New Additions!

IMG_4106Hello! I hope this message finds you doing very well! The energy of Now has been highly conducive to healing and catalyzing effective, sedulous transformations, so I hope that you are feeling this and taking full advantage! I just wanted to post a reminder that I’ve recently added 2 new pages including:

  1. Copper Toxicity Diet page – outlining the primary dietary guidelines that I follow as a means of allowing nutrition to heal in and of itself.
  2. Natural Personal Hygiene & Beauty page – outlining some of the transitions I have made in this regard in order to further promote health and healing.

All of these transitions have been made over time, and I’ve loved the progressive journey of learning and discovery for sure!

Also, I’ve added a lot of new content to my Copper Toxicity page and have made it a bit more reader friendly, as it is now divided into relevant sections of which I find to be the most powerful when analyzing the malady that is Copper Toxicity. Furthermore, I’ve been adding more original recipes to my Recipes page (which I will continue to do), as well as some helpful tools to achieve emotional freedom on my Journal page (a very important and liberating goal in the performance and success of our emotional/intellectual/spiritual work.

All of the links are provided at the top of your screen.

I extend a huge THANK YOU for visiting my blog!!

❤ Megan


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