The Notable Significance of Expressive Writing

IMG_3292I awoke this morning to a daily newsletter that I receive which was focused on the extreme efficacy of expressive writing and it’s ability to heal one’s woes. The particular case they were focusing on was relieving back pain, which of course not many would think that picking up a journal and writing down your thoughts could be associated to, yet they provided a quite intriguing case study where a man partook in expressive writing for a number of days and reported that his debilitating back pain had lessened by 80%! That’s pretty awesome if you ask me!

As I focus on a great deal throughout this blog, particularly on the JOURNAL page, expressive writing is one of the most incredibly effective tools we can use to achieve and maintain emotional freedom and live life from a happy, fulfilled, FREE place. You can take a look at my JOURNAL page to get an idea of what some of my daily entries entail if you feel as though you need some guidance.

Your journal will not judge you, come back at you, limit you, or anything of the like. Your journal sort of serves as one of your closest friends…someone whom you can ultimately express any and everything that you feel, whenever you feel it, and speak openly IMG_0198and honestly from an authentic, organic perspective. I can’t tell you how profoundly wonderful I feel after I journal, and how much my life has transformed for the better as a result of active, daily writing.

What one plans to do with their writing is secondary to the act of writing itself. The act of moving your energy outward by writing down your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and ideas is an enriching, freeing exercise all it’s own, as in that moment, you are disallowing your intrinsic world to remain stagnant. You are creating movement and processing your experiences which is incredibly important to maintaining your health and wellness.

For example, you may use expressive writing directly as a therapeutic tool. Let’s say you have been holding on to some unresolved anger from a past hurt or trauma. You feel justified in doing so, as this situation was unjust and you were the recipient of someone else’s undue negativity. As you may know, holding on to this anger serves as a huge detriment to your own health and well-being, and it is imperative to face it, process it, and release it, digesting your lesson, and FREELY moving on. Easier said than done, right? That’s where journaling comes in! Here, you have a completely free space to unleash all of your thoughts and feelings regarding this situation that you wish to move on from. You may first express your feelings – how do you feel about this? Why do you feel that way? Then eventually you may move your energy to forgiveness by writing this person a letter (that you send or not, it doesn’t matter). Any and everything that comes to you, you write down until you reach a point of peace and acceptance of the circumstance. By doing this, you are moving that pent-up negative energy outside of yourself, allowing it to be processed, and subconsciously giving yourself permission to LET IT GO and move on, free of any residue in any way. This can be done regarding any and all circumstances in your life!

Writing is a way to organize your thoughts, feelings, and perspectives.

This practice is also an excellent tool as to conceptualize your current world, and outline and subsequently catalyze any changes that you wish to make. You may write down your goals, however small or large they may seem, and this act in and of itself begins the process of manifesting them. You are allowing these ideas to be born, and with your continued focus, attention, and gratitude (see GRATITUDE.), they will eventually maturate to suit your liking!

You may also use your journal to write lists. This is another powerful tool for manifesting your wishes and conceptualizing your world even further. You may write a list of all the things your wish for in a future partner if you are single and want to attract a mate. You may write a list of all of the things you will buy with the money you hope to acquire. You may write a list of all of the qualities in yourself that you love and want to work to accentuate as an act of further solidifying your True Self LOVE! You may write a list of all of the milestones you wish to accomplish in the next 5 years. Whatever it may be – writing lists is one solid example of conceptualizing your world and what you hope to manifest for yourself. As you begin this exercise, you will be delighted at how your world begins to shift to match your most joyful and hoped for wishes!!

While some may not take to writing as adamantly as I have, as I write (with a pen on paper) several times a day, I highly encourage you to give it a try just to see how it makes you feel. You don’t want this to feel like a chore, because then it would be pretty counterproductive, yet I’d suggest experimenting to see if this is indeed an exercise that you can adopt into your daily routine that will provide you with an outlet to release your pent up frustrations, experiences, joys, fears, apprehensions, goals, visions, and simply to serve as a cathartic vessel to channel your energy from.

If typing on your computer or device feels more comfortable to you, by all means, go for it! I frequently use my “notes” app on my iPhone when I am out and about and thoughts come to me that I want to document. It also gives me peace of mind knowing that all of those entries are backed up to one of my email accounts, so they are always there to reference if need be. There are clearly tons of ways to do so on your device that will be equally as effective and cathartic.

Another insightful advantage to writing is that you can go back and read through various entries to gauge your personal growth progress. This is such an awesome practice, as it’s really neat to see where you were and where you are. I will often read my writing back and think to myself, “Wow! Did I really write that? Way to go, Megan!” 🙂

DSCN0201We all need a vessel to express ourselves, regardless of our current life’s circumstances. Yes, your friends, family, and colleagues are awesome for that, however, in my opinion, there is no equivalent to the wonderfully free space and comfort that my journal grants me. As I said, however, if you feel as though when you are writing, that you’d rather be doing something else, or it is a cumbersome activity, by all means do not proceed…as we want you to feel liberated, comfortable, and enjoy this process. I simply suggest that you give it a try to see how you feel…who knows, maybe you’ll love it!

In order for our life’s experiences to serve us the most, we must be able to successfully process them, and journaling is a wonderful tool to do just that.

Happy journaling, and have a happy and healthy Sunday!!

All the very best and in health, Megan ❤

Copyright © 2015-2016 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing





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