2016: The Year of Auspicious Renewal and Abundance

IMG_5375Happy New Year! I hope that the brilliance of 2016 has already begun to bestow it’s clarity and refreshment onto you, as this year promises to be a true gem in all ways. Having just returned from a delightful family vacation on the coast of South Carolina, I can assuredly say that my year is blossoming already! Being near the ocean has always made me feel more alive and open, and I was so grateful to catch this sunrise (pictured to the left) on the morning of New Year’s Eve. It was a truly magical experience, and gave me a sheer sense of peace coupled with excitement for the fulfilling and abundant year ahead.

Having spoken to a myriad of individuals regrading their take on this coming year, I have gathered that most are feeling this sense of true positivity and excitement as well! It is always so pleasant when this enlightening, uplifting energy is being felt by many, as it is then more powerful and can truly be felt and experienced in it’s refreshing, palpable nature.

Regardless of your current circumstances, I hope that you are able to view this New Year for what it is: an opportunity to live your truth and actualize your own exquisite brilliance that is unique to only you. While yes, it is literally a New calendar year, we can also view this transition to 2016 as a figurative starting point – leaving your old, outdated energies and patterns behind and embracing and truly living your most treasured passions, callings, self-love/worth, and simply embracing the true magic that is around you each and every day. If you haven’t yet discovered your true passions or callings, all you need to do is openly set the intention to discover them, and remain aware that you will be guided to people, places, and experiences that will open new avenues to you in order to make these revered discoveries.

This is a big year for me personally. Not only am I reaching profoundly welcomed and magnificent levels of wellness as a result of my tenacious and stouthearted efforts over the past 3 years, but I have several big projects planned that I am tremendously excited to begin working on! Stay tuned, because they are going to be amazing :).

I wish you and your family an absolutely brilliant 2016, and truly hope that you are able to actualize all that is the Wonderful You, and enjoy each and every day that this sincerely magical New Year has to offer!!

All the very best and in health,

Megan ❤

Here are several photos from our travels over the past couple weeks, a delightful time had by all!! Deep, ineffable Gratitude for my amazing family 🙂

Copyright © 2015-2016 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing

IMG_5554 IMG_5395
IMG_5576     IMG_5461IMG_5501IMG_5513

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