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IMG_3341So I am a self-proclaimed nerd and have always had a profound passion for language and dictation. While language is obviously one of our primary means of communication, I look at it as an art form…one that can be explored and developed in order to take on a beauty all it’s own. Some of the fun ways that I broaden my own vocabulary are through reading and research, as well as literally studying dictionaries (I know, so nerdy! 🙂 ). I have come up with “words of the day” in a “word journal” that I keep handy on my desk, so I thought I would start to share them in the hopes others may enjoy this as well. My uncle kindly gave me a book once titled “There’s a Word for That!” that has been fun to read as well, as it includes tons of vocabulary for ideas and philosophies that you have rarely heard dictation for. I’ll try my best to keep my list updated, and maybe there will be a word or two in there that you’ve never heard of as well! Adjectives are my favorite, so most of them will be descriptive words. Thanks for reading!!

*This photo is of a beautiful feather I found resting right outside of my house. I am a believer in “signs” or more so forms of guidance that are shown to us on a daily basis, if we are willing to awaken to their presence. While everyone will have their own symbolism behind these “signs”, feathers are one of my most salient symbols throughout my path. I find them everywhere, and look at them as little tokens of assurance as I walk my idiosyncratic path. Just another fun little component to add to the enjoyment of the day.*

Saturday November 14, 2015

*This word has SO MUCH RELEVANCE to basically every single topic that I explore within my blog!*

EQUANIMITY (noun): mental and/or emotional composure and stability, especially while under tension or strain; calm; equilibrium 

*While achieving a considerable level of equanimity in your process of reaching both physical and emotional/spiritual/intellectual health and liberation is a challenge, it is absolutely possible. This has been one of my main focuses throughout my journey, and while there have of course been some bumps in the road, I am confident now, in my ability to occupy a space for the most part that is characterized by that which is equanimity. This helps you in a myriad of ways, one being that this calm puts your body into its parasympathetic nervous system, which is our calm, relaxed, “normal”state of being. This is opposed to the sympathetic nervous system being our “fight or flight” stance. Occupying this space as often as possible allows your physiological systems to relax as well, giving them the permission to heal and rebalance – as all is connected within and around us :). 

Friday November 13, 2015

EPHEMERAL (adj.): momentary, passing, fleeting

I love this word indeed, and often use it in reference to the ephemeral nature of the plight you experience while healing your underlying imbalances. Realizing the ephemeral nature of your struggle helps you to achieve healing in a more expeditious, full-spririted manner as you live and work toward your healing goals with the unwavering faith and assurance that you will attain them and your pain and discomfort will be a distant memory in the very near future my dear! 

Sunday November 1, 2015

TRENCHANT (adj.): having keenness and penetration in thought expression, or intellect 

Saturday October 31, 2015

This is a great one too!

SEDULOUS (adj.): showing dedication and diligence; persevering and constant in effort or application

Sunday October 18, 2015

So this is pretty much my favorite word! I absolutely love the way it sounds as well as it’s meaning 🙂

IDIOSYNCRATIC (adj.): unique to an individual; distinctive

Friday October 16, 2015

*I came across this word this morning and couldn’t be happier in how relevant it is on many levels!!*

SALUBRIOUS (adj.): Conducive or favorable to health or well-being

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