Accepting Your Gifts When They Are Given To You

IMG_0193Now this may sound pretty  obvious and overt to some, however it can actually be more challenging than one would initially think! In the Universal process of manifesting that which we want and desire, there are three primary steps: 1) Ask 2) Believe 3) Receive…and each of these steps hold an equal level of consciousness, awareness, and effort associated to them. Sure, the “believe” part may present itself as the most challenging, yet each one involves the unwavering faith and commitment to trust in actualizing that which you desire to bring into your “ideal” life’s picture, and adhering to full acceptance once it arrives, free of fear or worry. 

As you work on various techniques of expressing daily gratitude, defining exactly what you want, deciphering whom you are as your True Self, reformulating false/limiting core beliefs, and freeing yourself from counterproductive attachments to the past, you will then begin to direct more of your focus toward manifesting your most sought after life’s picture. This really could look like anything (as we know It Essentially Comes Down to Choices!) For example, these manifestations could include material “things” such as a new car, a new job, a new house, that pair of amazing boots you’ve had your eye on, a trip to a destination you’ve always wanted to go on, a new play set for your children, a great deal of money, etc. And, they can include more abstract inner notions such as coming to the place in your life where you truly love yourself, where you are fulfilling your beloved life’s purpose, you find your partner and fall in love or you revitalize the relationship you are currently committed to, you wake each day happy and fulfilled, you finally reach full and total health, etc.

In your personal growth process, you will become liberated and awakened to the unbelievable power within you as a Creator…one whom has the fascinating ability to utilize Universal Law and energy to your advantage…bringing into your life exactly what you want (and sometimes, what you don’t want, if your awareness isn’t yet fine-tuned). As with anything, this is all a journey and a process, and as you work toward your goals and time goes by, your abilities in this regard will grow to epic proportions.

SIDE NOTE – sometimes it’s fun to play around with the Law to see what you are capable of. For me, I use my own “symbols” to do so, which are feathers. For example, on the morning of my birthday (last Wednesday) I woke up and said intrinsically, “send me a feather today”, and then let it go with the self-evident trust that it would come to be. I proceeded with my delightful day and later that morning was taking a walk when I looked down and saw one of theIMG_3341 most gorgeous feathers I’d ever seen. “Thank you!” I exclaimed! And then, I kept walking and there was another one…and then another one! You can imagine my sheer joy, and while some may explain that away as coincidence, I sure didn’t, and I always see these things as tangible tokens to remind me that I’m connected. Love!

So you’ve worked on all of this and one day you wake up and realize, “Oh my goodness! A lot of the things on my list are now right in front of me!” This is cause for celebration indeed, as you revel in the feelings of sincere gratitude, rapture, trust in yourself and the Universal process of manifestation. You did it! Following this, as you move on, you may be met with some unexpected thoughts and feelings to take note of, hence the point of this essay.

Following your final acquisition of that which you want and have worked to manifest, you must consistently work on accepting these things for what they are and celebrating them always, with a sure sense of knowing that they are not fleeting, and you yourself are the sheer reason that they have now come to be. You see, sometimes when what we’ve manifested actually comes to fruition, it is literally unbelievable and we almost try to convince ourself that it is not true because we have such a hard time even fathoming that we had the power to conceive and manifest this all on our own to begin with! We may try to explain it away or even overtly resist it. This point is very indicative of our temporal attachments – meaning our earthly associations to doubt, legitimatization, and fear, as opposed to our Higher Self Universal knowing which is characterized by sheer and utter faith, unwavering love and acceptance, and utter rapture and euphoria.

This said difficulty with acceptance can also be rooted in that which you are trying to reformulate, such as a false/limiting subconscious belief that you aren’t worthy or deserving of having and experiencing all that you wish for…as you may have become so accustomed to your “old” way of living and developed a perspective that you really didn’t deserve true happiness, love, monetary success, etc. (It is my belief that we all come into this life with a sense of self-love and self-worth deficit and it is part of our mission here to work on completely letting that go and actualizing our own true magnificence and absolute, indubitable deserving nature of all that will fill us with joy, love, and happiness) However, these feelings are natural and are absolutely and totally fleeting, as once you identify this within yourself and accept not only the gifts that you’ve been given, but the fact that you may have a hard time receiving them, you lessen the power of this doubt and it dissipates into thin air. It’s pretty similar to graciously and non-egoically accepting a compliment. Like when someone says, “you look great!”, you respond by warmly and sincerely saying, “thank you!” and not “no, I don’t, but thanks anyway.”

Everything that you experience on the outside is stemmed from the relationship that you have with yourself. When the relationship that you have with yourself is built on a strong foundation of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-appreciation, you are setting yourself up to welcome your gifts with open arms and enjoy them to their fullest.

When this is your foundation, your worthiness is self-evident.

As usual, I will use the acquisition of health as an example. One may have been working tenaciously for a great deal of time to regain (or initially build) their health – implementing unstoppable techniques, agents, practitioners, themselves, Universal Law, you name it. This process may have been going on for so long that you seemed to develop a subconscious belief that maybe you’ll never truly reach your health and wellness goals. And then one day you begin to realize that that list of 50 symptoms is now at 25, or 10, or 5, or zero! “Whoa!” you may think to yourself, “how did THIS happen?!” The deep rooted healing that has always been going on under the surface may not have shown itself in overt ways throughout the duration of your healing journey, but it was happening, and one day it materializes in a tangible, noticeable way! Axiomatically, this is a wonderful thing, and one is filled with feeling of accomplishment, love, happiness, and sheer gratitude. However, a sense of fear may follow in your ability to truly accept your new-found health. You may feel as though this is fleeting, and feel a sense of worry that you may become sick again. You may even have a dialogue with yourself like, “well what if this is only for today”…or “could I really have manifested the health that I’ve only dreamed of up until now?”.

This is all completely natural. Yet the most important token to absorb and digest (pun intended 🙂 ) is that, yes, you DID acquire the health that you’ve been working so hard to attain, and it isn’t going anywhere! Now GIVE YOURSELF THE PERMISSION TO FEEL THIS LIGHTNESS..THIS LOVE…THIS TRUE AND POWERFUL SENSE OF “FEELING GOOD”! Your health is here to stay, and you deserve it, as you’ve worked very hard at getting here, and absolutely must celebrate this profoundly congratulatory goal acquisition within yourself.

It is now time to accept whatever it may be that has now come into your orbit: your gifts from the Universe, and feel the feelings of rapture, love, appreciation, gratitude, and overwhelming enjoyment in the Now and the days ahead. And, in line with this Law, once you fully do so, more and more things and intrinsically fulfilling notions will come to be that give you even more reasons to feel love, gratitude, enjoyment, happiness, and excitement! Your overt and powerful personal energy is now sending out frequencies that must bring into your orbit these wonderful and celebratory things. For that is the Law, and when worked correctly, it will always play out that way.

This is an incredibly auspicious time to be alive and living – I’ve noticed this not just in my own life, but in the lives of many many others as well! Take advantage, my friends! Ask, Believe, and RECEIVE…because you do have this incredible power, always have, and always will.

Dance in the magic of The Now, and allow yourself to truly and graciously accept your gifts once they are presented to you, because you ultimately deserve them and always have. You are perfect just as you are and you deserve only the best in this life, always. Celebrate the Magnificent You…for once again, you are a true gift to this world and are here for a huge reason – to live your truth, to experience any and all of the things that make your heart sing, and to spread love and joy to others by simply being whom you are. Exclaim a big “Thank You!” and sit back and enjoy the ride.

I wish you the very best today and every day….it’s a magical life indeed ❤

With love,


Copyright © 2015-2018 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing




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