Stress Without Distress

IMG_7580As is becoming increasingly well-known, stress can catalyze ill health. There are many varying types of stress, which include physical forms (intrinsic stressors such as mineral imbalance, gut imbalance, endocrine imbalance, etc.), environmental forms (industrial toxins, allergens, etc.), and then of course, emotional stress. This would include any and everything that propels feelings of upset, anger, frustration, discontent, fear: anything that takes us out of our calm, peaceful, and centered state of being. This is the form of stress that I will be referring to for the purposes of this discussion.

Do keep in mind that not all “stress” in our lives has to be considered a “bad” thing. Some degree of “good” stress serves a solid purpose in and of itself. This kind of stress motivates us to try harder, remain driven, and can be catalytic toward adventure and spontaneity. Good stress can be celebratory and exciting. It is all about balance, as are all facets of life. For the purposes of this article however, I am referring to the stress that one would typically resist, one that puts us in the fight or flight stance.

Due to the fact that we are all an interconnected conglomeration of our physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual Selves, any upset within one realm of this totality has the potential to adversely affect each respective aspect of our Whole Being. That is, experiencing emotional stress can and does provide impetus for the development of physical ailments, spiritual disconnect, and intellectual frustration. This is primarily why one of the fundamental focuses and goals of most holistic healing protocols is geared toward physically and psychologically strengthening one’s ability to manage stress, therefore reducing the likelihood for any potential detrimental manifestations to one’s overall health. There is a tremendously wide scope of techniques and tools that can be utilized to accomplish this, one of which involves a dramatic shift in perspective and consciousness that will render stress in one’s life as an advantageous avenue for growth and evolution, in turn dismantling its potential for catalyzing ill health in any way.

When many people learn that stress can and does propel illness, a common reaction is to adopt the perspective that if we avoid stress, we will remain well. However, the comprehensive avoidance of stress is simply a lost cause, and highly unrealistic. Stress is a byproduct of this life – an unavoidable part of the human experience that is present in each and every one of our lives in many varying degrees and forms. Part of all of our journeys and existential experience involves stress. Given this truth, learning how to strengthen one’s ability to meet stress with an openness, strength, and sense of awareness that does not allow it to catalyze long term adverse physical and psychological consequences is our main goal. That is, to experience stress without distress, one must exercise a shift in consciousness and perspective that is aimed toward embracing the challenge and discovering the larger lesson to be learned as opposed to focusing on the turmoil and upset of the circumstance itselfThis shift in turn transforms the stressful circumstance into an occasion that can serve as an advantageous entity for the encouragement of personal growth, invigoration, and creative inspiration, which henceforth improves and strengthens our degree of wellness as opposed to putting it at risk of deterioration.

This highly significant shift in perspective relates back to a huge point that I’ve made in various other posts: that challenges and obstacles in our life arise for distinct reason, and if we choose to open ourselves up to discovering that reason and digesting the subsequent lessen, than these obstacles and challenges need not serve as destructive components to our lives.

An effective means by which to do this is to start an inner dialogue with yourself when a stressful circumstance of any kind arises:

“What lessen am I supposed to learn from this?”

“How can this serve me in contributing to my growth?”

“How can I channel my feelings of frustration, anger, fear in a positive way?”

“What does this circumstance teach me about myself?”

“What do I want to take away from this situation?” 

“What is this circumstance leading me to that will be of benefit to my highest good?”

Developing this dialogue with yourself is a powerful medium that creates a deliberate intention for personal awareness and a willingness to learn and grow, as opposed to a closed off, resistant, fearful stance that is focused on your experiencing negative feelings or the avoidance of the stressor all together. This dialogue allows you to be experiencing stress consciously and thoughtfully, leaving pain, tribulation, and upheaval out of the equation.

This transformation in consciousness could indeed be considered a form of healthNext Post <3 insurance. By this I mean that if you truly exercise this new outlook, you are not left with harmful residue of any kind following a stressful event, circumstance, or catalyst in your life. By remaining consciously aware of the lessen to be learned and utilizing this said stress as an avenue for growth and creative inspiration, you are creating a channel. This channel releases negative energy and any kind of harbored resentment, hostility, pain, hurt, frustration, regret, fear, or anything of the like. Left alone, these are the energies that can manifest as illness within us, yet they are not imperative outcomes or takeaways as a result of experiencing stress in our lifeBy recalibrating the way you mentally and emotionally see and respond to stress, you are subsequently recalibrating the way your body responds to it as well.

This work additionally involves a shift in perspective from viewing this life and this world as a capricious environment to be fearful of, to standing back and recognizing and embracing your own power as an individual. That is, you have the power and the right to choose to view this life as an intriguing adventure that is full of twists, turns, and delights, that are all (whether “bad” or “good”) there to serve you as a unique being and help you to grow and evolve throughout your exceptional and worthy life’s path. You may reach a place where you befriend and accept the unexpected nature of the journey. This then allows you to maintain a considerable degree of equanimity and visceral peace, even in the face of the most treacherous of quandaries.

It is very easy to become caught up in the circumstance, allowing ourselves to remain immersed in the turmoil, upset, frustration, sadness, aggravation, etc. of any given stressor. Lingering in this space will welcome and likely result in the formation of counterproductive perspectives such as the victim mentality, generalized self-loathing, feelings of hopelessness and pessimism, etc. In this regard, one is living from the perspective that everything in their life is happening to them as opposed to for them. Again, however, if we allow ourselves to stop…and consciously step back, asking the above questions to ourselves with thoughtfulness, self-awareness, honesty, and a focus on genuine introspection and self-exploration, our world begins to transform into an entirely different landscape. This landscape being characteristic and promotional of personal growth, emotional liberation, refreshing release, acceptance, and the overall acquisition of wisdom and strength.

This, my friends, is true freedom. Living from this space allows you to embody the robust and powerful stance that there is essentially nothing in this life that can shake your core to the point of notable adverse influence. You are in control of your responses and your being, in it’s magnificent entirety – and choose to utilize the twists and turns in your path to your advantage. Fear, apprehension, anxiety, or anything of the like disintegrates…leaving space for a true sense of intrigue, empowerment, and courage: regardless of the circumstance.

Working toward this transcendent state of course takes time and practice – and as with any large shift that we wish to adopt into our world, it begins with intent. By setting your intent today, the energy begins to shift, slowly but surly, and you will be surprised at how sincerely light and refreshed your world becomes upon adopting this shift in perspective.

As always, never cease to have full and unwavering compassion for yourself in your journey of learning and growth – and remember: you are free to emancipate yourself from the shackles of detriment that stress can often cause, and make the conscious choice to allow these challenges to endow your life with enriching knowledge and tangible personal growth.

If we didn’t experience stress, than we wouldn’t be truly living,  and exercising this shift in awareness and outlook allows us as people to continue to break free and live the abundant, fulfilled, joyous lives that we are all inherently deserving of. From this place, we are no longer the hindered casualties of any given stressor in our life…we are proactive, aware, empowered and willing participants in the unique and exciting sequence that is our respective life’s paths.

All of the very best and in health,

Megan ❤

Copyright © 2015-2017 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing


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