The Beauty of Music Therapy

MTxNICU1My older sister, Claire Littlejohn, is a Music Therapist – a wonderful healing methodology that uses many forms of music (voice, guitar, etc.) as a medium for catalyzing the overall improvement of health and balance. She has a 4 year degree from Appalachian State University and has undergone an internship to now be a Board Certified Music Therapist and Coordinator of Music Therapy at a general medical hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. She’s been in practice for almost 7 years. To get an idea of what she does and what she’s about, check out this link: this is Claire featured on CBS news 🙂.

Claire has not only helped anyone from new born babies to those whom are on their death bed, but everyone in between. Her line of work is not well known, yet that doesn’t make it any less viable, as it so needed and incredibly helpful in the realm of heath and healing in this day and age. Music Therapy has been proven effective for a myriad of maladies as well as aiding with pain management and the reduction of overall stress levels.

Music is a profoundly healing medium, as we believe almost anyone can relate to it to some degree. Claire, since I can remember, has had a passion for music that she has now decided to use as a gift to help others. Every time she sings, Claire’s voice speaks of love, understanding, and fulfillment. She is herself on a mission to advocate for health and healing with the means that she has been gifted with.

Music Therapists can be found working in hospitals, private practice, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospice centers, and many other healthcare locations. This modality is a truly wonderful addition to any health and healing regimen and I encourage you to seek out a Music Therapist in your area.


*In the first photo above, Claire is wearing one of my necklace creations 🙂

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