Maintaining Equanimity Throughout Your Healing

IMG_2759Equanimity can be defined as maintaining a considerable level of mental and emotional stability whilst under tension or strain; calmness; equilibrium. Similar to the word fortitude. While this can indeed prove to be a challenge, it is absolutely possible, and will catalyze and expedite both your physical and emotional/spiritual/intellectual healing tremendously.

The key is to attempt to, as frequently as possible, occupy your parasympathetic nervous system, which is your calm, relaxed state of being. This is as opposed to your sympathetic nervous system, being your “fight or flight” response. The parasympathetic nervous system is often referred to as the “rest and digest” stance, as your body is able to maintain a slow, steady heart rate and produce adequate digestive enzymes while occupying this component of one of our main nervous systems (the autonomic nervous system…there is also the enteric, which is found in the GI tract, I will get to that in another post 🙂 ). When we are stuck in the sympathetic nervous system, many imperative physiological processes are impaired, one of those being the dramatic reduction of zinc (which is an absolutely fascinating mineral that is responsible for a lot of profoundly important bodily functions), which can then reduce your ability to produce adequate digestive enzymes and lead to malabsorption and many other imbalances. Several other consequences of occupying this space more so than not are – adrenal dysfunction, liver dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, and many many others.

While severe imbalances such as Copper Toxicity indeed, in and of themselves, catalyze an occupation of this “fight or flight” stance (by stressing the adrenal glands, primarily) you are very capable of working to move out of this counterproductive space by practicing many of the tools that I outline in other blog posts on my home page, as well as on my Journal page, and TOOLS, EXERCISES, AFFIRMATIONS, & QUOTES page, which include proactive tools and practices such as affirmation writing, visualization techniques, writing, meditation, shifting limiting beliefs, dismantling past pain/trauma, and various other effective avenues by which to achieve equanimity and fortitude.

An extremely important notion that must be adopted and internalized as to maintain equanimity in the face of any persumed struggle is:

Your life is always unfolding to serve you. 

While moving through our struggles can be extremely difficult, arduous, and challenging, it is absolutely imperative to realize that any and all presumed struggles that arise in your life are an intentional means to teach you your life’s most valuable and wonderful lessons. Does it seem like this is the case most of the time? No…it doesn’t. Often it takes quite a while after a struggle has maturated to understand or even get a glimpse at the larger gift and purpose – but it is there, always, if you allow yourself to see it.

As a rule, by human nature, we often need forceful impetus to induce change in our lives, in whatever manner that means for each unique path. So this will often arise as seemingly “bad” things that startle us into a big shift of some kind. If you can remember this notion in the moment, than you are giving yourself a huge advantage as to disallow stresses and challenges to adversely impact you – and actually use them to your advantage – utilizing their larger purpose in full. No matter what, remember that YOUR LIFE IS ALWAYS UNFOLDING TO SERVE YOU and the tremendous gifts that are born from your “struggles” will be shown to you much sooner.

As opposed to coming from a place of fear and resistance, embrace any circumstance that you are in (most definitely including healing from chronic illness) for what it is intended to be in the first place: a learning experience.

Utilize this circumstance as the opportunity that it is, taking it all one step at a time. Open your mind and your heart and feel gratitude for this new opportunity.

Yes, the darker periods of healing are indeed very dark, and I speak from first-hand, lived experience when I make that statement. However, when experiencing these darker periods, we must acknowledge that this is just part of the healing process and is serving a larger purpose for us (which in turn takes the power away from the darkness) and work consciously and actively toward coming out of them in a calm, cool, collected, and aware manner. Darkness equates to the absence of light, so put your focus to allowing light into your world, in every way. This may seem the most difficult during the most dark and seemingly torturous times of your healing, but those times are when welcoming the light become the most imperative for your progress. You have the power, the infinite power, to bring yourself to a state of allowance. Allow the light to come into your heart first, then your mind and let it stay there and grow.

This too shall pass – the storm will not last forever

I know it feels like a never-ending, violently turbulent, absolutely horrible storm that is shaking you to your core, but you will come out of this so magnificently and electrically strong and glowing. You will look back on this time in gratitude in time, and understand how this is providing you with a tremendous array of tools and tokens to grow, evolve, and blossom into who you really are, what you really want in your life, and to live the lifestyle that you deserve: in health, happiness, love, and fulfillment. 

While moving throughout your physical and emotional/psychological healing journey…

You must focus on your acquisition of comprehensive health – not your lack of it. You must not resist this process – you must embrace it with an open heart and mind. This may not be easy at first but it is imperative – resistance equates to suffering, embracing and acceptance equates to liberation.

You must focus on the successes along your journey – all of them, no matter how seemingly big or small. Focus on that. Focus on the love in your world and the love that is on its way. Focus on that. Consciously say good-bye to feeling like a victim, feeling and thinking thoughts of self-loathing and upset about how and why you are not healthy at that moment, and shift your thoughts and feelings to each and every tiny step that moves you closer and closer to total wellness. Proclaim that your heart, soul, mind, and body are ALL LIGHT and therefore ALL WELLNESS. Proclaim that you allow only wellness into your every cell. Hold your hand on your heart and meditate on solely allowing love into your Whole Self. Focus on that.

You see, everything is connected which is the primary paradigm behind holistic health/healing and all of its brilliance. Our minds, bodies, spirits, hearts, and hence the energy that we exude are all intertwined, and when we work on one, the others follow suit. That being said, once you actively, consciously, and diligently work toward achieving absolute equanimity throughout even the most turbulent of times, your body will respond, and you will attain a level of health and wellness that you had previously never conceived to be possible…much faster than you would if you chose to resist and wallow in a space of feeling stress and upset! I say this also from a first-hand, lived experience perspective.

A large reason why I believe I was able to reach such peace during active healing was ironically because I was pushed to such a desperate state of suffering that I had no other choice but to allow the light in. I was seemingly completely defeated by the debilitating symptoms that choosing to find peace was the last and only option. Even while experiencing the most intense and torturous psychological and physical symptoms simultaneously, every single day, for a number of years – I made the conscious and stouthearted decision that I was going to take my power back, and that there was nothing – nothing in this world that would ever take it away from me again. I chose to let my light shine, and I chose to allow the infinite love that is here for me (and everyone) in. It was following this paramount series of decisions that I reached all-encompassing wellness and the struggle was put behind me for good.

I realized that I didn’t have to struggle anymore. That struggling is not a mandatory counterpart of challenge.

If you are new to these ideas, that’s ok. Start slow and work your way up. Envision exactly what you wish your life’s picture to look like and feel like and never lose sight of these visions and feelings throughout your process of healing. Focus on exactly what you want and feel happiness, joy, and excitement, right now – because the fact that you have brought health and wellness into your consciousness means that it is on its way to you.

 You will get there, I have sure faith in you!

Express GRATITUDE for any and all of your lessons, and for the growing wisdom that you are gaining that contributes to the beautifully exquisite evolution of your unique and powerful heart and soul. Feel gratitude, love, and excitement for the liberating wellness that is right around the corner.

Don’t forget to take a step outside and enjoy the wonders of the day!

Thank you for being you, always remember the world needs you and you are a true gift!!

With love,

Megan ❤

Copyright © 2015-2017 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing

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