If I had to identify the single most important element in one’s journey of achieving and truly living a whole-hearted, comprehensively healthy, abundant life, it would hands-down be this: GRATITUDE!

While this concept may seem very simple and obvious to some, it can also exist to be an illusive concept that can remain lost on many. It is for that reason that I wish to share a few thoughts of my own on the subject.

I began studying this concept many years ago but it wasn’t until about 2 1/2 years ago that it truly began to resonate, and I was able to witness the profound transformations that this expression and feeling can catalyze in one’s life. The idea is fairly simple: on a continuous, daily basis, one must identify and deeply feel a true sense of gratitude for those aspects in their life for which they are truly thankful for – no matter how big or small. This concept also applies to those things that you wouldn’t necessarily consider “good” as well. (The dichotomy of categorizing everything as “good” or “bad”  is also highly limiting, yet that is a whole separate blog post of which I will get to down the line 🙂 )

It is helpful to start with the smaller, more obvious elements in your life for which you are grateful, and work toward feeling true gratitude on a larger scale, toward everything in your world, for the sheer fact that it is there to teach you something. For example, to begin, sit down and begin writing a list of all of the things that come to mind that you are thankful for and do not limit yourself. It could read like this, “I am so deeply grateful for my family, my comfortable bed, my dog, my awesome friends, my skills and talents, the money that is in my bank account, the car that I drive that gets me to where I need to go, the nourishing food that I eat, the gift of waking each day to experience life, my love for music, etc. etc.”. Keep this list handy and add to it as other components for which you are grateful come to you. Even if you are at a point in your life where you feel there is not much “good”, or your circumstances seem to be exceptionally dire, dig deep, and put all of your energy toward making your list anyway. As stated previously, your points do not have to be big, they just have to be identified.

IMG_9505The second stage involves a little more work, in that you will now begin to identify and express gratitude toward those elements in your life that you do not necessarily consider “good”. For example (and this has been a big one for me), “thank you for the lessens I am learning as a result of my illness, and for the many ways my illness has and will transform my life for the better!”. There are a myriad of seemingly “bad” circumstances for which you can begin feeling grateful, and this will become easier as you become more open to why these circumstances arose to begin with and to the highly salient lessens that they instilled in you as a result. Your life is always unfolding to serve you – even though that can be tremendously difficult to comprehend in the moment. For example, to begin this shift in perspecitve, as opposed to feeling regret and anger over a “failed” relationship, express gratitude for the lessens that you learned about yourself and others, that you can now bring to your next relationship. Or, as opposed to feeling upset and angry over not being offered a job that you wanted, express gratitude that the space is now open for you to find something better, more fulfilling, and with higher pay. Instead of feeling deprived and worrisome that you are not making enough money, or don’t have the bank balance that you wish to have, express gratitude for the money that you do have and for the possibilities and opportunities that can arise for you to make more! Even if you haven’t yet identified the lessen that is being taught to you through a seemingly adverse circumstance, express gratitude for it anyway, and eventually this lessen will become crystal clear.

This brings me to an extremely important point of mention in that the goal here is to work toward putting your full focus toward what you do have to be grateful for, and not toward what you don’t have that you wish you did – your “lack”. As a universal law, like attracts like, and what you focus on expands, therefore, feeling gratitude on a continual basis for the gifts (however seemingly small or large) that have already been bestowed upon you, will bring into your life more to be grateful for! By doing this, you are matching your thoughts and feelings to the frequency that you want – fine tuning your attraction mechanism to line up to your most sought after desires!

As you begin practicing this shift in perspective on a continual basis, it will become easier and easier for you, and you will truly be amazed at how you will begin to feel…and how aspects of your life for which you thought you had no control begin to change for the better. Things in your life that you previously took for granted will now reside in the forefront of your mind and heart as true gifts, therefore increasing your sense of fulfillment on a daily basis. It is then that the absolute sweetness and magical nature of this life can begin to shine clearly for you, as your conscious and subconscious perspective will have awoken to the great abundance that already does exist, and will continue to grow as you continue this practice. You will now become even more appreciative for the wonderful people in your life than you were before (however few or many)…the food that you eat will begin to taste better…the natural world around you will appear brighter and more full of color and vibrance…those aspects of your health that are in balance and working well will become more apparent, and your additional symptoms of illness will begin to fade…

Furthermore, as you work to strengthen your attitude of gratitude (I love the way that sounds 🙂 ), additional feelings of love, IMG_9517wonder, excitement, appreciation, warmth, compassion, intrigue, etc. will begin to grow within you, as this shift in perspective will welcome and attract more good feelings! You will begin to view your life as an ad infinitum realm of possibility as opposed to a limiting and closed experience.

In this practice, start small and work your way up, but try your best to give it a chance. Also try your best to separate your Ego/Judge from your True Self (Unleash Your TRUE SELF!) – allowing your most raw and sincere feelings and desires to shine through without any self-judgement or doubt. If you commit yourself to this process, I ensure that you will experience a very welcomed shift for the better!

Begin each day with a big THANK YOU and let the magic flow to you.

I wish you all of the ABUNDANCE, LOVE, AND GOOD FEELINGS that this life has to offer!

Megan ❤

Copyright © 2015-2016 Megan Westbrook – Flow Surge Healing

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