I Recently Had the Honor and Privilege of Writing the Forward for the Expanded 3rd Edition of The Healing Workbook by Rick Fischer

51jI4-JbCFL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The expanded 3rd Edition of The Healing Workbook: A 12-Week Step-by-Step Program To Heal Injury and Illness and Transform the Health of Body & Mind written by Certified Holistic Health Coach, trainer, author, and speaker, Rick D. Fischer of British Columbia, Canada and contributing gut health expert Aga Postawska is indubitably one of the best comprehensive healing guides that I have come across, by far.

I am humbled and truly honored to have been given the privilege to contribute a small token by writing the Foreword for this incredible piece of literature, that is oh so welcome and necessary within our changing societal landscape regarding the true perpetuation and maintenance of our Whole Person well being. Fischer provides a real life, proactive guide that will bring you on a journey of total renewal, and provide you with all of the tools necessary to do so. Within this work, you will find a vast variety of enlightening information regarding holistic health science and nutrition, relevant and informative articles, meal plan guidance, insight into various natural healing modalities and treatment methods for a myriad of various maladies, intriguing and uplifting quotes, insight into the profoundly important yet less well known fact that micronutrients, minerals, and mineral ratios are the true underlying cause behind most of today’s presenting chronic illness (including insight into Copper Toxicity), gut health protocols (another pervasive root cause), and additional, exceptionally helpful avenues by which to enlighten your Whole Person inner landscape and discover and nurture whom you are in your core…your True and Brilliant Self.

I assure you that you won’t be disappointed with this book, and it will absolutely serve as a powerful, helpful, enlightening, and absolutely transformative tool in your healing journey and will catalyze a whole new life of total health and well-being. This work is helpful if you currently find yourself in the depths of a health struggle as well as being useful to maintain an already healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.

The Healing Workbook Expanded 3rd Edition is available for purchase on Amazon and several other retail outlets where books are sold. Here is the Amazon listing.

Also, here is a link to The Healing Workbook website so you may take a further look into what it is all about!

Happy reading! And a very Happy Thanksgiving to all!! I hope your day is relaxing, magical, and full of warmth and love <3.

Copyright © 2015-2016 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing

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