Stay strong, and keep the faith!

While I have mostly included content regarding Copper Toxicity at this point, I do wish to include a message to all of those whom are suffering from any of the vast array of acute or chronic illnesses that are ever-present today:

Stay strong and keep the faith! Your answers are out there, you will regain your health, you are not alone in this fight, and this too shall pass! Never give up, true healing is absolutely possible for you! While it sometimes may feel as though you are running (or crawling :)) in circles, and relief is nowhere in sight, always know that things can and will turn around for the better at any time! You are stronger and more powerful than you have ever imagined, and will prevail even more magnificent than you were before! I have sure faith in you.


I would also like to dedicate this powerful and significant message to my late best friend, Sara Michelle Wing, as today marks the 11 year anniversary of her passing. Sara was a profound gift to this world, and she was elemental in helping me realize my own potential and instilled a tremendous amount of love and faith in me as an individual. Sara’s vivacious, warm, incredibly understanding, supportive, loving, and reverent soul was undeniably incredible and it was a great privilege to spend the time on this earth that I did with her. I will live by the lessons of trust and inner faith that she instilled in me forever, and continuously strive to exude the playful, light-hearted energy that Sara so beautifully exhibited. Her magical spirit lives on in my heart, and always will. I love you dearly, Sara, thank you for being you!

*I also took the featured photo while living on the coast of NC. I’ve always adored the view from under a pier…for some reason I feel it has an awesome energy to it. I also love this perspective because I feel it is metaphorical to “the journey” in a sense. The ocean being your vast array of possibilities and potential, and the structure of the pier being your inner strength, tools, and resources that are guiding you to the realization of your most sought-after and cherished goals. Call it cheesy maybe, yet beautiful none the less! 🙂

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