bye in peace to those whom overly criticize, attempt to cast their shadow, drain your energy, are not living as their True Self, or anyone whom you feel does not add to the rich and bountiful landscape that makes up your world. Who is in your life is entirely up to you. Utilize your power of choice and take care of yourself by taking care of whom you choose to spend your precious time with and whom you choose to welcome into your world. Do not force anything, allow your life to organically unfold. Trust yourself. Trust your absolutely magnificent process of evolution, growth, maturation, brilliance. Give thanks for every step: because every step is serving you. Give thanks when people depart your life and you feel a weight has been lifted. Give thanks even when you don’t know the bigger gift or lesson yet, give thanks anyway, and it will come to you more quickly. Who is meant to be with you will be there, allow the rest to dissipate from your world. Some of us learn this the hard way, most of us do in fact. But the point is, you must see the process for what it is, in the overlying fact that you are being guided and served each step of the way. Forgive everyone and yourself with love and move on in peace. You deserve the best and only the best, never forget that when choosing whom you share yourself and your world with. You and your time are precious, choose wisely. Live your self-love.

Celebrate positive changes in your path! Celebrate your choosing to care for yourself by peacefully walking away, unapologetically, from  people whom drain your energy! Celebrate these shifts: they are brilliant for your personal evolution my friend. What is meant to be will be: that which nurtures your soul and supports your beauty most will be, trust in and celebrate the evolutionary process. Open your heart and open your eyes. 

  • LET YOUR INFINITE LIGHT SHINE!!: The way our societies are structured, the state of chronic stress that so many are conditioned to occupy, and the many imbalances that are projected from one person to another all over this world every single day can be really oppressive to the human spirit. It takes effort to step out of the shadows (including your own shadow) that have been attempted to be cast upon you and consciously give yourself the freedom to shine: to let your full light shine! You are all light. You are brilliant. Do not stifle that because of the often oppressive nature of our world – let it out, and when you do, you will start a domino effect for other people to do the same. This is more important now than ever before. Even people with good intentions can try to cast their shadow on you subconsciously. Have you ever heard the phrase, “misery loves company”? When others are feeling disillusioned, unfulfilled, less-than, insecure, unhappy, or all of the above, seeing someone else shine makes them feel worse. Because of this, they will try to cast their shadow, and dim the light so that they can live more comfortably in darkness. This can come out as overtly critical expressions, negativity of any kind, limiting commentary, angst, anger, hate, oppression, argumentativeness, alienation, violence, dismissiveness, and other negative avenues of imbalanced behavior. Light threatens this stagnant darkness. Of course, seeing someone else shine should give everyone the inspiration to allow themselves to do the same, yet this isn’t how it pans out a lot of the time. Wake up to this and stop allowing it. DO YOURSELF JUSTICE and keep your energy field cleared and full of your light. If you relate to the aforementioned, understand that seeing someone else shine is the most encouraging thing in the world: it is a frequency that reminds you that your light is all within you and all you have to do is let it out! Let the successes and light of others inspire you and nothing else, please. You have all of the power, and your light is oh so important for yourself and the world around you. Allow yourself to be your brilliant True Self, please. You owe it to yourself. Hope for the wellness of those whom attempt to cast their shadow, but disallow that from dimming your light. Your Infinite Light. Even if you feel like you are the only one in your world who is allowing their light to shine, don’t let that stop you, keep shining! And eventually you will begin to attract other people who are doing the exact same, and your world will keep brightening, in every way. It is SO LIBERATING to wake up to this in your life, so start today and take yourself back: in all of your incandescent, blindingly bright beauty. Do this for yourself and you will be glad you did!

Let your infinite LIGHT SHINE, absolutely regardless of what anyone else says, does, or is: You control your world and you are here to let your light shine: in full!! 

By letting your light shine infinitely and always, you are living and exercising your inherent FREEDOM. This is the essence of your soul, give yourself this gift: everyday, all of the time, every moment for the rest of your life.

  • Let go of and completely stop looking at yourself as a victim, or feeling like one, at least not permanently: This may seem insensitive at first but it is very important. Looking at yourself as and feeling like a victim takes you far away from your inherent place of limitless power. This is a very detrimental limiting belief that is often held subconsciously, and often has a huge impact on creating one’s present life and circumstances. What you believe, you create and attract. So if you believe yourself to be a victim, you will continue to attract circumstances and/or create circumstances that warrant you to be a victim of some kind. This does nothing for you at all and it is a destructive self-fulfilling prophecy (described further below in the “Reformulate Your Core Beliefs” section). Yes, a great deal of the inner work that you are doing may entail moving through the steps to release negativity, abuse, imbalance, toxicity, anger, and hate that was attempted to be put upon you by another, but realize that you always have your power and no one can take this away from you, as described above. Looking at yourself as a victim merges you with the unwelcome experience and puts you in a difficult position as to begin moving on and away from it. So work hard to cut ties with this role – for everything, ever: in the past, now, and in your future. This role does nothing for you. Nothing and no one can ever take your power away – ever. Start to look at any and all adversity, trauma, abuse, or turmoil that you have experienced in your past for exactly what it is: a vessel that has strengthened you and provided some of the most meaningful groundwork in creating the incredibly wonderful person that you are today.

What you believe, you create and attract. Hold all of your belief in your unwavering inherent power with the full knowing that nothing and no one can take that away from you, ever, under any circumstances.

You are a warrior and you always prevail.

  • (after having worked on some or all of the above topics) Take control of your life and live your self-love by never settling for less than what you deserve – the best: No matter what negativity or nonsense or outside chatter you have internalized in the past – you are deserving of and worthy of only the best in your life – regarding all aspects of your life. Remain aware of this always and do not settle. Do not settle in your work, your relationships, your living situation, your joy, your feelings and opinions about yourself, the exercising of your full potential, your innate wisdom and intelligence, you inherent intuition, your brilliance, your everything. Do. Not. Settle. Carry no one else’s burden (described in the “merge” point below), and follow your True Self bliss! This is your life to live and you deserve to live it brilliantly, with fun, loving, respectful, supportive people, doing what you love, living your dreams in every, way, shape and form. Do not shrink as to avoid making others uncomfortable or insecure – inspire others by your choosing to live freely and fully. Let your past serve you in your instilled lessons, but actively and completely set yourself free from it and boldly WALK AWAY from anything that isn’t the very best in your life. Now.
  • Shift and embrace an overall positive way of thinking: We have all heard about the power of positive thinking, yet some people have a hard time implementing this in their life day to day. There does not have to be an absence of challenge or obstacle for one to develop a predominantly positive perspective on mostly anything that could ever come their way. It is all about choice and your power to choose to see the purpose and the benefit in essentially everything. As a simple example, if you have a cold and are feeling poorly, instead of thinking “this sucks to feel so badly and be so tired”…think, “I am thankful that my body is using its energy to fight this virus and I am grateful to be well soon.” After some conscious work on your part, it does not take long to allow this way of thinking to seep down to your subconscious and before you know it, you will begin to see all of your life and its contents through this lens. Start today. Of course, we are all human, and we will not necessarily occupy a positive state of mind 100% of the time, and that is just fine! The point is to shift your overall consciousness more toward positivity than not – the majority of the time. Everything in your life’s experience will shift when you take this step.
  • Be Here Now: Today, right at this moment, is the first moment of the rest of your brilliant life. Everyday before today is dust in the wind, and every day after today can be powerfully influenced by your conscious thought and belief today. So live today. Keep your mind and your thoughts on today. When you feel your mind wandering to the past or the future, bring it back home. Celebrate today. Dance in today. Fall in love with today.

Be present. Right now, in this moment.

  • Do not judge yourself or anyone else based on your or their past: We are all meant to grow, change, evolve, transcend, mature, blossom, and transform. We are all fluid creatures and we are meant to carry on, in an ever-changing, harmonious and free way. Disengage in the stifling and unjust practice of holding yourself or anyone else hostage to the past: it is a complete illusion. The past is there solely to guide you, teach you, and help you – it is not there to define you, in any way. So stop forming stifling opinions about yourself or other people and allow yourself and others to exercise the birthright of ever-changing, fluid freedom. Reinvent yourself. Let other people reinvent themselves. Wish the best in this ever-changing journey for yourself and for all others.
  • Realize that EVERYONE – EVERY SINGLE PERSON WALKING THIS PLANET – is on a journey of healing and must actively work on themselves in various, unique-to-their-path ways: Now, not everyone is awake and actively working on themselves of course, but the point is that you are not broken and you are not alone – everyone else is in this with you! No one – no one – has it all completely and 100% figured out. If they did, then they wouldn’t be human. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has negative thoughts, everyone has more work to do to make their life and themselves the very very best that they can be. All of our stories are different, yes, but everyone has experienced pain, suffering, loss, guilt, and turmoil of some kind. Everyone has been the recipient of unjust negativity from another. Everyone has tripped up and fallen on their face at one time or another. All of that serves as the foundation to build an awareness that frees you from having to experience all of that ever again in that way – you get to choose, and going through all of the muck, that all of us have gone through in one way or another, is how we get to this beautiful and awake state of being. Everyone is walking a path that is perfect for them and only them, and everyone is a work in progress. The whole point is to make this personal work fully enjoyable and exciting, because in its essence, it is! Have no fear and if you do, shift this illusion to a belief that grants you access to your unlimited personal power. Believe me, you are an incredible person – so let yourself be, and spend no more time with the fleeting and illusionary thought that you are damaged goods, or you are weaker than others, or whatever stale and undeserving story you have been telling yourself. Jump in! We’re all in this together.
  • Start to train yourself to completely stop concerning yourself with the surface of anything: regarding physical health and psychological/emotional/spiritual health and expression thereof: 


To save yourself your precious time and energy, start to shift your attention to only the root and core of any and everythingI will list a few examples to give you an idea of what I mean by this…

1. Physical Health: symptoms of digestive upset, chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, racing or obsessive thoughts, depression, insomnia, hair loss, dry skin, and many more – core underlying cause: mineral imbalance. To “fix” the surface symptoms – you focus your attention of amending the underlying mineral imbalance, instead of giving all of the symptoms a disease name all their own and treating them as if they are the illness themselves. All that does is kick the can down the road. That gets you nowhere. It does a tremendous disservice to your achievement of expeditious wellness and will make your condition worse. Focus on the core underlying cause.

2. Psychological/Emotional/Spiritual Health: out of nowhere, someone lashes out at you and calls you names, lies to someone about you, disrespects you, neglects you, or anything of the like. This person is projecting their own inner battle and harboring of past pain onto you. This person is currently housing false/limiting subconscious core beliefs that are being expressed as anger, hostility, dishonesty, disrespect, and crass behavior. This has absolutely nothing to do with you and never did or will. In response to this behavior, you give ZERO ENERGY toward it. You hope for the wellness and freedom of the person projecting and you move along with your day. It is illogical and unjust to yourself to respond in any other way. Remember that not only does this require awareness of the underlying cause of such behavior, it also requires you to exercise your own self-love and assertiveness to stay true to your inner peace. It all begins with you – the relationship that you have with yourself. Master that my friend, and the rest is taken care of.

3. Understand the domino effect: This is a big concept to understand in order to exercise and live #2. The root of anything less than love is projected past pain from person to person. Realizing this frees you from a lot of undue emotional baggage and suffering. See the section below on shifting your beliefs to help you understand the domino effect further. Bear with me here, because this is important for you to realize: in a nutshell, the domino effect starts in early life, usually before the age of 7. An event takes place where the child internalizes feelings of hurt: either from a trauma or from another influence that catalyzed feelings of pain, confusion, lack of safety, and/or lack of love. Someone in that child’s life projected their own harbored imbalances onto that child: be it a parent, relative, teacher, friend, sibling, whomever. The child then grows up, having not consciously identified this occasion and the harboring of hurt fully. A false/limiting core belief is developed as a result of this event and it basically sculpts that persons life in behavior and perspective. They proceed to project this pain and limiting belief onto other people in their life: all of which have nothing to do with the original event. It isn’t until the original event is identified, faced, forgiven, and released that this person can free themselves from this vicious cycle and therefore shift the belief and change their life. The point here is that the behaviors, words, and actions projected outward by this person as a direct result of their original childhood pain are all surface. They appear to be related to whatever event is going on in their adult life but they are truly relating to the original event. In essence, people are responding in the present to events and experiences from the past.  “Isn’t it sometimes that someone is responding to you in a personal way, in that you were behaving poorly so that person got angry, and therefore it is indeed personal and indeed only has to do with that moment and you yourself?” The answer is No. No it is not. If someone has cleared their subconscious false/limiting core beliefs, is living as their True Self in full self-love, and is in alignment with their own light and love, than all expressions to others are characterized by tact, warmth, openness, and love. Constructive communication is the only avenue entertained – anger, hostility, yelling, name calling, or anything like that becomes an irrelevant, unnecessary, old form of expression that the True Self does not entertain. Simple as that. 

⇒ Another huge component that most do not often hear about nor consider regarding the above discussion is that all of one’s inner emotional and psychological imbalances, turmoils, uncleared traumas and pains are heightened and encouraged by physiological toxicities and imbalances that are almost ubiquitous today. Physical imbalances such as heavy metal toxicity, gut imbalance, hormone imbalance, neurotransmitter imbalance and many many others catalyze a dramatic encouragement of one’s shadow self. They highlight one’s emotional weaknesses and bring them to the forefront in an often detrimental way. They do not allow one to live as their full True Self and they create an internal environment that is not at all conducive for liberation and personal growth. Addressing physical imbalances that cause tremendously adverse impacts to not only one’s physical wellness but their psychological, spiritual, and emotional wellness is ABSOLUTELY OBLIGATORY TO ACHIEVING AND MAINTAINING OPTIMAL HEALTH. Over time, these concepts will become more well-known, however as of now this huge connection is often left out of the equation when it is in dire need of being addressed.

  • EXPECT TO BE FORTUNATE AND TO ATTRACT AMAZING EXPERIENCES, THINGS, and PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE! You are a brilliantly worthy soul whom has always, does, and will always deserve the very best. There is no one on this planet that is more important than you – the love and joy that can flow to you is endless, it is just up to you to allow it to come. Right now, stop telling yourself a limiting story that hinders you from attracting all that you hope and wish for in your life. Right now, change your story to one that grants you access to your limitless creative power. Just as you expect the sun to rise and set each day, expect your life to unfold to match your greatest desires, and it will.
  • Keep a written list of your goals as you move forth throughout your journey of True Self-discovery (Unleash Your TRUE SELF!). Again – do not limit yourself. Write down everything that comes to mind and any and everything that you wish to change about your current circumstances and any and everything that you wish to manifest or attract into your life. Begin pondering these goals and visions, visualizing them as your lived reality, and feeling excitement and joy as you do. After you have developed a solid list of your most treasured goals, dreams, and visions – make a second list, where you write all of them in present tense, as if you have already attained this goal. Say this aloud and feel excitement, gratitude, joy, and love as you do. Allow your thoughts to focus solely on having whatever it is that you desire, not on the desire itself. Allow these thoughts to recur and maturate into a solid, unwavering, visceral belief that you hold close to your heart. Then, and almost most importantly, release and let go of any attachment to a specific outcome and move forth feeling inspired, excited, and instilled with complete, unwavering faith and trust in the acquisition of all that you have intended on bringing forth into your life. This may seem counterintuitive at first, however it is obligatory to the process of manifestation. Be at complete peace, as you know deep in your core that all that you desire is already yours, is completely deserved, and is on its way to you. It is also very important that you FEEL GOOD as you move forth. Reach for thoughts, activities, surroundings, anything that instills uplifting feelings for you. Consistently remain at this higher frequency and know that exactly what you want is headed for you right now.
    • Visualization is a powerful and enjoyable way of bringing forth anything we may desire in our lives: money, health, joy, you name it. Use your imagination to paint the picture of whatever it is that you desire in your mind’s eye. If you are currently experiencing illness of any kind, for example, think of yourself as a vibrantly healthy person, full of vitality, energy, and zeal. Think of yourself being active and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated each and every day. Feel how good that feels. Then let go and know physical wellness is just around the corner for you, assured. The law of attraction is basically a law of physics that exists whether you believe in it or not – so use this to your advantage! Fill your mind with what you want…with all of your dreams and visions of joy and fulfillment, DO. NOT. LIMIT. YOURSELF. Go for the gold, in whatever way feels best for you and let your imagination fly. You are here to find your joy and bliss and live it – begin to think about what this looks and feels like for you, today. Everything is possible, there are no limitations.

Everything that has every been done or existed has started as an idea followed by a belief. Set your imagination free…and most importantly, BELIEVE.

  • Formulate your life and all facets of your health in mind-body-spirit-heart based on the inherent truth that IT IS ALL ABOUT BALANCEYour physical body is completely dependent on its maintaining of what is called homeostasis – the equilibrium of all of the many interdependent components that make up your body’s entire physiology. Your psychological and spiritual health are no different. The necessity for balance ties into the art of conscious and awake living. So begin to think about this concept and apply it to your life. Adequate rest is coupled with proactivity. Spending time with people is coupled with solo solitude. Exercising your Voice is coupled with active listening to others’ and their Voice. Unconditionally loving oneself is coupled with unconditionally loving one’s family and friends. Balance applies to all aspects of who you are, how you function, and all that is your world overall.
  • Speak of all that you wish for and already love about yourself, others, and your world. Speak of what you love in others and yourself. Speak of the goals that you have formulated. Speak of giving, acceptance, kindness, and love. Consciously work to alleviate judgment from your life – judging others takes unnecessary energy and takes you away from your True Self Center. If you notice that someone spends a lot of time verbalizing their distain for others, remember that there will be no discrimination between whom this person discusses in a negative light – meaning you will not be left out. The most overly critical people are the most self-critical people as well, so pay attention to this and eliminate yourself from any such environment.

Bless everyone and everything. Wish the best for yourself and everyone else. This is the highest frequency you can occupy. This is true freedom.

  • Stop labeling yourself and stop labeling others: What is a label? It is a word stamped onto someone in an effort to define them, often based on an experience they have had or a judgment made by another. Labeling is part of our society, unfortunately, but it has powerfully damaging and restrictive consequences that should not be taken lightly. Labeling yourself and others is yet again a limiting practice that disallows every human being’s birthright to grow, evolve, change, and transcend HOWEVER THEY WISH. Breaking free of labels makes one able to reach their highest potential, as they are not crippled by an illusion that has attempted to keep them in a box. There seems to be an obsession with defining oneself or others. The only one that has the right to define anything regarding their own identity is the individual themselves. No one – NO ONE – truly understands the nature of someone else’s journey except the individual themselves, so it is up to no one – NO ONE ELSE – to define it in any way. You can call yourself whatever you wish to. Please work to allow this to serve your highest good and nourish your soul, but know you have the freedom above all else. If you find yourself under the suffocating guise of a label understand that all you have to do is take that wet blanket off and move on with your independent and self-dictated life. You will go through experiences in your life that do not, and I repeat, DO NOT have to become part of your identity. This is ludicrous and blasphemous to do to yourself or someone else. Wake up and be free. If someone labels you and you do not feel it is reflective of whom your True Self is, SPEAK UP. Speak your Truth. Above all else, give yourself the freedom to truly live your life, according to your rules, free of the shadow and shackles that society at large will try to unjustly put on you.


  • Redefine this whole idea of “perfect” and “perfection”: This social construct is exceptionally detrimental in many ways, one being that it instills in the minds of many that there is some far off, set in stone, singular ideal that exists that everyone on earth should attempt to meet. This is frankly absurd. Here’s the deal with “perfection”…and same goes with huge concepts in your life like “truth” and “success”. THE DEFINITION OF WHAT THAT MEANS IS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY, FULLY AND TOTALLY UP TO YOU! There is no one way that something can be just right. There is no one way for anything for that matter. So – instead of telling yourself: “I am not perfect, but…” tell yourself, “My path and me, are perfect for me.” Every single thing about you and your path – past, present, and future – IS PERFECT FOR YOUAnd that is absolutely awesome and should make you feel wonderful! So today, stop instilling this baseless societal “standard” – which makes you feel as though you are lacking in some illusive way – and embrace the fact that everything about you and your world is absolutely, 100% perfect FOR YOU! 
  • Delete the word “fail” out of your vocabulary: This is a useless and completely unnecessary word. Everything is a success…everything either leads you closer to discovering who your True Self is, grants you experience, teaches you a valuable lessen, or contributes to the evolution of your soul. You are always winning. There is no such thing as failure.
  • Completely stop concerning yourself with what anyone else thinks: this is your story and your journey – the only opinion that truly matters is the one you have about who you are. As I have written before, what others say, think, or do is theirs, not yours: start to look at this from a common sense lens. What others say, do, and think is a reflection of them: it is not a reflection of you – period. Why would you care about what someone else thinks, seeing as their judgments, perspective, and opinions are based on their journey, their core beliefs, their personal feelings about themselves? This does not concern you, so why would you waste your precious time focusing one millisecond on this. What other people have to say, think, or do is not a reflection of who you are: IT IS A REFLECTION OF THAT PERSON. Recognize and cease the undeserving act of internalizing someone else’s behavior, words, or thought as any sort of reflection upon you. Take accountability for your own words and actions, yet understand that all others are accountable for theirs. Also, what other people say, think, or do is their opinion and perspective it is not fact or irrevocable objective truth – far from it! Remember that. For example, if someone says you are “x,y,z”, this does not mean you are “x,y,z”. It is your choice if you wish to value what someone else is saying or doing. You hold all of the power. Some have a very hard time letting go of others’ approval, or criticism, or talk, or action – allowing the words, thoughts, and actions of others completely sculpt how they feel about themselves, how they should manage their life, who they are…do not allow this to happen. This is unjust and misguided. You and only you have the right to delineate anything about who you are and your wonderful journey. Start the process now of letting go of concerning yourself with what others are, do, say, or think – this alone will propel you forward worlds in reaching true joy in your life. Live your power. Live with a strong backbone. Believe in who you are, as defined by you. As the brilliant Aristotle quote below states, “there is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, be nothing, and say nothing”. So who cares: you certainly don’t!! Do what you wish, be whom you wish, and think how you wish. As long as you are not hurting yourself or others, you have free reign and other’s opinion of that is not your priority. Believe in yourself – believe in your passions – believe in your goals and dreams and desires – believe in the joy and love within you that is undying and believe in the fact that you are all light – this is your priority. Also, there will be people whom criticize you out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason. People can express anger, misjudgment, hatred, you name it – all at the drop of a hat. Do not, and I repeat, do not give this one ounce of your attention. This kind of behavior is a TRUE SIGNAL OF IMBALANCE AND TURMOIL WITHIN THAT PERSON and it has nothing at all to do with you and is not reflective of you in any way, shape, or form – it is NOT your responsibility to attend to. Leave all of that alone and move on with your day. And if you give any energy at all to nonsense on the part of another, hope for their eventual wellness, evolution, and achievement of joy. Feel compassion for them and hope that they can let go of what plagues them so deeply so that they can find true joy, and send them on in peace.
    • Remember: The way someone treats others is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves. If you have ever read books like “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, you have been introduced to the inherent truth that nothing is personal, truly. Imagine that! You have likely spent most of your life internalizing the actions and words of others as a personal reflection of yourself in some way, and this has likely led you to feel rather poorly. Stop. Stop right now. This is a lost cause and it is all an illusion. Let yourself be free – and realizing that nothing is personal is extremely freeing. This is an inherent truth, based on ancient wisdom. At its root, anything less than True Self loving kindness is imbalance within that person. Insults, name calling, rage, anything like that is a direct reflection of someone’s deep insecurity, self-loathing, contempt relating to an early life event, immaturity, basically anything based on a false/limiting core belief that takes this person away from their True Self. This kind of low frequency behavior is only and solely a reflection of that person’s limiting beliefs about themselves…it never has anything to do with anyone else. We cannot reflect outwardly what we do not already feel inwardly toward ourselves. Constructive communication and respecting the views of others is based on a soul-level desire to help each other along, and it is much different than overly critical, mean natured, or any kind of negative expression. Anyone whom holds a considerable degree of self-worth, love, and respect with treat all other people as such as well, regardless of the circumstances…it can be no other way. So again, THE WAY PEOPLE TREAT OTHERS IS SIMPLY A REFLECTION OF HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES, and that’s it! So if someone behaves poorly “toward you” in any way, feel compassion for that person’s inner struggle that is causing this behavior. Then realize that the only take away from that experience is insight into how that person feels about themselves. And that’s it. Live free – be free.
    • “People generally see what they look for and hear what they listen for”

      – To Kill A Mocking Bird, Harper Lee

    • This seemingly simple statement SPEAKS WORLDS. Understand that people other than yourself will view any and everything outside of themselves, including you, through their own personally stamped perspective that is fueled by their own past experiences and core beliefs. A lot of the time – a huge deficit exists in someone being able to see anything objectively, as they are always looking at others and the world around them according to their own predisposed expectations about life. One’s view and interpretations are also sculpted by the story they are telling at that point in time. Anything you say, do, or express can be interpreted by someone else as the complete opposite of how you organically and authentically intend for it to – and that is perfectly OK. Concerning yourself with this is a fleeting, useless task. Let others see the world and other people through their own pair of glasses. Love and believe in yourself and your truth so much that you couldn’t care less if someone else misinterprets your expressions, because how others interpret you and your expressions is not your concern and is not your responsibility. Enjoy being secure in your sense-of-self. Always remain true to yourself, and exercise your Voice clearly and conscientiously. Always live your self-love by expressing and maintaining your boundaries. Emanate love and kindness, and live free from the illusion that you have anything to do with how others interpret you. This might sound strange, but how others interpret what you do, think, or say has absolutely nothing to do with you. This truth speaks to you as well, in helping you live and let live, not feeling compelled to interject your own judgments on someone else, lash out in anger, be overly critical, or throw your pain onto someone else – as you are not walking anyone else’s path but your own and can not see the world through anyone else’s eyes but your own. Come from a place of acceptance and compassion. Remember this.

What others say, do, and think is a reflection of them: it is not a reflection of you. What others say, do, and think is theirs: it is not yours.

The way people treat others is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves: it is not a reflection of anyone else.

If someone has treated you poorly in any way, the only take away from that experience is insight into that person’s beliefs and how they feel about themselves, and that is it. Solely feel compassion for the independent inner struggle that catalyzed such behavior and move on in peace, protecting your energy field along the way.

The more in love with yourself your become, and the more you are able to truly live emotionally free, and the more in touch with your own power, your own secure sense-of-self, and your own overall autonomy you are: the less and less you concern yourself with the thoughts, behaviors, or words of others because you finally wake up to what really matters. You wake up to the fact that such outward concerns are completely illusionary and all that matters is your joy…the living and the following of your joy.

  • Write a list of everything you are grateful for in your world: everything. Your bed, the sweater you are wearing right now, the meal you just finished. Feel deep appreciation for everything in your life that brings you comfort, joy, love, and fulfillment. As with your self-love list, keep this out and add to it as you think of more and more elements of your life that you are grateful for.
    • Keep a daily gratitude journal that you jot down everything you are grateful for in your world. This keeps the energy of gratitude flowing within you, and your entire lived experience will change for the better simply by taking part in this one step :).
    • GRATITUDE. explains practicing consistent Gratitude more in-depth.
    • As you move forth, feeling and seeing more and more in your life to be grateful for: take this a step further and view any and all events, people, circumstances in your past as entities that you are truly thankful for. Feel gratitude for the lessons that they instilled in you. This of course takes a bit of time and work – practicing forgiveness and embarking on the steps to dismantle and release pain from the past (as listed below) will lead you to feeling true gratitude for anything that you had previously perceived as negative. This means you are now coming from your inherent place of infinite power: you are now coming from your True Self awareness and knowing, you are exercising your unlimited power to choose, and you are fully free.
  • Absolutely regardless of what is going on within or around you right this second, choose to feel good…choose to feel joyful…only think thoughts that make you feel goodYou are the custodian of your mind, your heart, and your world. Choose to feel good right now. Choose to fill your mind with only thoughts that make you feel good. Even if you are ill, tired, feeling pain, feeling fear, feeling anxiety, feeling frustration, or anything that is far from “good” to you…make the conscious choice to shift your state of being to feel good. This will feel strange, yes, but give it a go. This helps you to realize that you do not have to feel any way because of anything unless you choose to! You get to choose, you always get to choose. We have unfortunately been conditioned to think that we have no control, but we do, all of us do. X, Y, Z does NOT have to happen for you to think good thoughts, to feel good overall, and to feel joyful now, you can CHOOSE to feel great right this very second. You have the power. So push yourself to feel good right now, and keep feeling good tomorrow and the next day, and so on. Find the little things within you and around you that instill you with joy (remembering that your true joy lies within you) and go from there. Watch as your world begins to brighten…watch as things begin to change for the better. Enjoy.
    • If you feel yourself not feeling good, in whatever way, take stock of your thoughts and ask yourself, “do these thoughts make me feel good?” If the answer is no, than immediately shift them to thoughts that do. You have the power. You always have the power.
  • Choose to end your suffering right now and forever: This is similar to choosing to feel good right now regardless of what is going on around or within you. Choose to stop suffering. Many many people are conditioned to suffer…to embrace suffering as an unavoidable response to challenges, ailments, unwelcome circumstances, or anything else we don’t consider ideal. This is all a choice and it doesn’t have to be this way. Suffering and struggling through life is one way of doing things, but it isn’t the only way of doing things. Choose to stop suffering. You can grow through and experience challenges without suffering. Exercise your right to maintain your own personal power to choose, and choose to feel at peace. Choose to embrace. This will take some practice at first, but make this choice today and watch what happens.
  • Take accountability and apologize freely: Once again, it is all about balance and life is an art, so don’t allow yourself to be walked all over or manipulated, but do take full accountability for all of your actions and apologize when someone expresses to you that you have hurt them in any fashion. No resistance! Own yourself every step of the way, freely, lightly, and honestly. If someone comes up in your mind from decades ago that you feel you needed to apologize to, do so right now. Apologize from your heart, write them a letter that you send or not, or say it out loud. Declare that you are sorry, that you learned from the experience, and that you are letting the energy surrounding the circumstance go, for the highest good of all involved. There’s nothing to resist or be afraid of, just own your stuff, simple as that. Everyone is human and we all have “stuff” to take accountability for. Remain conscious of this in all of your relationships. Treat other people like you wish to be treated, and it is safe to say that you would prefer it if others freely took accountability for their actions and apologized to you for anything you may consider unwelcome or that came from their shadow. Next is forgiveness, the hugely powerful element of forgiveness…
  • FORGIVE!!!!!!!!: See 5 Steps To Dismantle and Release Pain from the Past for much more on this. Forgiveness is very powerful, and liberates YOU from harboring any undue residue from the past. The only person whom suffers by holding on is you. First and foremost, FORGIVE YOURSELF for any and all periods in your life where you felt you made a misstep: anything that you feel was not your True Self. You are learning as you go, we are all learning as we go. You are human. You are doing awesome, and everything is a gift…everything instills a valuable lesson. Our values, moral compass, sense of self, maturity, and comprehensive awareness grows and evolves over time. Sometimes you learn the hard way and there are hiccups to grow through as to propel your unique personal evolution: accept this, forgive this, and love this. You are building tools, character, and wisdom each step of the way. Avoid quickly forgiving others and not yourself: quickly and fully forgive yourself just as you do others. Fully forgive all others for any attempts to cast their shadow on you. IMPORTANT: Forgive in your heart – meaning this person does not have to still be in your life if you chose to move on. Forgive from afar if you want, it is all the same energy and it holds the same power. Forgive and let go out loud, or write it in a letter that you send or throw away: it all holds the same power! Remain fully conscious that everyone was either fighting a silent, inner battle before they woke up in life, or still is while living in an asleep state: regardless of one’s awareness level, understand that everyone has a story and everyone is working to release their harbored past pain, whether they are conscious of that or not. Have unconditional love for and accept everyone (again, this can be from afar, from your heart), including yourself. Always forgive. Always. Forgive any situation that you feel was unwelcome, fully understanding that certain things have to happen to bring about your gifts and put you on the right path to actualize your greatest joy, fulfillment, love, and potential: THAT IS HOW IT WORKS. Forgiveness is obligatory to allowing yourself to live your best life, as holding on to angst, anger, and hostility does nothing at all but hinder you and only you. IN LOVING YOURSELF FULLY, FIERCELY, AND 100%: YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO FORGIVE (YOURSELF AND ALL OTHERS). YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO 100% LET GO. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO MOVE ON FULLY AND COMPLETELY WITH THE BRILLIANT LIFE THAT YOU ARE CREATING IN THIS MOMENT. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO BE FULLY AND COMPLETELY F-R-E-E. Right now is what matters, let everything that led you here serve you and then release it like dust in the wind. You are a wonderful soul, nothing in the past has the power to change that. You are fully free. You are all love. You are all light.
    • Important notewhen you move through the process of forgiving (yourself, others, and situations) the final step is one of the most significant: to let go and move on, truly. Keep this intention strong in the forefront – leaving all that is forgiven in the past, where it belongs. Move forth with full gratitude and thanks for the experience, in having gained and earned further wisdom in your life that you will apply to your own personal development and understandings now and in your bright future.
    • Live by this brilliant Martin Luther King Jr. quote:

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.”

You are human. So is everyone else. Forgive.

Don’t hold grudges, against yourself or against anyone else. This only hinders you. It feels so good to be free…forgive and completely let go.

Fall more in love with yourself, the world, and your perfect life’s path as a result of your choosing to forgive, because when you choose to forgive, the beauty and the gifts will pop out to you in full.

  • Understand that keeping a positive mindset is imperative, however you must process your past and all of your emotional residue if you wish to reinvent, refresh, and renew yourself and create new patterns, and hence truly be able to shift your core beliefs (see below): The beauty of this work, among many things, is that once you begin to live as your True Self, and become more and more awakened, you will no longer hold onto negative emotions like you used to. You will see that doing so is useless and you will quickly and easily process, let go, bring peace to yourself, and move on in the moment. However, before you can get to this glorious shift in your way of life, you must process any harbored subconscious emotional baggage. Turning a blind eye does not make it go away, it makes it grow. I say this because I hope for you to make tangible, lived experience progress in your journey of True Self discovery and growth, and until you face and process your past and its emotional tag alongs, your old limiting beliefs will remain in place, and will ultimately stand in the way of you obtaining the life you consciously wish for and desire. As I explain much more in depth below – your beliefs sculpt your entire life – so until they are truly shifted to match what your True Self desires and deserves, your life will always spring back to match your previously held beliefs, based on your previously held, old, emotionally attached story.
  • Letting go exercise: While working to let go (of anything: someone, the past, old false/limiting core beliefs, anything) put your hand in a fist and then release it so your hand is flat and open. This symbolizes your letting go. Repeat numerous times, as you watch what it is that you are letting go of drop and release.
  • After you have undergone some of the steps above to process your past pains, traumas, and emotions, use a piece of computer paper or get poster board. Taking up the entire sheet, write in big, bold letters: 


Hang this somewhere that you will see it every day. Some people are mostly visual when it comes to digestion of information. Seeing this huge sign signals your brain to focus on moving forward, which is the last and final step of processing your past. Think forward thinking thoughts and let them seep down to your heart and soul. You weren’t meant to hang out in your past, you are meant to move forth, creating the present and future that matches who you really are: your True Self. Carry on, my friend.

  • When you have unwanted or negative thoughts say or imagine the following to yourself:
    • “Garbage in, Garbage out!”
    • “That is ancient history!”
    • “I am grateful for that experience and I now set it free”
    • Say “CANCEL” and think of the opposite of the negative thought – its positive – twice
    • “Goodness, I love you”
    • “Thank you, thought, you are free to go permanently, I release you with love and gratitude”
    • Think of the thought as a kick ball or soccer ball and imagine yourself kicking it far away from your energy field
    • Hear the sound of the ocean and the waves rising and falling: imagine the negative thought or emotion being sent off in the sea with the next receding wave, dissolving into the water forever.
    • Think of the noise a broom makes as it sweeps the floor and imagine your negative thoughts being swept away
      • REMEMBER: When embarking on the Steps To Dismantle and Release Pain from the Past you will have to purposely welcome seemingly unwanted or negative thoughts from your past momentarily in order to dismantle them and let them go – however when not working on the above process, the goal is to try to have far more encouraging, assuring, and positive thoughts than not.
      • NOTE: When negative thoughts pop into our minds, often of circumstances from the past – it is telling us that those memories and attachments are ready to be let go of. This is again, an opportunity to spend a bit of time actually letting them go. Remain open to completely and fully sending these memories or thoughts on in peace, and directing your focus to right now, today, and your brilliant path ahead. And remember, “the only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come.”

As thoughts from the past that are ready to be let go of come up – say the above statements to yourself, as well as: “I am grateful I was able to grow through that!” and then, set the thought free for the highest good of all and let it go.

  • In the midst of feeling upset, or while having negative thoughts, place your hand on your heart and smile – even if you are crying and feeling angry, sad, nervous, you name it. Stop and smile with your hand on your heart. Who cares if there are people around you. This is a powerful exercise that centers you and can calm your stress response considerably. This can also be done whenever you wish, to connect you with your heart and bring you back to your center.
  • Consciously relax your shoulders: Many of us tend to hold tremendous tension in our shoulders, and we don’t even realize it. Periodically and consciously direct your attention to your shoulders and completely relax them, allowing them to drop naturally down into a comfortable, weightless position.
  • Make all of your passwords abridged versions of your most compelling affirmations: see below for affirmation ideas. Today, we all have seemingly zillions of online accounts that require a password, so utilize this to your advantage. Derive shorter versions of your affirmations for each password, and by doing this you will be practicing them more and more, which engrains them into your subconscious mind further, and allows them to become part of who you are and your default thinking processes.
  • Feel and express your feelings! If you feel joy, laugh and smile…if you feel overwhelming sadness: cry! Or if you feel overwhelming joy and euphoria, cry cry cry! Let this feeling out. Let it move through you and out of you. Of course, if your emotion is sadness or anger or anything of the like, after you have experienced your release, do not unpack and stay in a place of sadness – express your emotions so that you do not become imprisoned by them. Our societal gender roles have been constructed to often frame women as “emotional” and men as “unemotional” – that the expression of emotion for a man is a weakness and/or a feminine trait. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY RIDICULOUS and is completely derived by malleable and unfixed societal constructs – meaning it is not set in stone, it can be taken down and done away with. Men and women are both people – people whom must express emotion as part of their human experience. This is not designated to what sex you are – this is a necessity in your life that is mandatory for your own personal fulfillment, happiness, freedom, and most of all, your health. So express your emotions – keeping them bottled up does nothing for you. And if you are a man whom was taught in your life that it is not “manly” or “ok” to express your emotions freely, then work on shifting this belief to give you the freedom that you deserve.
  • EXERCISE YOUR VOICE!: This one was one of the most groundbreaking for me in my own personal awakening journey and is so hugely powerful in mobilizing your own self-love, worth, and respect. Speak up…speak your truth…be true to yourself and exercise your Voice: freely and unabashedly. This is your birthright! Remember, your voice is equally as valuable as every single other persons’ and it is your duty to yourself to actively and consciously exercise it. This is right up there with actively expressing your feelings – your feelings and your truths are always there, and if they are not expressed and voiced, they will remain stagnant and build up within you. This IS NOT in your best interests and does not contribute to your health and wellness. Exercising your Voice becomes easier and easier the more you do so. It is all about embracing your True Self and giving yourself the gift of living your full potential. (Exercising your voice is also related to the hugely important element of setting and maintaining your personal boundaries, as discussed further below)
    • Live with FORTITUDEPart of exercising your Voice is building and maintaining your backbone and your mental and emotional strength. If you exercise your Voice and speak your truth and it is contested by another, do not retract your truth or hide in the shadows – stand by your truth and what you believe in completely: keep your footing and stoutheartedness. This becomes easier the more and more you get to know your True Self and the more and more you reach true unconditional self-love. People are going to speak nonsense to you throughout life, everyone experiences this. Keep your footing, do not sink in the face of someone exercising their own Voice. Exercise the art of conscious living – in always remaining considerately and respectfully open to other’s differing perspectives while also maintaining your own sense-of-self, spiritual endurance, and natural birthright to speak and execute your truth and your Voice. When others are dismissive to any and all perspectives and opinions that differ from their own, insecurity and/or ignorance are often at the root. Remember that and do not let that sort of behavior ruffle your feathers.
    • One of my tag lines – GIVE YOUR HEART A VOICE – was born from my own awakening journey and all of the magnificence that flooded to me once I woke up to the exceptionally important necessity of exercising one’s Voice and the profound contribution that this has for our own personal wellness, emotional freedom, and living our self-love.

“Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.”

Exercising your Voice is an absolutely imperative part of living your self-love and it is vital to your overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being! Speak up: your Voice, your feelings, and your truths always deserve to be heard.

  • Feel free to reinvent, refresh, and renew yourself whenever you wish! Realize that you are the one writing your story, and you can change that story whenever you wish – it is all up to you. Do not limit yourself, and as you discover whom your True Self is, embrace that with all of you. Embrace who you truly are, which for many is not whom they have been living as for many many years. You do not have to stay stuck playing a part that isn’t really you just because that is “who you have always been” to yourself and those around you. Wake up in the morning as the True You – and let yourself freely sculpt your self-identity and your whole world around this. Refresh your living space, your inner world, and your outlook on your life. Renew your sense of thirst and wonder for this life and celebrate your own infinite creative power. Do what makes you feel happy and what nourishes and fills your heart with joy and love. You run the show, my friend, you run the show.
  • Let nothing, and I mean NOTHING, steal your joy: This has to do with achieving and maintaining full emotional freedom, as discussed above. Once you cultivate and reach a state of joy within yourself (which is a state of being, not something you must seek from the outside), realize that this is your True Self, and you are going to stay here! There will be various potential influences along your path, be it other people whom try to cast their shadow, circumstances that seem overbearing and extremely difficult, or other various occurrences. Remain aware and awake to the fact that nothing can steal your joy unless you allow it to – THAT NOTHING HAS THE POWER TO STEAL YOUR JOY UNLESS YOU GIVE IT THAT POWER! Being joyful is your natural state of being, and staying joyful is your birthright. Cherish and protect your joy always.
  • If you are having a hard time getting over something, change your attitude and perspective toward it, whatever it is: YOU ALWAYS HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR ATTITUDE AND PERSPECTIVE, take full advantage of this ultimate freedom. Remember, you do not “have” to feel any certain way about anything unless you choose to. Meaning is given upon your willful assertion. Ideally, you will look at the situation and digest its intended lesson(s), and then unveil the gift in it, as there is always a parting gift for seemingly unwanted circumstances in our life. Dig deep and do not listen to your shadow self, your ego, or your Judge. Listen to your True Self – the authentic part of you that always sees the bigger picture and already knows that your life is unfolding to serve you. There are intentional, BENEFICIAL reasons behind all facets of your path up today and every day following, so do yourself a favor and let yourself see the gifts. There is always a gift, if you allow it to be given. You are worth it.
  • EMBRACE UNCERTAINTY!!!!! Work to develop a strength, inherent calm, and intrigue when it comes to the unknown. Fear-based living is not who you really are. Listen – it is time to let go of the illusion of fear and allow yourself to enjoy yourself, your loved ones, and your life. Consuming yourself with worry about what the future holds, and if x-y-z will go as you want it to is a COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME! This also keeps you in a low-grade, chronic fight or flight stance, which as we well know is tremendously detrimental to your comprehensive health. Staying in this space of fear catalyzes behavior that is far from your True Self (many will lash out in anger, try to micromanage, behave disrespectfully to those close to them, among others) out of fear of the unknown and what is “going to happen” in the future. Relax. You and going to be just fine. Your future will unfold beautifully if you allow it to, and spending time in an anxious, wound up, fear-based place does not allow for the best possible outcome. Understand that the energy you are feeling right now is sculpting your attraction mechanism – what will be brought forth into your life. If you chill out and enjoy the journey, all that you hope for and want to happen will come to you much faster. So relax and live your life in peace, it is all going to work out beautifully. Keep the unwavering trust within your soul that your are always being guided, protected, and all that will serve you and grant you your most brilliant desires is unfolding already, if you let it
  • Live Consciously: Stay in-tuned with yourself throughout the day, every day. Before you embark on certain tasks, or say, or do something, briefly check-in with yourself. How will this make me feel after the fact? Is this for the best of all involved? Does this fulfill my intended objectives? Ask those types of questions so that you are consciously and intentionally living and participating in your life. This is very helpful regarding all of your relationships as well. Initially this may seem strange but once you begin to consciously live, briefly checking in will become a regular, default way of life.
  • Stepping out of the metaphorical “pool”: This has been a very helpful analogy and visualization that I have come up with as a means of liberating yourself from old attachments and feelings that are essentially holding you back from truly achieving emotional freedom. The “pool” represents any and all “negative” feelings: worry, sadness, grief, anger, self-loathing, victim mentality, lack of self-love and self-value, etc. etc. You then visualize yourself in this pool, yet there is a beautiful staircase at the shallow end…you move your way toward it and then step up and out of the pool, feeling and seeing the water drip from your body and onto the pool’s edge. You then see a huge, luxurious, soft towel and use it to completely dry yourself off. It is then, in your visualization, that you truly feel the sensations and rapture of having all of the water off of your body and surrounding your Whole Being. You then walk away, light and free, embracing your new-found, refreshing and liberated Being and personal reality with a welcomed curiosity and intrigue as to what is next…knowing with profound self-assurance that you have left all that was holding you back behind :).
  • Throw away old stuff! Everything holds energy – so it is exceptionally cathartic (both literally and figuratively) to throw away any and everything that you do not use or need any longer. Sometimes we tend to hold onto tons of stuff that is only cluttering our space and moved from house to house. Throw it all away – or donate it if it is still in good condition. This really makes one feel lighter, more free, in the Now. When you are in the mood to throw things away, take full advantage – do not do this activity when in the “oh, I might wear that in the next 10 years for some kind of occasion” sort of mood :).
  • REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE CHATTER: This can be a hard one – especially in this day and age. The media effects you more so than you may acknowledge – it takes you away from your organic, True Self, and causes you to invest energy in focusing on counterproductive and hollow notions. This serves as a huge stressor for many many people – a completely avoidable stressor. Try unplugging for a few hours, and then maybe a few days: from TV, social media, the chatter. Assess how much time you are spending on social media and your devices…consider shifting your focus to ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING YOUR LIFE authentically and not through the lens of your phone or other device. Instead of thinking about what filter to use in taking your picture, or what caption you are going to write on your status update for the day, direct your focus right in front of you – to yourself, your environment, and the world around you. Spend time with people, in person, enjoying their company. Put your phone away when you do. Take a walk, listen to music – and put your phone away when you do. Cook a delicious meal with someone you love…or by yourself, and put your phone away when you do. While contemporary technology has its benefits, no doubt, it can really do a number on people, their quality of life, and their connection to themselves and their true environment. This happens subconsciously. So live your self-love and bring yourself back to truly living in this world, it’s beautiful out there :).
  • Identify and reduce or eliminate all superfluous stressors and adverse habits in your life: We all experience stress, it is part of life. However, we do not have to allow stress to affect us in an adverse way – Stress Without Distress. While some stress is unavoidable, there are many ways that you can proactively clean up your world to nourish your soul, catalyze your personal growth, and contribute to your overall well-being far more. Furthermore, many various habits can bring about unneeded stress and/or hinder our growth and joy, sometimes even without our conscious awareness. Take stock of your world as it is right now. Are there people, relationships, things, circumstances, habits/behaviors, patterns, that you feel add to the stresses you feel on a daily basis? If some of these elements were not part of your life, would you feel more light, happy, and free? Roll with this, and then start making the conscious decision to take action and move on from these stressors and adverse habits. You are in control of your life and it is your birthright to sculpt it to fit your needs, your wishes, and your idea of ideal.
    • Take stock and ask yourself the following questions: Does this bring me joy? Do I feel good while doing this? Does this contribute to my health and wellness? Am I doing this out of my own motivation and based on my values and beliefs, or is this the result of someone else’s beliefs and expectations? Am I doing this out of self-love? Does this line up with my True Self? Will I feel good about this tomorrow and each day forward? Does this harm me in any way? Does this harm others in any way? Am I making excuses to make this ok in my life? Does this bring me closer to myself and those whom I love? Is this for my highest good? If any answer is “no” – make the choice today to begin moving on, unabashedly…your time, attention, and energy is so precious and valuable and you want to spend it on only that which brings you joy, love, nourishment, and fulfillment, always.
  • Train yourself to LET GO AND MOVE FORWARD WITH COMPLETE AND TOTAL EASEThere is a key distinction that has to be made for you to allow yourself to let go of anything – relationships, people, events, circumstances, the past, feelings, thoughts – much much much easier. What is meant for you will be. What is the very best for you will be. What will serve you the most will be. What will bring you to your True Self, allow you to shine, and fulfill all your most cherished and abundant wishes will be. If something exited your world, or if a plan did not go as you had hoped, or if anything did not unfold as expected, understand that it was not supposed to. If something didn’t work out, then celebrate in sheer gratitude, because something far better is on its way to you right this second. In this life, we must all accept that some blessings in our life often begin as what we perceive to be “curses”. Some events unfold in a very difficult to understand and seemingly daunting way, yet they are leading you to greater things. They are instilling your needed knowledge. They are forcing you to grow as to reach your highest potential. Allow yourself to understand this in the moment and at onset. After you realize this, you can hopefully see how letting go of and finding closure for what didn’t work out is much easier – holding on to something that wasn’t meant for you is completely and utterly useless, yet accepting that all events are leading you to greatness is of paramount benefit to you. This brings you to where you are meant to be: a state of complete peace. Celebrate and dance in the uncertainty and feel grateful that you are being led to what is absolutely best for you and what will fulfill your most incredible dreams, in every way, always.
  • Adopt this perspective: Everything in my life is an opportunity, whether I consider it to be “bad” or “good”: As is outlined in the above linked article, “Stress Without Distress,” it is obligatory that you understand that everything you may have been perceiving as “negative” or “bad”, and hence feeling negative feelings and resistance toward is no such thing. Everything in your life is an opportunity to contribute to your personal evolution, inherent wisdom, growing awareness, and development. Everything. If your whole life up until today consisted of what we often call “smooth sailing” times, with zero challenges, accidents, mistakes, unexpected and unwelcome experiences, road blocks, or detours, than you would  have no impetus to evolve. Those twists in your path were and are absolutely mandatory to you becoming your best and most True Self. This has all led you to discovering the true nature of who you are and what you most wish for, and that is a huge part of your whole purpose here in this life. Experiences, all of them, whether we categorize them as “bad” or “good”, teach us about ourselves, others, the world around us, our passions, our loves, our wants, our dislikes, you name it – it TEACHS YOU SOMETHING! In order to absorb the truly rich nature of this life and your own blindingly glorious potential, you must begin to see your life this way – as the true gift that it is. And once you have spent some time holding this perspective, start to challenge yourself to view all steps in your entire landscape of life since birth as “good”, because in essence, they are. Everything can be seen as positive in that it contributed to the ever-evolving odyssey that is your whole path…it all contributed to your growing wisdom and personal evolution. Even the most tragic losses and grief, trauma and pain, heartache and sorrow can lead you to a new and refreshed place all because you grew through that extremely challenging experience. As you wake up more and more you will become more aware of this, looking back on your path to today and seeing exactly why certain experiences came to be, as they served as the push and stepping stones to lead you to your highest potential, your True Self, your most evolved space, and your most cherished purpose. An intriguing truth here in this life is that often these steps are ffaaaarrrr from what we would consider welcome, but they always evolve to exist for you as profound and brilliantly life-changing endowments. So work to release resistance (Acceptance vs. Resistance) and embrace it all. It is a lot more enjoyable that way.
    • Remember: Human nature renders us having to be given strong push to propel the most evolutionary growth, hence seemingly unwanted events/circumstances in our lives being the most brilliantly transformative catalysts for needed change. The absolutely mandatory element here is that you wake up to understand this – that way, you may emerge on the other side of any and all challenges, severe or not, far more evolved, strong, aware, and wise than you were before said circumstances. TAKE ADVANTAGE: that is why any and everything unfolds in your life, to serve you. Wake up to this and your whole world will change. The second something starts to emerge in your life that seems peculiar or strange or unwelcome, immediately ask, “what is this supposed to teach me and how will I grow the most through this experience?” Focus on the fact that everything is an opportunity and completely stop focusing on anything as a “problem” or “setback”. In the face of presumed adversity, focus all of your attention on solutions and your next steps, with the fact that you are taking advantage of this new opportunity in the forefront of your mind. Stop resisting. Stop complaining. Stop meeting the twists and turns in your path with negative emotions and thoughts. Change your perspective and open your mind and heart to the opportunity that stands in front of you. Push yourself to embrace the storms in your life, and soon enough you will see how and why they served as gifts. Please do this for yourself.

E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is an opportunity: it is just up to you to wake up to this.

In the face of presumed adversity, do not focus on the given circumstance, focus on your next steps, your solutions, and how you are taking advantage of this new opportunity.

  • Start to enjoy your own company: the relationship that you have with yourself is the absolute MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP YOU WILL EVER HAVE – it sculpts all of your other relationships. Start with yourself and the rest will unfold beautifully. You are dearly loved, safe, whole, fulfilled, and intrigued right at this moment – in your skin, as your independent self. You are not your mistakes or your past or what others think or say or do. You belong to yourself and are walking the most perfect path for you and only you.  Enjoy the quiet, even if it is only for a few minutes. We absolutely must seek solitude and be alone as to accomplish some of our most prolific work and breakthroughs. Listen to yourself and begin to fully and utterly trust yourself. Do not seek company out of habit or insecurity – realize that you are the best thing that ever happened to yourself: get excited to explore all that you are. Be your own best friend and your own best advocate – all others whom love and support you add to this beauty, but it always starts with you – you are whole right this second.
  • Always speak to yourself and engage in an inner dialogue that is truly loving, supportive, compassionate, and forgiving: ALWAYS – no exceptions. As stated above, the relationship that you have with yourself is of the utmost importance! Think of the way you speak to yourself as the way you speak to your most cherished and dear loved ones – you are no different. Speak to yourself kindly and give yourself the best advice. Always have your own back and nurture yourself – always. This is absolutely the least “selfish” thing you could ever do, as it allows you to give your best and True Self to all others! Love yourself fully, fiercely, unabashedly, totally, always, and forever – no exceptions, ever. As you move forth, transcending old toxic and self-destructive thought processes and beliefs, consciously put effort into TREATING YOURSELF BETTER! Live your self-love now and always. Identify the fact that you might have treated yourself poorly in the past, being overly critical and lacking compassion. Wake up to deliberately shifting this pattern: this is huge and very important for you to do. Start, today, to think and speak to yourself lovingly, kindly, compassionately, understandingly, and lovingly. This life can be tough, and you are doing wonderfully, treat yourself with kindness: a-l-w-a-y-s.
  • Define your values: what do you hold most dear in this life? What is most important to you? Write all of this down to help you see these important notions clearly. Specifically defining your values helps you to move toward figuring out what your ultimate goals are – they lead you to discovering your true essence and how you wish to sculpt your life.
  • Define your personal boundaries in your relationships and CLEARLY teach people how to treat you: what do you see as a mutually loving, respecting, enjoyable, worth while relationship in your life? With family, friends, a romantic partner, colleagues, everyone. How do you expect to be treated? What is ok for you and what isn’t? Some of these answers will become more clear as you consciously move forth on your aware path, taking note of how you feel in various circumstances and experiences which will help you to define your personal boundaries in the moment. This practice is huge, because without a clear idea of what you find acceptable and not acceptable, you could allow yourself to exist in relationships that are not fulfilling, healthy, or respectful for you. Remember this quote always: “you teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.” Your voice is equally worthy as all others’, freely exercise it with respect and love, allowing your True Self to shine through always. If you clearly and openly outline your boundaries in all of your relationships and they are not respected – this makes it very easy to figure out who does and does not deserve to be in your life. Set the tone for how you expect to be treated and speak up every time that you feel you need to: this is how you set your boundaries clearly and overtly. Listen to and respect others’ boundaries and set and uphold your own as well.
    • Others may show resistance: If you are new to exercising your voice and outlining and maintaining your personal boundaries, those with whom you begin to implement this self-loving and respecting practice with may demonstrate a degree of resistance. That is, some of the people with whom you’ve held long standing relationships with, such as your family, may be taken aback at first by your new-found assertiveness. Do not be surprised or put off by this and do not let this deter you from exercising your voice and setting/maintaining your boundaries. Do not let anger, frustration, negative comments, or any other form of resistance stop you from living your self-love. It isn’t your problem if someone shows resistance. If they truly love, care for, and respect you, they will respect your boundaries, and they will adjust to you waking up and living as your True Self (i.e. someone who freely teaches them how to treat you). Be open and honest about your evolutionary journey along the way and always remember that you are responsible for setting and maintaining your personal boundaries – and that they should always be honored by those you share your life with.
  • Do not merge – do not internalize or take on someone else’s burden: This is where the art of self-loving, conscious and aware living is truly in need of being exercised.  You are fully capable of feeling and expressing compassion, support, understanding, and unconditional love for anyone and not personally absorbing and internalizing their pain and struggle into your intrinsic world. I refer to this as merging. Keep your energy field clear, refreshed, full of light, and love – then come from this place when supporting others through their journey. You can not truly love, support, and care for someone unless you love, support, and care for yourself actively, first. Unfortunately this whole idea of “selflessness” has been taken on as a revered trait, when all this does is bring you further away from your True Self and drain you of your vitality over time. Remain conscious when you are speaking to and/or supporting another person through their struggles and do not allow the burden to seep into you.
    • You can take this a step further for an even more enlightened and aware state of consistent being: at the root of any behavior other than tact, kindness, love, compassion, peace, maturity, honesty, consideration, and all other True Self characteristics is one’s harbored past pain and subsequent/residual present inner battle. Therefore – it stands to reason that you, yourself, would not internalize this burden as your own, when in fact, it isn’t yours at all. Leave the burden alone. Give it no attention or energy, for it is not yours to take on. When someone outwardly expresses non-True Self behaviors such as anger, hate, dishonesty, discrimination, aggression, or disrespect, objectively observe and move forth within your own energy field, consciously and with love.
    • ALWAYS REMEMBER: How people treat others is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves. Unfortunately, self-hate is at the root of a great deal of outward negative expression. Love yourself always, and hence express your True Self characteristics of love, kindness, respect, compassion, consideration, and honesty – to everyone, even those whom are the most negative, angry, and disrespectful. Those people are suffering and they need compassion above all else.
  • Do not criticize yourself or others: My goodness does this one need to be blasted loud and clear today!! Projection projection projection runs rampant my friends. Put your valuable and deserving energy toward noticing and accentuating the light in yourself, others, and the world. Do not focus on, fuel, or promote the “faults”, “bad”, “negative, “lacking” elements of anyone, anything, or any situation. What you focus on expands – so if you focus a lot on the dark, more of this will come into your life. Remember being taught when you were a kid, “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?” Well, that advice is very valuable throughout your whole life. You have no idea what the true nature of someone else’s journey entails – and most others have no idea about the true nature of yours, so cease from criticizing and cease from giving the criticism of others any bearing at all. It is all chatter. It is all white noise. Live and let live. Remember, hardly anything is as it seems: over-criticism at the hands of another is often rooted in self-hatred, envy, insecurity, harbored past pain, and any number of other imbalances within that person.
    • Remember: what you give, you get. Don’t you want unconditional love, support, respect, and understanding from others in your life? Then consciously give this out – always, and that is what you will get in return.
  • Figuratively take out the trash every single day: At the close of each day, consciously cleanse your whole being of anything that you may have unintentionally internalized that day that does not serve you. Give thanks for your many blessings and gifts and declare that you welcome new and refreshing energies and experiences for the next day. You can do this in the form of prayer, writing, or simply saying a  cleansing statement to yourself as you climb in bed at night. And while you are at it, give thanks for your bed, of your cozy pajamas, for your home, and for all that keeps you comfortable in your daily life. 🙂
  • Understand that LOVE IS EVERYTHING and both love and joy are states of mind, that when maintained, saturate your heart and transform your life for the better: Now, more than ever, it is direly important for you to realize this and to live it. We are experiencing times that can be very confusing, upsetting, strange, foreign, off-putting, and dark. Yet none of that has to effect you adversely. Love is not just what is felt between two romantic partners or between family members and friends. LOVE IS A UBIQUITOUS ENERGY THAT INFILTRATES EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE, if you let it. So, that being said, invite love into all that is you, your world, and the world. Same goes with joy and happiness. As we have discussed – JOY IS WITHIN YOU: outside things, people, places, experiences can support your joy – but the original source of joy and happiness lyes within you, my friend. So stop searching anywhere outside of yourself and direct your sole attention introspectively. Then, grab onto joy and keep this in your mind consistently. Let it seep down to your heart and set up shop there – invite joy into all this is you, your world, and the world: right now. And don’t wait until x, y, z happens for you to be happy and filled with love: DO IT NOW! FEEL IT NOW! And then, once you do this – x,y,z will pop right into your life, as you are living your love and joy and henceforth easily attract all that matches this energy into your world.
    • If you’ve ever heard the statement “LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER”, understand that this couldn’t hold more truth: This will become more clear to you as your own unconditional self-love and self-acceptance grows. If you are stuck in any way shape or form in your life, the answer is love. Love yourself, love the situation, love how your life is unfolding with the inherent knowledge that it is all happening to bring you to hugely magnificent places. Love your growth and love every single step that led you to right now, whether you consider it a success, a mistake, or whatever. Love it all because it is all part of your story and you are in love with your story. Love everyone and love everything. Love is hands down the most powerful force in this world…in this universe, so use it. Love is everything and it will give you absolutely anything that you could ever imagine. Be The Love. Stop resisting love, stop it. Ironically, we all have to come around to understanding this, because so many of us are conditioned to resist love! Accept that there is infinite love and welcome it all into you – all of you. There is nothing to be afraid of: there never has been and there never will be.
  • Love is everything…and all else is an illusion: As you gradually begin to wake up to yourself, your world, and the world, you will realize that there are a tremendous array of illusions that circulate and lead many people to believe that they are “real”. The limiting stories people tell, the years-old subconscious emotional residue that controls one’s present life, the feeling that the world owes you something, the feeling that you must express anger, hatred, discrimination, judgment to other people to make yourself feel better about yourself. All of that is an illusion. It is a fabricated story that serves no purpose other than taking someone away from their True Self. The only energy that holds the most weight is love. Period. You have probably been conditioned to believe that you have no control over how you feel…that the world around you is scary and you need to protect yourself…that people will hurt you so you need to put your guard up…that you have to get by day by day and adhere to a set of standards to make you an “ok” person…that you are what has happened to you, how people treat you, you are what other people say you are…that you have to make everyone else happy before you can make yourself happy…that you have to buy a ton of stuff to make you appear successful and happy to those around you, and that “one day” in the far-off distant future it will all pay off and you will feel fulfilled and joyful about it all…that you have to feel pain when someone tries to cast their shadow upon you…that you have to look a certain way for people to think you are attractive…that life happens to you and not for you….that you are a passive element of this life, and you can only do so much to survive and attempt to feel ok. Let me tell you something: none of that is true. None of that holds any weight, at all. It. is. all. an. illusion. One. big. illusion. Listen closely – you are the only person in your life that gets to define, delineate, sculpt, be, think, or do any and everything in your world. You have absolute and complete free will. Nothing is unless you choose for it to be: and that goes for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in your life, everything. Take off all of your armor. Stare at your incredibly beautiful self in the mirror in saturating awe and appreciation. Start to dig through your whole path up to right now and press the refresh button on the old, illusionary story you have been telling yourself and others for years. Leave what people, society, and your own limiting beliefs have told you COMPLETELY BEHIND, where they belong. Wake up to these illusions and choose to take your power back. Wake each day and choose to focus on the most “real” truth of all, and that is the energy of love. In every way, shape, and form.

You have complete free will: use it. Use it first by letting love into you in all ways. Live Love.  

  • HUGELY IMPORTANT: Evaluate your core beliefs and shift those that are limiting and do not line up with your current, True Self, and most cherished goals and visions. Our core beliefs (most of them subconscious) completely drive all that is our world. One’s beliefs do not only have to do with aspects such as religion and spirituality, they have to do with absolutely everything that concerns you and your life. What you believe, you create and attract, so in order to create the life you wish for today, you must make sure your beliefs are conducive to this vision. Do realize that until conscious, deliberate attention is given and action is taken to reformulate – most of our beliefs are not our own to begin with – they are those derived from our early life’s experiences (sometimes traumas) and those whom we spent the most time with like our parents, siblings, and teachers. Furthermore, society at large instills various conditioned beliefs into us that most simply take for granted, adopting at a young age and moving throughout life formulating one’s life around without giving them a second thought. Attention absolutely must be given here. Most people house a few subconscious beliefs that are limiting them today…I would actually go as far as to say all people must shift a number of limiting beliefs throughout their personal evolution and awakening journey. To unearth some of our most potentially influential limiting beliefs that could be blocking us in the present, we must revisit our early lives: to courageously, honestly, and vulnerably (The Power of Vulnerability) examine some of the first times you felt emotional pain, hurt, confusion, upset, fear – anything less than love and safety. Those beliefs that we hold deep within us that limit us are most often derived originally from these such experiences, as our early lives have a tremendous impact on the formulation of our belief systems as we grow up. And interestingly, our most formative years are usually before the age of 7, so backtrack all the way back to then. These beliefs absolutely limit us in the present – as they seem to be “true” when in fact they were the result of an early experience that doesn’t have to impact us adversely in our present. Unearthing the TRUE AND ULTIMATE ROOT cause of the development of a potential false/limiting subconscious core belief of yours in order to set it free and reformulate it can take some time and work.  Set the intention to discover this root cause – and patiently and calmly trace back your steps until you feel as though you have reached the epitome – the original catalyst of the belief. Some may already have a crystal clear idea and some may have to hunt. An interesting psychological phenomenon is that there can be an entire spectrum of “severity” when it comes to the actual circumstances that birthed the belief – but they all have the same formative and far-reaching effect. So you could have experienced a severe trauma or you could have experienced a seemingly trivial event in elementary school – but both will be the core underlying seed to formulate your subconscious core beliefs, which are inevitably taken with you through adolescence and into your adult life.
    • So my biggest piece of advice for you today is: TAKE YOUR BELIEFS BACK AND MAKE THEM YOUR OWN – BASED ON YOUR TRUE SELF – THE PERSON YOU ARE TODAY! Don’t you want to live life according to YOUR RULES AND YOUR TRUTHS?? It’s time to take yourself back and shed all of the nonsense that has been holding you back for so long – the nonsense that isn’t yours to keep any longer.
    • Examine your main, core beliefs about all of this life’s main elements and write them down. Begin with your beliefs about yourself: it all starts there. Then move on to love, relationships, health, work, joy, money, fun, etc. Are any of these beliefs limiting you today? Are these beliefs based on your current life and your True Self? Or can you tie these beliefs to your past (usually an experience in childhood) when given some time and deep consideration? Can you identify any patterns in your life that seem to have a lot in common, and can you connect this pattern to a belief that you hold? How can you shift this belief/set of beliefs to match who you truly are – your True Self – today? Can you shift these beliefs to match what you consciously say and feel you wish for today? Writing this all down is imperative as it gives you a tangible, clear picture of your whole belief system – and hence how you are sculpting your life right now. Write two sets: the beliefs you have right now and the beliefs you are going to embody in full once you let go of the old beliefs. At the top of each piece of paper, write:

“My core beliefs about myself are:”

My worth:

My capabilities:

I believe I deserve____________in my life…

I am:

“My core beliefs about love are:”

“My core beliefs about relationships are:”

“My core beliefs about other people are:”

“My core beliefs about my health are:”

“My core beliefs about my work are:”

“My core beliefs about what joy is and my experiencing of true joy are:”

“My core beliefs about money are:”

“My core beliefs about enjoyment in my life are:

Doing this helps you to bring a lot of your subconscious core beliefs into the light of day, and therefore grants you the ability to shift them if need be. As I’ve explained, many simply don’t think twice about their beliefs, as they “just are” in their life. But this can catalyze tremendously undue blockages to the fulfillment of your full potential, the unveiling of your True Self, the experiencing of consistent joy, and all that you really want for yourself and your life. Hang the second collection of beliefs – the set that you have written that reflect today and your True Self – on the wall somewhere that you frequent. Look at this often.

    • Once you gift yourself the ability to review your beliefs unbridled, you will come to see that some of them are irrational, which makes them A) false and B) limiting. All of us have irrational beliefs that need to be reformulated for us to reach our full potential. The more and more you work toward unwavering, 100 % self-love and the discovery of your True Self, the reformulation of your beliefs to be your own, and match who you are today will become much easier. But nothing can be done until the attention is given and all of your core beliefs are evaluated to begin with.
    • Furthermore, if not reevaluated and reformulated to match your True Self, an unwanted self-fulfilling prophecy and/or self-sabatoge pattern can occur. Say for example, you subconsciously believe you do not deserve to be happy. Your beliefs create your life and sculpt what you attract (explained further below), so this belief will continue to attract experiences, people, energies into your life that make you feel unhappy – it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in the belief bringing forth the experience. This really gets tough when one continues to attract the same experience over and over, creating the illusion that whatever it is they are attracting is “true” and is written in stone. The self-fulfilling prophecy is also commonly apparent when one consciously and/or subconsciously believes themselves to be a victim, as discussed above. When the belief that one is a victim is being continuously held, that person will (often unknowingly) continue to create and attract circumstances in their life that warrant them to be a victim, and often wonder why that keeps happening, and why they keep feeling this way. The belief must be identified and shifted for change to take place! Furthermore, self-sabatoging can occur when a conscious desire does not match a subconscious belief, and even though one may “say” they want something, they will always create a life that goes back to match their subconscious core beliefs. There are endless examples here, we’ll use the above general concept of happiness. You conscious say and feel as though you want to be completely happy. Yet you haven’t invested much time in your introspective work and haven’t yet truly explored who your True Self may be. You still hold the subconscious core belief that you do not deserve to be happy. Opportunities come along in your life for you to grow, evolve, and reach your full potential, but you either immediately turn them down with an excuse, or you embark on some of them and do something to sabotage the bright opportunity right in front of you. This can be tricky – because of course you want to better your life, but until you dig deep and reevaluate some of your earliest and biggest subconscious core beliefs, your life will continue to match the false/limiting beliefs that you currently hold. You have all of the power, remember. All of this can and will be changed for the better upon your investment in the process. P.S. Happiness and joy are cultivated within, so stop searching outside of yourself and begin to look within.
    • Here is an example of the process of beliefs sculpting our life, to give you a quick idea:
      • Original childhood experience/event = overly strict or emotionally abusive relative or parent.
      • Core belief developed = people are mean and will hurt me and criticize me – I am not worth being treated well – I can not do anything about how others treat me.
      • Adolescent and adult consequence = closing oneself off emotionally, not exercising one’s Voice out of fear of the consequences, assuming that everyone close will abandon, abuse, and/or hurt them – selling oneself short and settling for less than the best in all areas of life, allowing abusive or disrespectful treatment from others without setting personal boundaries or standing up for oneself.
      • Attraction mechanism (the energy that we are emitting that determines the nature of what we will attract into our world) = attracts friends and romantic partners into one’s life whom are emotionally abusive, negligent, crass, arrogant, and negative. Accepts a less-than-optimal life picture out of the inherent belief that they do not deserve any better.
        • RECAP: Given this example – you can clearly see where the original catalyst of this false/limiting core belief began: AND IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS PERSON’S ORGANIC, INDIVIDUAL AND PERSONALLY DERIVED BELIEFS AND FEELINGS – it was developed from another person whom they spent a lot of time with: their relative or parent. It was developed from someone else’s imbalances and harbored, unreleased past pain – as any behavior other than love, support, forgiveness, and kindness are signals of imbalance within that person. In order for this person to reclaim themselves and develop the life that they TRULY deserve, they must trace back to this relationship and the abuse, partake in the 5 Steps To Dismantle and Release Pain from the Past and then reformulate their core belief system to match what they truly and ultimately deserve: based on their own, autonomous, and individual perspectives: their True Self! So the new belief would look like this →
          • New belief: I love and respect myself fully and unconditionally and I deserve all the love, freedom, abundance, and joy that is in this life: THIS IS MY BIRTHRIGHT. I love people and experiencing this love and joy with them. People are good and I invite those whom love and respect me and my boundaries openly into my world. I deserve to be treated with respect and to be fully valued and will not tolerate any behavior that is less than this. Nothing and no one can take anything away from me: I am whole. I am completely and fully FREE and my life is whatever I wish for it to be!
          • Life experience created: Freely and openly exercising one’s Voice enjoyably with ease, living with an open heart always, seeing and expecting the best in people, setting big goals for oneself and going after them with the full knowing that they are 100% deserving of the best and only the best and are creating the life of their dreams.
          • Attraction mechanism: Attracts the most loving, considerate, respectful, inspirational, and joyful people into their life. Attracts experiences that give opportunities to exercise their Voice and share their inherent gifts, lives abundantly in happiness, love, and fulfillment – actively creating their life according to their True Self, as it is TODAY. Quickly and easily identifies anything incongruent with this picture – anything that does not nourish and uplift their soul – and peacefully and lovingly walks away from it.
            • Get the idea?
            • This practice can take some time, and I suggest journaling or speaking with someone you trust as you move through this process. Always remember, you are not your past, you are not what others say or think or do – you are not the negativity and pain that other people have attempted to shed on you, you are a brilliant and worthy soul whom is completely filled with light and was put here to create the most abundant joy and love you can fathom possible. YOU ARE AN AUTONOMOUS BEING WHOM BELONGS TO YOU AND ONLY YOU AND NOTHING CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOUOur experiences do not have to become our identity and they do not have to stamp indelible beliefs into our mind that hinder our brilliance capacity to grow and transcend. It is time to let go of anything that is holding you back, and in order to do so, you must identify and shift any limiting subconscious core beliefs that you are still holding onto – it is time, it is time, now. Some of the affirmations listed below can help you do so – in reprogramming your subconscious mind to line up with your current, True Self values and dreams.
            • The art of personal development: Allowing your personal experiences throughout your life to instill wisdom, growth, and evolution in you but disallowing them from hindering you. By this I mean that in order to live our most full, rich, abundantly fulfilling lives, we can not define our future based on the past. You can allow the past to teach you and provide you valuable guidance, but make sure you are not defining the people, experiences, and all other elements of your world today by the path that led you here. Free yourself from this all-too-common pattern. Live free and open. Live love and utilize your wisdom by readily awaiting your future with an open, now more evolved perspective.

Always remember: you do not manifest and attract what you say you want, you manifest and attract what you believe. You must evaluate your beliefs and shift any that are limiting you today: it always comes down to your BELIEFS and you hold all of the power in shifting them to suit everything that you truly desire.

  • After you have worked on the above, in reformulating your own false/limiting core beliefs, work to discontinue allowing anyone else’s experiences to dictate your lived reality: The experiences that others around you go through or the experiences of other people that you read or hear about, and all that characterizes these experiences, are formulated by that person’s belief system, not yours. Comparing your life and path with theirs is a complete lost cause – as you are in charge of your own beliefs and hence how you create your life. Therefore, you can experience the exact same set of circumstances in a completely different way than the next person, solely based on your unique and personally derived beliefs. Basing your lived experience on the beliefs of someone else often highly limits your potential, and your right to sculpt your life and its development according to your rules. Take charge of your own life and your own beliefs. This is in regard to any and all facets of yourself and your world. Focus your attention and concern yourself with your own beliefs…concern yourself with matching your subconscious and conscious core beliefs to match your True Self and the values that you hold as who you are today, and nothing else.
    • And on the other side of the coin: If you read, hear about, or witness someone else’s path unfolding in a similar manner that you wish to sculpt your own, deliberately declare that you feel happiness for that person. Deliberately release the illusion of envy or jealousy. Seeing someone else achieve, have, or experience something that you want for yourself serves as a source of ENCOURAGEMENT and nothing else. It proves to you that the frequency that you wish to match exists in that person’s world, and all you have to do is set the intent to match this frequency yourself (which is simply done by holding your own personal belief that you can and will attract whatever it is that you desire). Feel love, excitement, and support for any and everyone who has what you want, and before you know it, it will be yours too.
  • Do not allow the limiting beliefs of other people to be projected onto you!! This is absolutely H-U-G-E. Understand that other people are in charge of managing their belief systems and hence their lived reality, and you are in charge of managing yours, and hence your autonomous lived reality. Everyday, all of the time, we are all living according to our own beliefs, and very very often these beliefs are projected outward. Becoming aware of this allows you to stand on your own two feet when it comes to living by your own personal core beliefs, and not those around you. For example (and there are endless examples), let’s say a family member of yours holds the limiting belief that life is a constant struggle and you must scrape by to get ahead. This is their belief, and hence this is their lived reality. Say you are in discussion with them about your own path and how you are enjoying your journey and the abundance and auspiciousness you are experiencing. They respond by saying something like, “that won’t last for long, you just wait”, or, “you are living in a fairy tale land”. As opposed to allowing this person’s limiting belief to be absorbed or internalized by you, darkening your perspective and impacting your own core beliefs in any way, simply objectively observe (discussed above) the conversation, understanding that those statements are merely a reflection of that person’s own limiting beliefs and they have nothing to do with your own lived reality. And the buck stops there. Once you shift your own core beliefs (discussed above) and wake up to the fact that others are projecting their own beliefs constantly, you will be better equipped to disallow the limiting beliefs of others to affect you at all. Live with fortitude and be so passionately in love with yourself, your loved ones, your life, and your own belief system that the limitations that others put on themselves couldn’t matter less to you. Follow your bliss…your joy…and your True Self, and leave others to follow theirs.
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique aka “Tapping”: FULL EXPLANATION COMING SOON – This is a brilliantly effective practice that can be done anywhere, anytime, and allows you to basically put everything I outline in this page into action. Put simply, it is a combination of utilizing Ancient Chinese Acupressure points with Modern Psychology to reprogram the subconscious mind and reclaim your True Self, most vivid dreams/goals, core beliefs, and to basically get to the root of any and all issues that are holding you back from actualizing your very best life possible. Look into this: I promise you will be very pleased with the results it provides for all areas of your life!
  • Challenge yourself! Everyone has heard that saying “life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” and it is true! Get up, get out, and explore yourself and this world. Accept challenges and embark on new and unforeseen territory. You will not be able to experience how truly magnificent you are until you deliberately put yourself in positions that encourage you to be your best and True Self. Our entire life is an avenue of personal growth, learning, reinvention, with continual change and transcendence of the old. Challenging yourself = truly living. Start small and work your way up – and what challenges some in healthful ways may not you. Write your own story and embark on your own path. If you want to climb Mt. Everest, go for it. If you want to circumnavigate the world, go for it. If challenging yourself means building a vegetable garden in your back yard, go for it. If challenging yourself means starting your own business, go for it. If reaching true self-love challenges you, GO FOR IT! Sometimes people can internalize a stale, negative understanding of the idea of “challenge”. However, challenge can be, and is, a welcome, delicious component of this life that is only meant to be embraced. Don’t wait until you “are ready”…you will be waiting forever. Start now. Do what challenges you now.
  • Realize that it is ok if you do not know what your true passion(s) are and if you do not know what you want to be when you grow up: A really unfortunate societal construct that is absorbed in many societies is that you are supposed to have your whole life figured out by the time you are in your late teens. Please. Most people have no clue who they even are at this age, let alone what they want their life to look like in 20 years…what their main purpose or most meaningful path looks like…or what will fulfill them and instill them with the most joy. In fact, most people must go through a few trials and tribulations until any of that is realized, they learn some core lessons, and are able to conceptualize themselves and the world in a clear and relatively mature way. There is no age at which you have to know these things for it to be considered ok. Whatever your story is, is absolutely perfect FOR YOU. If you are called the “black sheep”, I urge you to be truly thankful and celebratory of this compliment. You do not have to follow the tide for your life to be successful or the “best” for you. Make your own rules. Love how your path is unfolding, however it is unfolding, right this second. You see, as you move forth on your journey of True Self-discovery and exploration, your passions and desires become crystal clear, and this can not be forced. In fact, letting these hugely important ideals come to you organically is direly important, as it saves you from accepting the wishes of everyone around you, embarking on a path that really doesn’t light your fire, and waking up one day realizing that you aren’t living your own life. So take your time. Listen to and trust yourself. Remain aware of what sets your soul on fire, or at the onset, what gives you tangible feelings of warmth. Follow that…and leave the ideals of others to them, to apply to their own path.

Thoughts and beliefs → creation of your life.

Essentially all of your introspective work can be narrowed down to beliefs beliefs beliefs…choices choices choices!!

Realize your unlimited power to choose and shift your thoughts and beliefs to those that are self-loving, joyful, positive, full of abundance, understanding of your infinite power and limitless possibilities and that is what you will get! That is how it works.

The thing is, most people limit themselves unnecessarily. One must wake up to the fact that there are no limitations. That if it can be imagined, then it is realistic – it is entirely up to you. One must look beyond the limiting notions that they have been conditioned to believe unnecessarily and open their eyes to what is TRULY available to them. You are a powerful creative being, and it has always been this way. This fact just has to be realized.

So many limiting beliefs are taken for granted – they are not given a second thought. This explains why so many people want happiness, joy, and abundance, but do not attract it into their life. They are still holding onto unnecessary limiting beliefs. NOTHING IS UNLESS YOU CHOOSE FOR IT TO BE: the outside world exists in a neutral state – it is indifferent. Meaning is developed by your choosingyou can make anything be or mean anything that you wish: it is entirely up to you:

  • You can make your whole life up to this point equate to positive, lesson-instilling experiences, or you can make your whole life up to this point equate to mistakes and regrets: it is entirely your choice – which one feels better?
  • You can choose to understand that happiness and joy are born from within and humbly and fully fall more in love with yourself with each passing day, excited to explore, actualize, and utilize your most brilliant and full potential – or you can spend your time looking outside of yourself for personal satisfaction and feeling like you aren’t good enough: it is entirely up to you (p.s. looking outside of oneself to acquire happiness is a futile search, if I could give one tip it would be: begin to look within and explore yourself – you will find everything you are looking for).
  • You can think of, expect, and truly know and believe that you deserve great monetary abundance in your life, or you can think of, expect, and believe that money is not good and you have to struggle to obtain it: YOUR LIFE WILL MATCH WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE – FOR EVERYTHING EVER THAT YOU HAVE EVER FATHOMED.
  • You can choose to look at “fears” as givens – things that you are afraid of and that you have to avoid: public speaking, spiders, “failure”, commitment, heights, you name it – OR: you can choose to understand and see that “fears” are simply false, limiting beliefs (often developed from childhood experiences), and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SHIFT THIS BELIEF TO A DIFFERENT BELIEF that lines up with your limitless, powerfully capable, True Self, and these “fears” completely go out of the window. They were illusions to begin with – illusions that we held for so long they appeared to be “real” to us. Try this and you will see – give yourself permission to be free – give yourself permission to boldly and vulnerably trace back the root of the limiting belief and dismantle its hold – give yourself permission to experience your limitless potential, to enjoy how truly awesome you really are! You can be, do, or have anything at all that you wish and you can be, do, and have all of this in full enjoyment and ease – never forget that.
  • You can allow a trauma from your childhood (or a trauma from adulthood as well) to continue to instill the false/limiting belief that you are not worthy, that you do not deserve respect, that others can treat you as they wish, that you have no control over your life, that you are weak and scared OR: you can decide to take your power back – that that trauma does not define you and you are no longer going to live in its shadow, allowing the limiting beliefs that were born from it to hold you back, create unwanted circumstances in your life, or catalyze adverse patterns, habits, and behaviors, any longer!! THIS IS YOUR CHOICE. Of course we must actively and fully process and heal from our early traumas, and making the decision that you want change, and hence a new and improved belief system, is the first step. Officially make the choice to shift the meaning of your trauma: it is not a dark monster to run from – it is a vessel that has strengthened you and propelled you to become the brilliant soul that you are today. Completely overcome and reclaim your right to full autonomy. Allow yourself to flourish now, because you do not deserve to suffer for one second longer. 

These principles apply to anything – the people, places, experiences, energies, thoughts, things, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in your life.

You can choose to see your inner and outer world as a brilliant masterpiece of joy, love, fulfillment, meaning, excitement, adventure, abundance, exhilaration, and sheer and utter euphoria, or you can choose to live temporally and simply exist or “get by”: IT IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU – This is your life, and it is entirely up to you.

Here is the thing: Your life is brilliantly and totally sculpted to serve you for your greatest good and most heightened personal development. All experiences that you attract into your world – wanted or unwanted – are there to contribute to your evolution, if you let them. So be thankful for EVERY SINGLE BIT OF the past, including perceived mistakes and missteps (which are in truth, all gifts), for it has contributed to your ever-evolving growth and inherent wisdom. BUT – start today in doing the introspective work that it takes to shift your beliefs…and soon enough, your experiences will begin to shift. They will begin to shift to bring you what you truly deserve in love, abundance, true joy, and fulfillment. All you have to do is work to shift your beliefs.

Because your life is unfolding in accordance to the the unique and brilliant design that is meant for your greatest evolution and potential, cease from worrying if anything in your past was “your fault” or if you brought anything seemingly negative on yourself by thinking limiting thoughts and holding limiting beliefs. You are always doing your best, at that point in your life, with the awareness level that you have at that point in time. Most of us are not consciously thinking and trying to attract unwanted circumstances into our life – and some of them are completely out of our control. It is all there to teach you and it is all for your highest good. So stop, right now, if you are feeling any kind of fear, regret, or guilt out of learning about false/limiting beliefs and their correlation to what you attract into your life. Use these tools and new understandings to take your power back, to do the inner work that is necessary, and to begin to deliberately create the life that you wish for. Anything that didn’t go as you had hoped in the past, or right now, wasn’t meant for you, and there is something better coming to you right now. You are always protected. Respect the flow of your life and allow yourself – each and every day – to see the brilliance in it all. It is there. It is always there.

Discover, define, and follow your bliss…your joy. Choose to believe in this with all of you…and your life will unfold to fit this picture.



AFFIRMATIONS are extremely helpful in the concrete development of our emotional and spiritual selves. Affirmations help us to shift limiting subconscious core beliefs and reformulate our attraction mechanism to create the life that we want, that we deserve, and that fulfills us and realizes our full potential. Repeating various statements and seeing them visually is a powerful means of engraining them into your conscious and subconscious mind, to the point that they become part of who you are, and formulate your belief system and thought process. This then aligns your attraction mechanism – the energetic frequency you are emitting that determines what you will attract into your world – to bring forth all that you truly want in your life.

The beauty of affirmations is that you do not have to believe or understand them fully to begin. Allow your wildest dreams and imagination to take hold in writing them, and keep the development of unwavering self-love, respect, and worth in the forefront:

  • What will bring you the most joy you can possibly fathom at this moment?
  • How do you want to feel each and every day?
  • What kind of life do you wish to have?
  • Keeping your limitless potential in mind, what are some of your most cherished and sought after goals and visions?
  • What is the most grand, fulfilling, and loving picture that you can think of for yourself?

Write this all down!

DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF – Set your imagination free and listen to your heart.

Continue reading below to see a list of examples, and begin writing your own affirmations that speak to your heart, soul, and spirit.

It is also helpful to type or write these out on a piece of paper and post the sheet of paper somewhere that you frequent in your house, so that you will see it often – the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator in the kitchen, next to your bed. Recite them out loud of to yourself, very often throughout your day.

Each and every day of my life: I celebrate myself! I love, accept, appreciate, and celebrate myself always.

Because I am me, I am at peace. My being is my sanctuary.

Every second of my life, I stand in my power. I always stand in my power.

I love myself through all stages and seasons of my life.

Life loves and supports me!

The Universe adores me!

In every way, within and around me, I FEEL THE LOVE! I feel the love saturated in my whole heart, my whole body, and my whole soul now and always. I am dearly and infinitely loved: I always have been and I always will be!

I raise my frequency and allow the never-ending currant of love to flow through my every cell, my whole heart, my whole soul, my whole mind, all of me now and forever.

I rest inside myself, safe.

I choose love and appreciation, always.

I do not allow anyone or anything to limit me in any way, ever. I am fully aware and live the fact that I am limitless! I am unlimited!

I am here to explore and discover myself, others, and this beautiful world and I do so in gratitude and joy!

I give myself full permission to embrace my True Self and my NEW way of life 100%. This means I leave the old behind where it belongs and I consciously and completely step forward to my True Self, awakened state of being full-heartedly.

Thank you for being You,       insert your name here     . I absolutely love, honor, and appreciate every single thing about you. I love you forever and always.

I am so proud of WHO I AM! 

I am worth the infinite universe.

I express kindness, always.

Right now, I choose to feel joyful. Right now, I am at peace. Right now, I am full of love, I am full of light. I choose to feel good!

I am always protected and guided.

I allow love to be my primary motivating factor and the main energy that characterizes my life, my expressions, my feelings, and my honoring of my True Self and my perfect life’s path. Love is always the answer.

Part of my purpose here is to discover my True Self. I embrace this quest in full love and enjoyment. Thank you for my many blessings and gifts that keep flooding to me as I discover more and more of who I truly am.

I truly enjoy taking the best care of myself possible.

I am always grounded and secure.

Absolutely regardless of what is going on around me, I am always at peace in every moment of my wonderful life. Equanimity is part of who I am.

I am ready to let go of all that does not nourish or serve me any longer – people, places, emotions, memories – I gracefully, lovingly, and completely let go of it all right now and always.

I give myself permission to live as my True Self now and always. I have found closure for the past and embrace the new in every way. Thank you for my lessons. Thank you for my many blessings and gifts. My path is perfect for me: always has been and always will be.

Thank you, illusion of fear, but I’ve got it from here. You served me in the past but you no longer serve me now. I am fearless. You are an illusion.

Today, I vow to let go of suffering. Today, I choose love and joy. I do not have to suffer to get what I want and suffering is now in the past. I feel light, free, refreshed, and blissful!

I have taken my power back and it is here to stay!

I am ready to accept and receive unconditional love, abundance, and total joy into my life.

I completely trust myself, my intuition, inner compass and the currant of my life.

As I truly live, along my path, I fully and completely realize that: nothing can ever take anything away from me, nothing can touch my infinite power – no words, actions, or circumstances can touch the inherent truth that I am Whole, Complete, Empowered, Autonomous, Strong and full of Loving Light always and forever.

I am inspired, guided, and led by all that sets my soul on fire!


I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

Everything that I desire is already mine. I am in deep gratitude always for my many blessings and gifts!

I am completely and fully open to reexamining my core beliefs and shifting any that are limiting me today and that do not line up with my TRUE SELF and my most cherished values. My core beliefs are not based on the past, they reflect who I am today and all that is my present world in fullness, love, trust, and joy.

There is nothing that I can not be, or do, or have: I am a limitless being whom was put on this earth to manifest my most fulfilling and abundant dreams.

I am so deeply in love with myself!

Life is so good to me. My life flows with great ease, peace, fulfillment, and love.

I deeply and completely love, FULLY ACCEPT, and celebrate who I was, who I am, and who I am evolving to become.

My inner dialogue is always supportive, compassionate, loving, and forgiving.

I always have, do, and will deserve the best in all areas of my life – this is my birthright!

Love and joy saturate my whole being!

I am so grateful to be growing through every single one of my life’s experiences.

Every second of my life, I am IN CHOICE.

I freely and easily move on from people who do not respect me and my boundaries or nourish my soul.

I give love, kindness, support, and encouragement to everyone in my life and I receive love, kindness, support, and encouragement from everyone in my life openly and gratefully.

I lean in and embrace any and all of my life’s unfolding adventures.

Each morning, I wake feeling excited, driven, and full of joy to begin another blissful day on my perfect life path.

I am the Light.

Right now, I am happy. I am full. I am enough – I am MORE THAN enough. I am excited and in love with my world. Right now.

I am the best thing that ever happened to myself.

Complete and total balance encompasses my body and mind.

I am open to and ready to identify and release any negative emotions that surround my current ill health and imbalance, be it: frustration, fear, disappointment, pain, hurt, anger, sadness, grief. I am ready to allow these feelings to move through and out of me, no longer residing in my beautiful and ALL LOVE body any longer or ever again.

I am abounding with wellness and I FEEL SO GOOD!

I am thankful for and absolutely love my body – it is constantly working to maintain balance for me and I vow to nurture it always.

My body is only capable of housing purity, love, balance, and all that is wellness.

I am in perfect health now and always.

I am so very pleased!

My entire life’s path is unfolding to serve me: I feel love and appreciation for every single moment of my life.

Fear is an illusion – stare it right in the face and it dissipates.

As I shift my perspective, I change my life. I have infinite power and I utilize it well.

I forgive myself and all others quickly, fully, and always.

I identify and absorb my life’s lessons fully and I let go and move on quickly, fully, truly and always. I accept that everything is a gift.

I leave the past behind, where it belongs. Now and always, I am at complete peace.

I release any and all attachments to the past with love and gratitude: I allow any residue or energy from this old story to disappear for my highest and greatest good – now and always.

I completely and fully ACCEPT AND AM AT PEACE WITH THE PAST in gratitude for all that is has taught me. I am even more in love with myself now as a result of this understanding.

I love and accept myself exactly as I am today.

I am living my full potential – I honor my brilliance and speak my truth easily and happily.

Everything that I do, say, think, and feel reflects the incredible love and respect that I have for myself.

I freely allow all that is wonderful into my life with NO RESISTANCE.

I am always EMPOWERED in my core knowing that there is no challenge that I am not fully capable of overcoming with my own limitless abilities!

I choose to see the beauty in everything: every emotion, every person, every situation, every day, every moment, there is beauty in everything.

I am a money magnet.

My bank account is overflowing with money and I am so grateful.

Wealth is mine to attract.

I am already wealthy! I am full of joy and freedom now and always!

Good things happen to me naturally.

I am unstoppable. I am limitless.

I am so in love with myself, my life, my work, and all that is my world!

I am so happy and grateful now that all is flowing so smoothly in my life: joy and abundance fills my heart!

My heart is full.


We all come across various quotes throughout our days that can and do serve as nice little tokens to consider and implement within our own lives. I think quotes can be sweet reminders of tokens we may have forgotten, and help our guidance throughout our respective journeys. Similar to affirmations they can serve as succinct gifts to further enlighten us. Essentially, quotes are compilations of the knowledge, observations, and experience that has been gained and then shared by others, and as we are all in this together, it is an incredibly valuable thing to use this shared knowledge toward the enrichment and guidance of our own inner landscapes and paths.

Lots of times I will giggle to myself having read or seen a quote or heard a lyric before that didn’t necessarily resonate with me at the time, and then following the realization and revelation of a particular lesson that has been solidified through my experiences, they jump out at you and become crystal clear!

“You are the unconditioned spirit trapped in conditions, like the sun in eclipse.”


“Everything heals. Your body heals. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Wounds heal. Your soul repairs itself. Your happiness is always going to come back.” …your happiness is always within you, it never goes anywhere.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” 

-Albert Einstein

“Whatever it is that stirs your soul, listen to that. Everything else is just noise.” -Nicole Lyons

“Instead of playing the cards you’ve been dealt, change the game.”

“When you get happy, what isn’t happy can’t come near you”


“I am strong because I have been weak. I am fearless because I have been afraid. I am wise because I have been foolish.”

“These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.” -Najwa Zebian

“It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”

-Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

“Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love. We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us. The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world.” -Marianne Williamson

“You can’t go around what you’re meant to go through.”

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” -Esther Hicks (Remember this one – begin practicing the art of positive thinking and investing your full trust and faith in whatever it is that you hope for in the future. Remain in your inherent intrinsic place of peace that is indestructible and exercise your knowledge that worrying is a waste of your precious, precious time and energy!)

I couldn’t love this quote more, it really simplifies the human learning process and points out how silly and useless the act of self-loathing and/or holding on to the past truly is:

“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.” 🙂 EXACTLY!

“Everyone makes mistakes. The wise are not people who never make mistakes, but those who forgive themselves and learn from their mistakes.” -Ajahn Brahm

“Let it be.”

-The Beatles

“Owning our story is hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our time running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy – the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light. -Brene Brown

“Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.”


“If you are resisting something, you are feeding it. Any energy you fight, you are feeding. If you are pushing something away, you are inviting it to stay.” -Michael Singer

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Growth is a process of unlearning what hinders us and practicing what empowers us.”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff”

-Wayne Dyer

“You are meant to carry on. You are energetically limitless. Nothing temporary is more powerful than your eternalness. You have more support than you may know at times. Your human responsibility is to just keep showing up in this minute, this hour, this day.” -Molly McCord

“You get to fill the blackboard of you life with whatever you want. If you have filled it in with baggage from the past, wipe it clean. Erase everything from the past that does not serve you, and be grateful it brought you to this place now, and to a new beginning. You have a clean slate, and you can start over – right here, right now. Find your joy and live it.” -Rhonda Byrne

“Aspects of ourselves die as we spiritually evolve. When we release what no longer serves our highest good, it is creating space for something better. This can be a painful process, it is temporary. Don’t hold onto the old, invite the new. What we resist will persist. Hold the vision and trust the process.” -Chantelle Renee             →Accept Everything Resist Nothing. Welcome the New and send the old away in peace.

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.” -Henry David Thoreau

“There are some things that can only be learned in a storm.”

“What you feel about another person, what you think or say about another person, what you do to another person – you do to you. Give judgment and criticism and you give it to yourself. Give love and appreciation to another person or anything, and you give it to yourself.” -Rhonda Byrne

“You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”

“There is no sense in punishing your future for the mistakes of your past. Forgive yourself, grow from it, and then let it go.” -Melanie Koulouris

“You are beautiful. You are limitless. You are loved.” 

“Let your past make you better not bitter.” 

“Eventually all the pieces fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment and know that everything happens for a reason.”

“The strongest people out there, the ones who laugh the hardest with a genuine smile, those are the people who have fought the toughest battles. Because they’ve decided that they’re not going to let anything hold them down, they’re showing the world who’s boss.” -Unknown 🙂

“Today I’m going to fall in love with the way I belong to myself, regardless of any situation or circumstance or commitment or outside happening. I’m going to fall in love with the way I refuse to settle for less than vibrant aliveness, less than what feeds and rules this energy wildly. Fully. Infinitely. Freely. Because I’ll allow nothing on the outside to detract from, limit, lessen, or shrink this. Or me.” -Victoria Erickson

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl Jung

“The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden.” -Pierre Bourdieu

“What you seek is seeking you” -Rumi

“No mud no lotus”

“Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.”

“There is no such thing as darkness, just the absence of light” 

“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come” 

“Once you realize how much you are worth, you will stop giving people discounts”

“Everything happens for a reason. That reason is change. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it is scary. But always remember, it is always, always, for the best.”

“True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero, and leader.” -Yung Pueblo

“Never regret anything” -Sara Wing

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.” -Henry David Thoreau…I’ve always truly loved this quote for years and years, and it has now solidified such a deeper meaning for me in many many ways.

“Don’t let people who don’t matter too much, matter too much.” -Wes Moore …oh so true.

“My definition of a hero is someone who is willing to stand up for their truth no matter the presumed consequences” -Wes Moore

“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.” -Pema Chodron

“You are dearly loved” -Kryon

“Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.” -W. Somerset Maugham

“In so complex a thing as human nature, we must consider, it is hard to find rules without exception” -George Eliot

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” -Theodore Roosevelt

“Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself – what you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing. Recreate and repeat.” -Warsan Shire

“Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose.” -Unknown

“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.” -Rumi

“Not my circus, not my monkeys.” -Polish Proverb

“Being happy is about being able to be the truest and most honest version of yourself to the world at any given time.” -Unknown

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” -Maya Angelou

“Science is never complete in itself but is instead an evolution of collective knowledge in progress” -Unknown ( I simply couldn’t love this statement more…it is so incredibly insightful in looking at the macro picture in an abstract, highly intuitive way, bravo! )

“There is more day to dawn, the sun is but a morning star” -Henry David Thoreau

“What you allow, is what will continue.” -Unknown

“You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce” -Tony Gaskins

“Care more about precisely who you are than what other people think of you” -Unknown

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” -Dr. Seuss

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase” -Martin Luther King Jr.

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” -Aristotle

“When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t” -Louis C.K.

“Live the life you have imagined” -Unknown

“It always seems impossible until it is done” -Nelson Mandela

“Make today ridiculously amazing” -Unknown

“Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat.” -Unknown

“Chase dreams, not people.” -Unknown

“Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.” -Unknown

“The power of imagination makes us infinite” -John Muir

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it, the time will pass anyway.” -Earl Nightingale

“When you persevere and keep working on yourself, gradually it will come to you. And when it does, you must learn to trust you inner guidance, no matter what others may say. That is the ultimate test – to trust what you know deep inside as your truth, even when the whole world tells you that you are wrong. It is hard work to trust yourself when all of those around you doubt you and call you crazy, but it is the job you came here to do.” -Hidden Hand….BRAVO! I second that! 🙂

“There is a big difference between loving yourself and being selfish. When you truly understand what it is to know and love yourself, you cannot help but to love and serve others. When you understand this at the core level of your being, you will be on the path Home.” -Hidden Hand

“Look at the things in your life that you most love to do. Ask yourself what makes you most happy. Experience these things as often as possible, as they will be related to some of the things you chose to put into your soul contract to do here.” -Hidden Hand

“An inexhaustible good nature is one of the most precious gifts of heaven, spreading itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought, and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the roughest weather.” -Washington Irving

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him” -David Brinkley

“Give but do not allow yourself to be used. Love but do not allow your heart to be abused. Trust but don’t be naive. Listen to others, but don’t lose your own voice.” -Unknown…life is an art my friends 🙂

“Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams” -Unknown

“Start everyday with a new hope, leave bad memories behind, and have faith for a better tomorrow” -Unknown

“We’re as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be” -Unknown

“Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

“Be the change you want to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within” -Maya Angelou

“Wherever you are, be all there” -Jim Elliot

“You can’t see the dimples without the smile” -Sara Michelle Wing

“Garbage in, Garbage out!” -Me 🙂

“Autonomy is the antithesis of codependence” -Me

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” -Arthur Schopenhauer

“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure about you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, Our presence automatically liberates others.” -Marianne Williamson

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