Your Life is Happening FOR You!

FullSizeRender-6 copy 2Hello! I hope this day has greeted you warmly! Just a quick reminder of paramount importance:

Your life is happening FOR you! 

…it is never happening to you. Begin to intentionally and deliberately stretch your belief system to internalize this truth and watch as your inner and outer world begin to brighten. You hold all of the power and it is time to actualize it as to reach your highest potential and most delicious depths of joy, love, peace, and fulfillment. Welcome and embrace a number of the following truths into your conscious and subconscious belief system as well, as you deserve to see, be, and feel your gifts, I promise!

Everything is a gift of some kind: everything.

You are dearly, infinitely, and fully loved: you always have been and you always will be!

You ARE love.

You ARE light.

You ARE beauty.

You ARE acceptance.

You ARE perfect, as is your perfect life’s path. Everything in your world is orchestrated to serve your Highest Good. 

You ARE brilliant and beyond worth it. 

I have been adding extensively to my new page, TOOLS, EXERCISES, AFFIRMATIONS, & QUOTES, and I encourage you to take a look when you have several minutes.

In gratitude and with love,

Megan ❤

Copyright © 2015-2017 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing

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