Your Path is a Continuously Unfolding Masterpiece…

FullSizeRender-6 copyThere is a gift in everything…everything, and it is our job to find it. Shifting your fundamental core beliefs to reflect this will illuminate your gifts much sooner. That is, viewing your life from the big-picture perspective, as a series of well-designed steps that are leading you to greatness, to your life’s purposes, to your highest joy and fulfillment, to your ultimate and True Self…essentially, to everything you have ever dreamed or wanted.

It is all in how we look at things that makes all the difference and can change our experiences to serve us and nothing else. You have the choice as to how you wish to see this life, you hold all of the power, and always will. As you move forth through each and every one of your life’s experiences and daily life, consciously bring forth the knowing that there is a gift for you in every experience…

Go into everything, grow through everything, and look back on everything with the core knowing that it is all a gift.

We are all here for very intentional and meaningful reasons, each of which vary depending on each individual’s unique life’s path…each individual’s perfect life’s path. There will be various obstacles to overcome, however each and every one of these obstacles are leading you closer to your purpose and closer to your highest and True Self!  Waking up to this illuminates how truly magical your life is, even if it may appear confusing, saddening, upsetting, strange, etc. at the time.

Your path is absolutely perfect for you and only you. Each and every step is leading you to the next, and it is all developing to comprise what can truly be described as a masterpiece. Holding this knowing allows you to wake up to your own masterpiece, to open your heart with gratitude through every phase, and to allow yourself to live with love and joy even through the tough times of your unique masterpiece.

This also has to do with timing. The timing of how and when your journey unfolds holds a deeper meaning as well and it is elemental that we trust the process…that we trust ourselves…that we trust our intuition and our inner compass.

There will be times where we are knocked off track and have to remind ourselves of these truths, but our goal is to live from this space more so than not, until it becomes an inherent way of life and perspective toward yourself, others, your incredible path, and the world at large.

Utilizing this understanding and perspective also allows you to come from a place of acceptance as opposed to a place of resistance (Acceptance vs. Resistance). Acceptance brings you to your innate power and resistance (toward anything) takes you away from it.

It is all a gift, and it is all love. The goal is to see your whole life this way – to see your journey for what it is:

…a continuously unfolding masterpiece.

Lots of new additions to my most recent page – TOOLS, EXERCISES, AFFIRMATIONS, & QUOTES! It is a super long page, but there are separate paragraphs with individualized blue headings so you can jump around as you read.

With love and to your health,

Megan ❤

P.S. I was reading about Maya Angelou recently and came across a brilliant affirmation that she spoke of to start each day – I DEDICATE MY DAY TO LOVE.

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