Unleash Your TRUE SELF!

img_1540Throughout a great deal of my and other’s work, you will constantly see reference to one’s “True Self”. You may wonder what exactly I mean by that, so this article is here to clarify! First I will outline my elaborated definition of the True Self with an addendum of supporting points to continue to illuminate this all-too-important notion of ourselves and our self-awareness.

Before I move forth with my definition, I shall point out that this outline is entirely subjective and its meaning can and does change from person to person. This is how I define this concept, and how this notion resonates in the work that I do with myself and with a variety of other people.

True Self (also referred to as the Higher Self) – the naked, authentic, and organic essence of the human soul that is most often characterized by the following inherent traits: love, joy, warmth, kindness, understanding, acceptance, peace, tranquility, tactfulness, and compassion.

  • One’s True Self holds a self-evident knowing that they posses full and total unconditional self-love, acceptance, worth, confidence, and respect and apply this to all aspects of their inner and outer world.
  • The True Self has boldly identified all false and limiting subconscious and conscious core beliefs, let them go, and reformulated them to match their present values, wishes, and autonomous perspectives. The beliefs of the True Self are not based on past pains, traumas, illusions of fear, or anything of the like – they are based on a culmination of all that is outlined here, in full honor of one’s self-love and limitless creative power.
  • The True Self is one’s unconditioned spirit! The essence of their soul – that has not been influenced by societal constructs, the beliefs of others, or any other kind of temporal attachment.
  • The True Self recognizes their full potential and sees this life as an opportunity to actualize it consciously and thoughtfully.
  • The True Self understands that our core beliefs sculpt our attraction mechanism – that we create our lives by our thoughts and beliefs. That we individually hold the power to the delineation and sculpting of our entire life’s picture.
  • The True Self understands that true joy is found within.
  • The True Self humbly celebrates their gifts and talents with gratitude.
  • The True Self is unquestionably capable and strong, allowing no perceived feat to discourage them – knowing that any and everything can be overcome with their limitless power.
  • The True Self is the adult self whom has acknowledged, healed, and freed their inner child. The True Self self-soothes and acts as their own loving, nurturing, and supportive parent.
  • The True Self is intrigued by life’s challenges and embraces them with peaceful acceptance, allowing their lessons and wisdom to be unveiled clearly – understanding that each respective challenge exists solely as opportunity for growth and learning.
  • The True Self comprehends that their life is unfolding to serve them – so they let it with no resistance.
  • The True Self feels nothing but freedom and inspiration from the unknown, understanding that keeping an open mind is obligatory to individual and collective evolution.
  • The unveiling of one’s True Self and continued nurturing of this lived existence most often allows the individual to free themselves from previously held counterproductive patterns, habits, false/limiting core beliefs, and perceived fears that are very clearly no longer needed when one is living in the light and truth of their True Self.
  • The True Self is intrinsically fulfilled, satiated, stimulated, and uplifted naturally.
  • The True Self is WHOLE as an individual.
  • The True Self is FREE and has fully and totally shed their figurative mask, having no need for a coping mechanism or shielding of any kind.
  • The True Self is passionately driven, motivated, and inspired.
  • The True Self welcomes only those things, people, and energies into their world that are virtuous, supportive, and aligned with their core frequency of love.
  • The True Self easily sets clear boundaries with all others, and maintains them at all times out of complete self-love and self-respect.
  • The True Self EXERCISES THEIR VOICE freely, respectfully, and consciously, with a full understanding that everyone’s Voice is equally valuable and speaking one’s truth is obligatory to wellness, true freedom, and living self-love.
  • The True Self gives their thought, time, and attention solely to people and energies that are respectful, understanding, positive, open, inspirational, nourishing, kind and conducive to growth.
  • The True Self consciously and subconsciously understands that the way someone treats other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves and is demonstrative of the relationship that that person has with themselves, and hence takes nothing personally. The True Self is always free, in every way.
  • The True Self is OPEN and does not judge or label…understanding inherently that all are on their own perfect path and the diversity amongst the human community shall be celebrated and nothing else.
  • “The True Self is fully open to showing kindness to themselves and others; open to personal growth and self-exploration; open to giving and receiving unconditional love, open to uncovering their own self-limiting beliefs to allow their most radiant light to shine for the highest good of humanity.” – Rick Fischer
  • The True Self inherently understands and respects that the only journey that we may define – in any way, at any time, is our own.
  • The True Self honors individuality and cherishes their own unique, WHOLE being for all of its brilliance in every way.
  • The True Self wants nothing but the best for themselves and all others – and consciously embraces a lifestyle that is conducive to just that.
  • The True Self genuinely and joyfully celebrates the successes of others just as they do their own.
  • The True Self does not compare themselves to any other as they inherently comprehend that we are all exquisite beings in our own, varying, and equally wonderful ways.
  • The True Self understands and conscioulsy lives knowning that “perfection” and “success” are defined completely and totally by the individual and that we each hold an autonomous freedom of choice in all areas of our life (It Essentially Comes Down to Choices…) – this is our birthright.
  • The True Self practices self-care by default, with a core understanding that caring for the Self is obligatory to caring for others.
  • The True Self is instilled with abounding, ineffable gratitude and recognizes that the only limitations that exist are those we create ourselves.
  • The True Self is joyful, at peace, fully awake, and filled with intrigue and excitement to explore and cultivate their own creative powers in this life.
  • The True Self is balanced, actively evolutionary, boundlessly energetic and hungry to learn.
  • The True Self sees their path for exactly what it is: a continuously unfolding masterpiece that is developing in perfect order at all times.
  • The True Self responds to anything less than love with kindness and tact, feeling hope for the wellness and freedom of the aggressor.
  • The True Self FORGIVES themselves and others quickly, fully, and easily.
  • The True Self sees through the lens of the big-picture and enjoys the journey in harmony, benevolence, graciousness, and integrity.
  • The True Self is generous by nature.
  • The True Self houses subconscious and conscious core beliefs that are reflective of understanding, acceptance, awareness, love, kindness, compassion, positivity, prosperity, unlimited potential, wisdom, and inspiration.
  • Above all, the True Self is driven by love and a natural and integral passion to contribute their energy and powerful capacity to create to the human community, the environment, and the world at large in their own, equally fabulous and effulgent way.

The True Self inherently lives from a space characterized by emotional freedom – another frequently mentioned concept throughout my work. As to clarify further, here is a definition of emotional freedom:

Emotional Freedom: an autonomous space of being characterized by the fully independent control over one’s emotions and feelings regardless of outside influence of any kind. Emotional freedom equals the liberation from codependence, lack of need for outside validation or acceptance, and understanding of the inherent truth that everything that occurs around us is only defined by the fluid, unfixed, and subjective meaning that we attach to it. Therefore, we hold all of the power as to how we choose to delineate our world. Put simplyimg_9084 – emotional freedom equals complete and total intrinsic peace that is not manipulated or altered by anyone but the individual. Being emotionally free means one is completely free of all attachments to past or present occurrences, pains, traumas, perceived losses, mishaps…all illusions (Steps Toward Dismantling and Releasing Pain from the Past). One is therefore free of holding onto and housing any residue or ties from such occurrences, having completely digested lessons learned and fully and totally moved on freely and unabashedly. Emotional freedom involves having a positive, secure, and in-tuned relationship with oneself and one’s emotions, where the individual comes from a place of acceptance as they embrace all that is the human condition and experience.

After reading this you may wonder, “well if this is most people’s True Self, than why is there so much strife, anger, hate, fear, disillusion, and judgment in the world?” The simplified answer here would be that there are many many contributors in today’s world that encourage one to live outside of their True Self, and these contributors are constantly nagging at us to live off-center. Without conscious awareness, one can easily fall into these traps and primarily occupy a space that is not honoring or characterized by their True Self.

To give you an idea of what I mean here, I will list a few of the most common influential factors that encourage one to live outside of their True Self:

THE EGO, “THE JUDGE”, and THE SHADOW SELF: these inherent facets of human psychology, which are present in everyone, often involve defining oneself as compared to others, typically as either “better” or “worse”. These ensure and fuel the desire to “be right” and propel a desire to condemn or repress others for the supposed betterment of the individual, regardless of the consequences. These are rooted in and thrive on the “pain body” which is characterized by the stress response and feelings such as anger, fear, worry, and turmoil. These entities of the human psyche can be considered dark, negative, repressive, and burdensome.

MINERAL IMBALANCE: although far from well-known and understood by the masses, mineral imbalance, especially Copper Toxicity, encourages one to live in a space that is far far away from their True Self. A lot of this influence is catalyzed by the adverse physiological impacts that mineral imbalance propels such as neurotransmitter imbalance, heavy metal storage in the brain, and nervous system inflammation, among others. As one of my primary platforms is and will always be raising awareness for the pervasiveness of Copper Toxicity (a condition I was born with), I often mention the dire need for CT sufferers to consciously separate their True Self from that which is the influence of copper. This is because many of the physiological impacts of copper excess greatly impact our psychological wellness and without conscious awareness, one can very easily occupy a space that is far away from their True Self center. While I know it can sound strange at first, toxicities such as CT greatly encourage the occupation of the above mentioned shadow self, as copper is a very powerful mineral/metal and I will continue to discuss this until I am blue in the face because of the exceptional importance of what is believed to be one of the most far-reaching public health epidemics of our time. See my COPPER TOXICITY page for more information :). This brings me to the next VERY IMPORTANT connection…

PHYSIOLOGICAL TOXICITY AND ILLNESS: a wide variety of contributing factors that are extremely common in our contemporary world such as processed foods and sugar, industrial toxins, heavy metals (such as mercury found in dental amalgams), biotoxins (from mold and other sources) and common illnesses and imbalances such as adrenal insufficiency, thyroid imbalance, gut dysbiosis, bacterial/fungal/parasitic/viral infection, sex hormone imbalance (i.e. PCOS, estrogen dominance, androgen imbalance, etc.), and abnormal gene expression have a TREMENDOUSLY ADVERSE IMPACT ON OUR PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING! No, your illness and strife is not “all in your head” as some doctors claim for it to be – however these illnesses and imbalances can certainly impact how your head feels and operates! Each and every one of these seemingly ubiquitous imbalances can and does manipulate your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual wellness and balance. While the specific mechanisms by which this is propelled vary from illness to illness, some of the main reasons for this would be (some already mentioned above) enteric nervous system aggravation (the nervous system that is housed in your gut/GI tract), additional neurotransmitter metabolism imbalance (which is extremely dependent on optimal nutrition and balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids), toxic storage in the brain (heavy metals and excess toxins are often stored in the brain once the liver, kidneys, and reproductive organs have been consumed), reduced capacity to physically and emotionally handle stress (most of these common illnesses put tremendous burden on our adrenal glands, leaving them exhausted and void of the ability to produce optimal hormones and fulfill their many important physiological roles), and autonomic nervous system imbalance (which comprises our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, the later being the “fight or flight” stance). In addition, and as mentioned above, all of the aforementioned  illnesses can and do encourage one’s occupation of the egoic, judge, shadow self through the extensive degree of biochemical and physiological imbalance and toxicity that is brought about by them.

Another important impetus to the diversion from one’s True Self involves pharmaceutical drug “treatments” which congest the liver and promote imbalanced biochemistry, yet that is an entirely different article all its own!

All of that being said…there is still excellent news!…

YOU HAVE THE POWER, my friend. Even in the face of all of these entities that can attempt to bring us off-center, with continued daily effort, utilization of the most effective tools, conscious awareness, and courage, you can and you will start to live more from your True Self center moreso than not, and before you know it, the wonderful space described above will be your permanent state of being, as you have essentially come home to yourself!! All the “muck” from outside influence will no longer hold a single shred of weight and you will happily and easily live cleansed and free of anything that takes you away from your ultimate and freeing center.

Everything is connected and interdependent. Healing and balancing your mind, heart, and spirit will heal and balance your body. Healing and balancing your body will heal and balance your mind, heart, and spirit.

All of this “inner work”, focus on holistic health and wellness, and TOOLS, EXERCISES, AFFIRMATIONS, & QUOTES leads to brilliantly illuminative and transformative places, it is just up to the individual to put forth the effort. Is it easy? No…far from it at times. Is it worth it? The most worthwhile effort that one can put forth! Living from an awake and True Self centered space equates to TRULY LIVING! This space allows you to see clearly and effortlessly that you are a brilliantly magnificent soul whom was put on this earth to manifest your wildest dreams. This space allows you to dance in the uncertainty of life and feel intrigued by its challenges. This space allows you to greet each day with excitement and readiness, exhilarated to see what magic is in store for you now and always. This space allows you to have love and compassion for everyone even if that person has attempted to shed darkness upon you. This space gives you the gift of believing in and loving yourself unconditionally and fully in a self-evident way. This space encourages you to help others and contribute your best self to the human community, environment, and the world at large out of an inherent understanding that that is one of your core duties here in this life. This space allows you to live in, feel, and attract all that lines up with your central frequency of love…and really, it doesn’t get any better than that.

I will leave you with that 🙂 From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all of the very best on your journey to unveil and live from your True Self center. I believe in you and I send you my most warm and encouraging sentiments!

To your health, wellness, and vitality!

You are infinitely and fully loved,

Megan  ❤

Copyright © 2015-2017 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing

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