Acceptance vs. Resistance

IMG_3876Often times, when we are met with a circumstance that we consider to be less than ideal, or that does not match up with what we pictured or expected, our natural inclination and response is to resist. We may try to avoid the circumstance at first, in the hope that it will simply go away…or we may see the circumstance and acknowledge its presence, yet hold a notable level of opposition and contention toward it. Of course these reactions are only “natural”, as presumably undesirable situations don’t typically present themselves as cause for celebration, or entities that are welcomed into our lives with grace and openness. However, that being said, there is an avenue to explore that can liberate us from feeling this resistance and contention and henceforth bring ourselves to the place that we may actively, consciously, and openly see, welcome, accept and embrace any and all life’s circumstances as gifts and opportunities for growth and learning, even if this (as it often isn’t) apparent at the onset. My father describes this notion as “gifts in strange wrapping paper”…which I find to be exceptionally well-put.

As I’ve described in previous posts, often we can not control much that is of outside influence (the actions of others, figurative bumps in the road, etc.) yet we can absolutely control ourselves and our own responses. That is, we are free to make our own intrinsic choices as to how and why we will respond to any given situation or circumstance. You are completely and fully capable of shifting your consciousness to one that is absolutely and totally conducive to the well-being of yourself, in all regards – and this notion rests heavily on the fact that one must drop resistance and move toward an inner space and perspective of acceptance – regardless of the circumstances.

I will get to the achievement of total acceptance in a moment, yet first I must investigate a very important Universal Law that is of great relevance to this topic – “what you resist persists”. This may seem slightly non-sensical to some, as one may think that resisting something with henceforth allow it to dissipate, and hence serve as a solution to the presenting “problem”. However, one must realize and acknowledge that we are always exuding a certain energy, a frequency of sorts, whether we realize that or not. In this regard, any emotion or action, whether it be considered “good” or “bad”, exudes a specific energy which in turn brings more of what that specific energy represents into our orbit – I often refer to this as our “attraction mechanism”.  Therefore, if one is consistently feeling feelings of resistance, contention, worry, or defiance toward a given circumstance, person, situation, etc. then this energy will signal more similar circumstances to arise in order to match that frequency, or cause the initial presumably adverse circumstance to grow in proportion – what you resist persists. This notion is not being presented to catalyze any sort of fear, it is simply being presented to outline this truth and allow you to shift your perspective and responses to those that will bring about welcomed circumstances as opposed to those which we’d rather stay away from.

This brings me to the ultimate goal: which is meeting any and all of your life’s circumstances with acceptance and openness, regardless of what they may be. This is not to be confused with laziness or apathy, however it is meant to exemplify the notion that in choosing to accept any and all presumably negative or unexpected circumstances you are liberating yourself from occupying the counterproductive state of resistance, and giving yourself the gift of remaining calm and peaceful, even in the most tumultuous of endeavors.

A good way to exemplify this is to think of a literal storm. Some may be fearful of storms, viewing them as detriments to their safety…unpredictable surges that can cause great harm, damage, and upset. Yet some find a true sense of magic when witnessing and experiencing a storm…seeing the change in the sky, the rain and the wind as awesome manifestations of the true beauty of nature and absolutely love to stand watch and experience this beauty when a storm arises. They see storms as part of the profound totality that is Mother Earth and entities that are simply part of its successful operation. In seeing the storm as a beautiful, exciting entity, one is allowing themselves to literally and figuratively “dance in the rain,” dropping any resistance or fear, accepting this inherent, uncontrollable natural occurrence, and choosing to embrace it with warmth and acceptance. Now I’d say the latter descriptive experience is much more enjoyable and liberating than the initial description of fear, upset, and resistance, wouldn’t you?

There are many brilliant parallels between human life and nature, and the phenomenon of storms is indeed a great one. If you’ve noticed, a storm does not last forever, it comes and goes, and in it’s wake, often leaves beautiful natural exhibitions such as rainbows and a light breeze. Consider this as a firm and identifiable exemplification of the fact that you can and will survive the storm…and awaiting you at the close of it will be a metaphorical rainbow and slight, refreshing breeze which equals your sheer and ultimate intrinsic liberation.


I use the term “presumably” so often in reference to any unwelcome/adverse circumstance due to the fact that often we presume that such occurrences are a “bad thing”, when in fact these situations have arisen for a larger reason, to inherently teach us something and perpetuate a further sense of personal growth and evolution throughout our respective life’s paths. While these lessons are not often overt or immediately recognized, they are there, and when we drop our resistance and choose to accept them, we are gifted the realization of these lessons in a much more expedited and clear manner. These said adverse circumstances can be anything, really. From illness, to a break-up, to a job loss, to a flat tire…anything that you would consider to be less than ideal…something that you “don’t want”.

I will use the example of illness to further illuminate this notion, and also demonstrate how shifting from resistance to acceptance can further catalyze overall healing as well.

Very often, illness seems to come out of nowhere. You are trucking along with your life, seemingly happy as a clam, and then all of a sudden various strange symptoms start to arise. Initially, you brush them off, and try to explain them away…”I’m just getting older” or “I haven’t been eating the best lately”. Then they continue, and you begin to build up resistance toward them. “Why is this happening to me?”, “Can’t this just go away so that I can get back to my life?”, “Maybe if I just ignore this, it will go away!”. We turn a blind eye because we’d rather not have to deal with this presumed problem and simply continue on with our lives in a happy way. However, not only does this resistance disallow you to see how and why your illness has manifested to begin with, but it puts you in a position where it will be much more difficult to truly heal.

As I’ve discussed in a previous post, there are two main elements to our autonomic nervous system: the sympathetic, which is our “fight or flight”and our parasympathetic, which is our relaxed, calm state. Our sympathetic response can be paralleled to our stance of resistance and our parasympathetic response can be paralleled with our stance of acceptance. When occupying your sympathetic nervous system response, your body is depleted of vital nutrients, your digestions is impaired, your neurotransmitter production and metabolism is disrupted, and many other significant physiological functions become dysfunctional. Therefore, when consistently occupying this place (a place of resistance), you can see why it would be terribly hard for your body to actively and effectively heal…and bring you to the place where you can “get back to your life” happily and healthily, which is obviously your ultimate goal. On the flip side, however, occupying your parasympathetic nervous system puts your body in a position where you are producing adequate digestive enzymes, you are assimilating vital nutrients from the food you eat, your neurotransmitter production and metabolism is functioning in an optimal manner, and your comprehensive physiological make-up is operating smoothly and effectively. Therefore, when occupying this place (a place of acceptance) you are much more able to heal in a smooth and expedited fashion, leading you to your ultimate health and wellness goals much more effectively.

When it comes to accepting illness, I am by no means saying that this is easy, or is our initial, most natural response. I am simply saying that in order to adequately and quickly heal, it is oh so important to shift your responses to those that will be much more conducive to catalyzing health and healing. An exemplary inner dialogue may be, “OK, this is what is right now, but only for right now, and I accept this with all of me. I am going to learn as much as I can about my illness and come at this with an open mind and heart. By doing this, I am able to see the reasons that this circumstance manifested in my life, and uncover the gifts as well. It is then that I will experience the relief that I so adamantly crave…” or something like that.

Realizing that your illness will not be forever, that you have the true and reverent capability to indelibly heal, and you will come out of this even more healthy and well than you’ve ever been in your life is your main goal…and seeing this seemingly adverse circumstance as such will further perpetuate your healing (as described previously) so that you may move on.

I do realize that not everyone will find the exceptionally enthralling passion that I did when delving into the science of my illness and the nature of holistic healing in general, but I do believe that everyone can gain a great deal of insight and acquire a ton of new life’s lessons throughout their journey of healing, in whatever subjective manner that this fits into each different set of circumstances and illnesses. Often the manifestation of illness is simply to teach you that you must slow down and remember to take care of yourself along the way…and by doing so you will lead a much happier, fulfilled life. For some, it is more involved…yet each are equally as significant and serve as highly valuable and welcomed lessons to digest and assimilate into your life’s journey and perspective.

You can and should apply this principle to any and everything in your life: now, in the past, and in the future. When you are working to release the past (5 Steps To Dismantle and Release Pain from the Past) an extremely important step in moving on is to fully and completely accept whatever it is that happened…

Acceptance allows you to live your inherent power.

Acceptance takes the power away from anything outside of you and puts it back where it belongs: within you. Acceptance gives you free reign to objectively observe your inner and outer world, process it, and commence on your journey joyfully and light. You are meant to carry on. You are meant to be free. You are meant to live your highest and most brilliant joy and purpose…you are not meant to spend copious amounts of precious time and energy toward resistance for anything. Resist nothing. Accept everything. You are then able to come from your place of power, and contrary to popular belief, acceptance allows you to be the most assertive, strong, self-loving, wise, and aware, because you are not spending unneeded energy resisting. Acceptance does not mean bellying up: acceptance means taking life head on and utilizing your personal power above all else.

This was taken following a storm when I visited Ireland…beautiful indeed.

Relating back to the initial point that what we resist persists, this notion is two-fold. That is, what we accept lessens in severity and liberates us from the illusion of fear and henceforth welcomes into our orbit the overtly welcomed feelings of love, understanding, acceptance, and healing. When we step back and accept “what is” with a conscious, open sense of awareness, recognizing the significance of our personal energetic frequency (our attraction mechanism as explained above), we can take advantage of seemingly unwelcome circumstances and use them as tools to grow, learn, discover, and henceforth bring about energy parallels that are characterized by love, healing, fulfillment, excitement, truth, and light-hearted enjoyment. In other words, we can utilize all experiences in our life exactly as they were intended to be utilized: as gifts…forms of guidance…stepping stones.

Resistance fuels suffering…


As with many avenues regarding personal growth and shifts in perspective, these notions may take some time to solidify, yet it is entirely possible to do, and will ultimately serve as a true gift to yourself. Whether it be something “big” like illness, or something “small” like a flat tire, you can walk away having learned something valuable as a direct result of your choosing to accept and not resist.

Your life is unfolding to serve you, SO LET IT! Drop your resistance and allow your own evolution to commence. Always come from a place of acceptance: you will keep your indestructible inner peace from this place. Inner peace equals inner power and this is the foundation for you living and flourishing completely as your True Self. This is where you deserve to be. Feel intrigue in response to life’s challenges. Be fascinated by it all. Celebrate your creative capacity and open your heart. You are a unique, powerful, 100% capable being and there is nothing that can defeat you – nothing.

My hope is that we may all find solace in the storm, and learn to dance in the rain, because at the end of the day, a lot of seemingly adverse circumstances are out of our control, yet our own choosing to embrace them is absolutely within our grasp and is certainly attainable.

Give yourself the gift of acceptance, and let the magic flow to you. ❤

Copyright © 2015-2017 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing

5 thoughts on “Acceptance vs. Resistance

  1. I just read this and Love It, you have taken a complex subject and presented it with compassion and a clear argument for seeing life from another prospective meant to allow a multi-level experience of healing and growth. Congratulations Love You Bones PS check out the text around the storm picture at the beach(the second one), something jumped a rail there 🙂 ——————— Don R. Westbrook 910-695-5790

    Mid Atlantic Hay Co. P.O. Box 38666 Greensboro, NC 27438


  2. Thank you, Dad!! I am very much enjoying the journey and am grateful beyond measure for having solidified these notions, fully awakening to this incredible life and all of it’s abundance. I’ve certainly learned a great deal from you!! Thank you for your support and I love you endlessly! P.S. It seems WordPress has been doing some updates to the editing options, so when I originally published this that glitch wasn’t there, but strangely appeared after. It’s in order now, learning as we go! 🙂 LOVE YOU!


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