New Journal Entries

IMG_5396Good morning!! I hope this day is going wonderfully for you indeed!!

Things have been pretty busy on my end, which I’m exceptionally grateful for, in that I now have a lot more energy than I used to and am able to embrace many projects at present. However, I am always updating and working on various pages throughout this blog, and just wanted to send out a reminder that I’ve recently added some entries to the JOURNAL page if you’d like to check them out!

Included on this page are tons of various tools and tokens that I’ve come across, developed myself, or gathered along the way that have truly helped me in achieving true and lasting Whole Being health, and most importantly, emotional freedom. This is such an incredibly important part of living a balanced, enjoyable life, and I encourage you to explore some of my tips, as well as beginning or maintaining the process within yourself of freeing up old emotional energy from the past, and setting the intention to welcome any and all energies, people, circumstances, experiences, etc. that will bring you further into a state of complete freedom and liberation.

We all have a past, we are ALL on a journey of healing to some degree, and we all have a story, however, you are the author of your story and you may sculpt your life and inner landscape however you’d like. Right now, there is a palpable and ever-present energy of CHANGE going on, and I suggest that we use this to our utmost advantage. It’s going to be a brilliant and AUSPICIOUS (I love that word) year, as I’ve mentioned many times, and I couldn’t be more excited for The Now and what is to come!!

I wish you all of the very best in your journey, and hope that you are having a wonderful week! Check out my JOURNAL page for some helpful guidance and as always, never cease to have full and unwavering love and compassion for yourself throughout your awakening and healing process. Beautiful and blissful things await you, my friend, this I assure you of!

In Gratitude and Health,

Megan ❤

Copyright © 2015-2016 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing



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